Stacey returns

the other customer.15 minutes go by before the customer has left leaving just Adam and Stacey in store. "why are you wearing a long coat" Adam asks "go round the back an ill show you" Stacey giggled At the back of the shop Stacey begins to unbutton her coat letting it slip from her shoulders to show her perfect C cup breasts which flow freely. As

Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires - Chapter 8 - Forbidden Fruit

counseling, Fred and George were devising a fool proof plan in finding Malfoy and stealing back the Spellbook of Desires. After a few minutes of brainstorming, Fred came up with a plan to use their old Marauder’s Map to locate Malfoy and forcefully take the book from him, invisible or not. To do this however, they would have to find Harry and

An Impossible Romance Ch. 02

a private session. However today is a little different. Towards the end of her session, John again entered into private chat with her wanting to spend a few minutes for some one to one talk. ‘Hey baby. Looks like u had a good day today.’ ‘It really just ok. Pretty normal actually.’ Ariana replied. ‘Angel do u think we could ever meet in person?’

Destined Hearts Ch. 02

it counts. For a long time they had talked afterward. They’d both grown up in small towns, and had just about everything in common. He even remembered telling her about how his father had been abusive. The nights he spent purposely keeping his sleep light so that he could hear when the old man came home. Slowly he would creep to the top of the

One Night Stand

in the hotel room. The contents of my purse were all over the bathroom counter. On the mirror, there was a message for me written in my own lipstick. It read: WELCOME TO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF AIDS 5 years ago, I fucked a whore on a business trip and caught it. she looked just like you, bitch. YOU SHOULD HAVE INSISTED ON THE CONDOMSI looked

a friend in need

he had tried, hehad never got her to have sex with him. He had felt hertits and ass a little but that was as far as it hadgotten. As it was, Peg was a virgin when we gottogether.Life went on and I married Peg when she graduatedschool, and Shane found another lady Helen, and marriedher.Shane and his wife came to visit often, and we visitedthem. We

I Work in a Doctor's Office

out from the force of his orgasm and his eyes were closed. I’m not sure he even knew what I had done. I hoped not. My bare hand was covered in semen. I pulled the glove off my other hand and threw it in the disposal bin. “Just lay there and relax,” I told him, “while I get you cleaned up.” I turned on the water faucet, washed the semen off my

Sarah - Part One

and New York and she has even sold some of her work. She is a sculptor, working mostly in clay, crafting torsos, busts or hands. Her hobby is photography. She takes it seriously and has some of the best camera and lighting equipment. She even rented a dark room to develop her own photographs. One of the things I really like about her is that she

Strangers on a Train parts 4 and 5: A day at the Beach and Checking in on Joaquim

is why, for the most part, no one intervened as he wandered further and further down this unhealthy path. It had been almost six months since Sofia had left, and each day had gotten progressively harder; especially as the time between emails and phone calls stretched further apart.He pushed himself up, unsteady on his feet, as he stumbled towards

Prince of Darkness vs Prom Queen 05

even he had to admit the dog-moose was great with the two little boys. Virgil stood guard while Matthew and Jeremy talked baby talk on their blanket. He tattled on them, alerting an adult if he thought one was in trouble. He loved the entire family but he was completely devoted to Donovan. When the boys were in a napping mood and didn’t require

Secret Affairs : with my friends son (part-3)

I moaned, “You mean bending a woman over the bed and fucking her?” I asked. “Yes, this is so hot,” Adam replied. “I always…” Adam again tried to say something. “Stop talking,” I said trying to avoid his talk. Too much interaction was making it weird. I didn’t want to interact with him much. It was feeling a bit weird when he was talking. His cock

The Second Hundred Years Ch. 03

his backpack on. ‘Leave it, we need to go now,’ Lewis ordered as he pulled Charley toward the entrance to the cave. Pieces of rock were falling from the roof as they ran to get out. They cleared the entrance and Charley stopped to look back into the cave. Lewis grabbed him and pulled him across the canyon to the tall rock butte. Just as they got

my first blow job

pants and zipped me up. she said i wonder what happened. we thought maybe someone got hurt , or someone hurt someone else and he is roaming about. we pulled over the vehicle cause i was taught when you see a cop with flashing lights you pull over. so after waiting around for about ten minutes some people at the near by farm say hey what you doing

Mother n Father

were of the naughty variety, she started to feel aroused thinking of him. After the mess was cleared away, Father walked in from work, he noticed the silence within the house. Mother went into the kitchen when he arrived home to make him a cup of coffee to warm him up after being out in the cold. Father followed closely behind her. Standing at

Strangers on a train

I’ve done justice to her sexy tale. Sorry it’s so short but I just managed to squeeze this in. A little bit about Emma. She’s about five feet five with shoulder-length mousy brown hair and lovely green eyes. She is quite slim but has a lovely curvy figure and her boobs tend to stand out because of her tiny waist. She is one of my original buddies

On The Balcony

abs and chest looked delicious. As you turned towards the bathroom, I admired the taut muscles in your back and shoulders. You’d been working out so hard recently. You were a very tempting sight to wake up to indeed.What a lucky Miss I am, I thought to myself, as you closed the door behind you. Outside on the balcony, as the caffeine started to


and would take three months to finish. A very quick rate of completion by any standards that I know of. But the Sully Brothers had a very strong reputation for completing on time and with thoroughness of work.The office manager of the real estate servicing firm, Wind City Real Estate Services, LLC, admitted me into the office to confer with her

Night Nurse

shaft. She looked down between her legs and smiled at the throbbing fat cock just under her dripping hot pussy. She grabbed the shaft and guided the swollen mushroom head into her wetness, closing her eyes and groaning as her pussy gobbled up all seven inches of my pulsing erection. She rested her hands on my chest as she looked at me, her eyes

War Torn Ch. 04

have to return to such a life. As the day wore on, I was reassured by the constancy of his company. We sometimes sat quietly together, other times we exchanged stories, and every so often, he turned to kiss me. I had been kissed by others, but Erich’s kisses were something beyond what I had experienced in my school days. His lips were soft, and

Scott’s Letter to Jen

the book so he takes out his laptop rereading all the emails from the previous week. Not certain what this means he decides to try and sleep. Saturday: First thing upon getting up on Saturday morning Scott checks his email and is delighted to discover all kinds of wonderful items in it. Seems like during the previous night Jen was busy with

Am I Bi-Sexual or Gay ?

and Tom was right behind me. I thought that he would just wait in the car while I was going to go to the bathroom and jerk off but no, he followed me to the bathroom. I went into the bathroom stall and pulled my pants to get ready to beat my dick off and take off the edge. "Are you okay, Jay?" I got so nervous because I didn't want him to know

My stepmother Elisabeth

on top of me and lifted her dress over her head. She was shaking her hair loose and I took of her bra. Her tits were beautiful. I guess she has double D's and her nipples were really hard. She started to move her hips and her pussy was rubbing on my cock through my boxers. She kissed me again and I felt her tits against my chest. She now kissed

Vengeance 35

Rhythmically, I brought her very close to orgasm in a hurry. The airport was only a twenty minute drive from the hill.“Uh, uh, uh,” came several soft high pitched moans. It seemed Ellie had a different orgasm for each way she got off. The subtle ministrations of fingers simultaneously tormenting her clit and g-spot brought about long, drawn

Bitch in heat 2

chance, why would I want your dirty whore mouth on my cock now," and walked back to his office.That night and the next day anytime a guy could get his cock hard, he used me, not only my mouth and pussy but also my ass got used. The third day the chief release the Mexican girls and the two American guys. Both guys left without asking about their

Sharing is Caring at School

Again laughing at him, knowing he still had plans to get me back for all the countless times I’d cornered him while he’d been busy and took advantage of his one weakness. Watching a woman masturbate. He could never say no. At work, at home, calling him while he was driving… all the times I’d made him watch or just listen while I came. “Fine. But

A Very Loving And Provocative Marriage Part 8

for you." Michael said. "Oh honey, it's really got me excited too, Okay yes, let's go make love." As Michelle said this she even found herself consciously pulling her shoulders back a little so Michael could see her breasts even better. Then, thinking of their new sexual openness together she decided to rephrase her comment to Michael. "Please,

Rachel’s Fire: 04

of his confused conversation. I can never make out whole sentences. Just the occasional word. Its almost 4.00 in the morning and Im sitting pretty much naked before the glare of this cold glass once more. Mirrors play an important part in my life. Not vanity: just good old-fashioned female insecurity. (Well now Rachel. What goes through your

Amy's Story

shaft. The white man had got hard again watching this and moved behind Amy, her pussy was gaping wide open with rivers of the black man's spunk running down her legs. He pushed his hard cock in a couple of times but knowing he wouldn't be able to get any traction he pulled out and lined up at Amy's pink asshole. Amy tongue was now working hard

A surprise for Sir

giving him little glimpses of her tightest hole now and then. No one else had ever entered her there, owned her that way, and he loved it. She had let him fuck her in the ass for the first time a week or so ago, and his cock oozed at the memory. MINE! he thought to himself, she is mine, no one elses. Slowly he let his hand start slapping against

Gym Bob

efforts, so went into cool down, at the same time, the guy next to me followed suit and introduced himself as Bob, telling me he was training for a charity run later in the year, I told him I was just trying to increase my fitness and also relieve the stress of long hours at the office. I told him I was going working on the mats to warm down

Going to be Late for Dinner

pleasantries are exchanged with my family. I’m not paying any attention to that. All I notice is how she looks in her dress, the light, soft cotton loosely hugging her hips and ass. My eyes have been fixed on her ever since she got out of her car and ran to me for that ‘its been so long’ hug. Long distance relationships aren’t always easy, but

I have a proposal for you

to the point she had no conscious thoughts other than the pleasure coursing through her. Rick on the other hand, was nowhere near cumming. his whole sense of purpose right now was pleasuring his sister. Each time Gail came, he would pick up the pace to make her cum again. 20 minutes into this marathon fuck, Gail’s body was rocked by one more

Hung black guy and a pregnant white girl

had waited so I could eat with him. Then I sat next to him on the couch hoping that he would get the hint and would be in a mood for sex that night. Within a half hour he excused himself and went to bed. I stayed up till midnight watching fuck videos of hung black guys and masturbating with my biggest dildo which just happened to be black. I

Dare Me Not Ch. 01

to nudge each other. Who’s that, and could we have not seen her and that ass before now? Who’d have thought that Janine Tyler had such a nice butt hidden under those shapeless jeans? Janine was slightly flustered by the unfamiliar popularity. Two random guys had said hello and she had only blushed and walked on. A third stopped her and she was

Hypnotic Freedom

relaxes you?’ ‘Absolutely. It is one of the greatest relaxers ever invented.’ I said. ‘How long have you been into that?’ she asked. ‘Oh, about 8 or 9 years. I’ll hypnotize you if you like.’ I offered. Linda hesitated and I decided to press my luck. ‘Come on. It won’t kill you. Just lie back on the sofa and kick off your shoes.’ I suggested.


in the love department, she was now happily mistaken.As he dominated Tracy, Japhta began denuding her body. All her clothing seemed to magically disappear, as his hands and mouth went into overdrive, overwhelming her with incredible pleasure. Her body was manoeuvred into a multitude of positions by the hands of a master, as tentacles continuously

Sweet Revenge trilogy. The Final Chapter.

grandparents is because 6 years ago her father was sent to jail on the count of murder, and her mother commited suicide shortly thereafter. The thing that the court either failed to realize, or neglected to change, was the fact that the prison I am sentenced to is also where her father is housed. I know from my watching of his daughter that she

My Masseur

be happy to let him see it. I was certainly happy that Pierre could see what he was doing to me. About two-thirds of the way through the hour I was again face up when he put his thumb lightly on my clit and asked me softly if I wanted the deluxe massage. Too zonked to speak I just nodded my head. No way was I going to forego the finger

The Barbie Lez Fantasies - Week 25: Twincest (Part 2)

trapped inside my brain. That is, until now…“What are you doing?” asked a voice, snapping me out of my trance-like state. It took me a few seconds before I recovered from the intense fantasy I had just been engrossed in. I could not help but sigh as I realized the intense lesbian sex session had just experienced had been nothing more than a

Slippery When Wet

look back up. Her eyes went straight to Scotts' cock. I looked over at him as he moved the few steps needed to join us and for the first time noticed the size of his penis. He was still naked. Sarah sat back up and took his cock in her hand. He was semi-erect, his shaft thickly veined and circumsized. His cock was not hugely long but it was

My cuckold fantasy

unexpectedly as she begins to get more sexually adventurous and more demanding of me. She starts staying out later at work and returning very horny, sometimes coming home and asking me to go down on her before she is even out of her clothes. I notice that she tastes different, that her pussy juices are thicker but when I ask about it I am told

The Plan in Formed

music to listen to while in a car. Now I know what you’re thinking. Blues is depressing and sung by old black men who really can’t sing. For most people I think it’s maybe one step above country music, the only difference is more people actually listen to country music. It really is sad because all people would need to hear is one truly great

Her Victorian Bottom Shared: part 2

To be truthful, until Henry took our sex life in hand, I was the prim and proper wife who took the act of lovemaking as a chore and something that was a weekly ritual to be endured." She looked down and dug the toe of her right boot into the snow. "Henry must have thought I had the sexuality and libido of an old maid. Breed a family then have

The Fender Bender (a short story)

to the back of her minivan and giving the tag number.“Alpha Victor Tango 1425” I called out.The dispatcher was surprised I knew the lingo. I did it in case the bitch drove off. Clearly, all the episodes of ‘Law & Order’ or ‘Blue Bloods’ was paying off.I took pictures of the damage, running my fingers through my hair. I could not believe this

My First, Her First, Our First Time

my cereal and milk were on the kitchen table and that she had to hurry to get to her job as she walked toward town center. We lived in a little house on the edge of a small city. Most of the businesses were family owned and operated. I had tried to get a summer job, but with the economic situation like it was, there were just no openings that

Foxy Knoxy -IV Meredith's Gang Bang

“ “Look up at me bitch.” Wiping the stinging piss from her eyes, Meredith looked up to see the seven men standing around her. She was sitting in a pool of piss with vomit clinging to her chin and down her chest.“Look up at me.” Screamed Rudy. Eyes barely open, choking and spitting, Meredith looked up to seeRudy’s cum spurting down on her

Twin Exposure Ch. 01

along. Well, they remained undeterred, continuing as if we were alone. ‘A virgin?’ Ray asked. ‘No, it’s just I’ve never been to a strip club.’ Mike moved alongside of me and put an arm around my shoulder. ‘I think I feel a lap dance coming on. What do you think?’ ‘Hmm… Michele?’ asked Ray. ‘Not bad, but I’m thinking Star,’ Mike replied. ‘Star?’

Rough Landing

of me. This was the best moment of my life. I knew then that I would walk through hell for her. We spent the next few days swimming in the Gulf of Siam and shopping for clothes and jewelry. Gemstones were cheap and plentiful and high quality. I figured we’d better load up while we still had some money. Our nights were spent in wild, no-limits

Surprise Adventure in Tokyo

on my mother’s side and half-American on my father’s side. My parents met at USC in the 1970s while my mother was an exchange student. With my ‘hapa’ (half-Japanese) features, I was sought after during my teens and early twenties as a popular model in Japan, Hawaii, and California. I starred in countless ads for fashionable clothing, cosmetics,

My First Woman

that could have woken the dead. This makes me smile just a little. I remember the ice bucket is behind me so I grab a piece, put it in my mouth, and glide it up and down her hot pussy. As it melts, I take it out of my mouth and lick the water from her overflowing pussy. "Fuck me!" Caitlin shouts.I lean over her, kiss her burying her screams in my

Life's Strange Turns Part 3

close and hugged me. “I’ll have to show my appreciation, somehow. And I apologize for being drunk, but I just really hate flying” she slurred out. “Well, that’s the usual method for coping with it” I venture. I grabbed the luggage as the carousel brought it around, and off we went to parking garage. When we arrived at Karen & Don’s house, I

She Gave Him Power - Part 2

was, inevitably, to mate with a different species of humanoid. A thought he wasn't truly ready to deal with yet.So as well as the chemical attraction, he also knew his touch could increase the lust of someone, not nearly as much as his own mental interference could, but enough to push things along. He smiled. Noone has a chance against him, he

Long Distance Friends

her harlequin green eyes. Nuzzling her neck again, he unfastened her demi-bra and carefully laid it to the side. Lowering his mouth to one of her nipples, he flicked at her ripe rosebud. In a voice thick with desire, she moaned as she felt his touch. Encouraged, he took the nipple between his teeth and tugged gently. With a swift intake of

A Place to Belong Ch. 03

to have something to do today that was normal and made you realize that things were going to be ok.’ Smiling, Marti thanked him with a soft kiss. ‘So what did you have planned for my first day of freedom? Are we going to stay in bed all day?’ Marti teased. Ty grinned. ‘Actually, I do have something in mind other than just laying here admiring

Birthday at the Nudist Resort: Part Four

him. Brit then adjusted the head of the lounger up, spread her legs even wider and said, “Now, let’s see if I can make that guy watching me move his hands!” I watched Brit move her hand down to her private place. There, she started to rub the top, moving it back and forth, like she was trying to force her clit to come out. Instantly, I was wet.

Apple Pie

named James Vicary. History would prove that his cold war behavior modification and manipulation theories, in the burgeoning field of subliminal messaging, would prove to be as effective as Oppenheimer’s work splitting the atom. It was due to the efforts of the one widely regarded as the father of the atomic bomb, that many felt ended the second

Hideaway House

Nona you’re welcome to leave your bags in my office until your room is ready.’ ‘Thank you Cal, that would be nice. I’ll use the day to take care of some business then.’ ‘Maybe I’ll see you at dinner.’ ‘Would you join me for coffee?’ ‘I’d love to but…how about a cocktail in my office?’ ‘I’d like that, what time would you suggest?’ ‘Let’s try

Korean Kool-aid Ch. 02

sure if she was a Korean and American mix, or if she kept her hair colored brown, but she was one beautiful girl. Every so often a girl would sit next to me and ‘let’ me buy her a drink. I had to remind myself that they were only interested in my money and not in me. Then a cute girl sat next to me and I was lost in her eyes. Sometimes you meet

Losing virginity to to a strange foreigner – a beautiful, strange foreigner

My exchange partner had a 20 year old sister, Margaux, who was super hot – worthy, no doubt, of being a model. She walked around in her thick cotton dressing gown a lot, and the combination of its softness and her smooth skin really turned me on. I assumed – since she was wearing this ’round the house with her parents and brother around – that

Too Good to be True

amazing after talking to her is that we lived only blocks away from each other. We exchanged several emails and agreed to meet just a few days after my initial response. I arrived at her house over my lunch hour. She met me wearing just a silk nightie. We hugged and started kissing. She led me to the bedroom. I agreed to perform oral on her

The Escort Revisits the Widower

him. She showered and washed her hair and then brushed it until her long black tresses hung softly down over her shoulders. She then ate a small sandwich as she painted her nails. She dressed in another white blouse and the same short skirt, but she did not include the stockings this time. Then she added a touch of delicate perfume between her

Revenge of the Nerd Ch. 03

or something like that.’ ‘Gee, that’s clear. How did you find all this out?’ ‘Mostly from him. It was like pulling fucking teeth. If I were half that smart, I’d be bragging all over the place. He doesn’t even want to talk about it.’ ‘Yeah, I noticed he is really good at changing the subject.’ ‘So, are you going to see him again?’ ‘I don’t know. I

Great Surprise

exposing my tight little hole to her. I feel her warm breath as she blows softly on my rosebud, teasing it and making it tighten more. Suddenly I feel her tongue tap ever so slightly and then slowly swirl around. After she started I had all but given up on paying attention to anything else as the pleasure was taking over. To my surprise I feel a

A Night with Rachel Ch. 03

Erin leaving a message wondering if I had made it home, and how she had interrogated me about where I was last night. I told her about how she had come over and continued questioning me until I admitted everything to her. I told her how she kept flashing her pussy. ‘Not real subtle is she?’ ‘No, she wasn’t.’ ‘Ok, she kept flashing her puss at

The Office Series – Tasha

ladies, who run the office on a daily basis: ordering, typing proposals and reports, receptionists, administration, HR, all that back office things without which a business could not survive. I’m the division manager, but don’t be impressed, this is a tiny division of the much larger parent company. So while it might sound like I run the place,

Level Ground Bk. 01 Ch. 09

cold. There were three doors in front of me, each with a number on it. In front of the doors, it looked like a man, with a long scraggly body, long white hands with sharp nails and a red face with pointy teeth. He looked more like a demon or something straight out of Hell. I decided to go through one of the doors, the one labeled #1. Beyond the

Becoming Daddy's Good Girl 4: Sexy Vibrations

They fell on my face as I lay beside him naked. I blinked and groaned, rubbing sleep from my eyes. I didn't want to be awake. It was too early. It was summer vacation, and a Saturday, and last night had been wild.Daddy took Sun, my best friend, and I into his BDSM dungeon in the basement. The room I had been forbidden to enter all eighteen years

My wonderful neighbor SHIKHA

by nature as well as by looks. She came to live in the flat next to ours couple of months ago. She was divorced. Her husband went to USA seven years back and got married to another lady there and gave divorce to Shikha. She had a son who was in 3rd standard. Her husband had given her enough money so that she would not have to work for making the

Love to Live - Working Extra Hours

to go for broke and slowly removed the item from my legs. As I reached for my bag intending to hide away the tiny, silken underwear Ray held out his hand for it.“ You want... ah... my undies?”, knowing full well that the acquisition of them was topmost in his mind. I held them out.Ray didn’t snatch but took them gently, and slowly moved the

Inseminating Elaine (part 3 )

up and said Off for my shower Darling. Do me a favour and put the telly on in the bedroom for me. I went through and texted Lenny. In a couple of minutes there was a tap on the window. Lenny motioned for me to draw the curtains and then directed me with his hands so that the gap in the top was not obvious from inthe room but gave him a clear view

Siennas Seduction – Part I

Temple Bar in Dublin with their relaxed atmosphere and air of craic to the seemingly frenetic chase for a mate – any mate – that she’d witnessed in Sydney’s nightclubs. She believed she was a confident person, but felt off kilter in these places, a feeling compounded by the fact that she’d started to change since being with Adam. She didn’t see

Perfect Slave

I make dinner for you later? What are you doing tonight?” I found myself accepting her invitation, already anticipating the date. She gave me her card with her address scribbled on the back and left me with a smile as she turned towards the door. “Make it nine she said over her shoulder.” She paused and then asked, “Is there anything you don’t

The Showing

show the house at 6:30 that evening. That worked since he usually worked until almost 6 pm anyway. The rest of the afternoon was lost though as he found he couldn’t really concentrate on work.He was a little nervous at meeting her alone. Previously, he had viewed houses with the wife and kids which kept his attention on the task at hand. Of

Badge of Dishonor Ch. 17

what the license and registration told Rod about the driver, and apprised him that she had no prior convictions for traffic offenses. The woman’s address indicated that she lived in a town on the other side of the state, and Rod wondered what she was doing in Jamestown. He finished filling out his forms, then got out of his cruiser and walked up

Sweet Talk Ch. 04.5

as he ate up the distance with long, clipped strides, she chewed her bottom lip, praying that he wouldn’t do anything stupid. *** There weren’t very many people that Jay could really say that he hated. He had some pent-up issues with his mom for leaving, he damn sure hated his dad after all those beatings he’d gotten growing up, and he still

Sharon The Slut-Wife – part 3

her a lift home. She had told me to pull over before getting her back to her husband, to give me an amazing blowjob in the back seat. A week later we met again, and again got a blowjob in the back seat of my car. Over a week after that I finally got her into bed by taking her back to my place. She was a great fuck, and we both had enjoyed

His Dirty Girl

sorely missed, she had been very good at her job and certainly had gotten a better offer somewhere else. So that was it, he had mused. Gone…gone from his life. She had a common name. He remembered generally where she had been from—within a three state area—but nothing beyond that. He didn’t recall that she had any close friends. So be it. That’s

Whirlwind- Chapter 2

I push myself closer and closer to my edge, trying to find the release that he is holding on for. Finally, I do, and I scream louder than before, feeling waves of pleasure rip through me. He expands within me and throbs violently, sending pooling warmth into my abdomen. His arms give way, but he still tries to set himself down carefully on me as


was the master. He drove his cock hard into me and brought me to this place I'd never even imagined. I was senseless and aware of everything all at the same time. I abandoned myself to need and answered his deep thrusts by spreading my thighs to allow him fully into my eager body. I was terrified when I felt his cock swell up inside of me and

Wanderlust Pt. 01

going to spank her. The pain of the first one would always catch her off guard, and what began as a squeal of pain would finish as a gasp of pleasure. I’d fuck her over the bench until I was just about ready to come, then she would finish me off with her mouth, and finish herself off with her free hand. While I moved the furniture back into

1: Educating Kaylee Ch. 09

smiling, she hesitated before walking towards Luke. It took everything he had to keep his composure. She looked as beautiful as ever in her tight white tank top, pink shorts and wedge sandals. It seemed like her golden sun-bleached ponytail had a mind of its own, bouncing gingerly from side to side, almost as if it was trying to hypnotize him as

Tim Always Wanted To Fuck Amy, But Never Had The Chance And Her Mother, Well, She Had A Great Body

better. Do you really mean what you said about having me as your toyboy?""Of course I meant that, Tim. I want to get a good servicing, lots of them and make up for the lost time. Listen, if we have time today for round three, I want to choose the position. Is that alright with you? I think we have about an hour or so left before Amy gets

Jay shows the way

was from a different country, a different culture and was married. We were lovers. There was never a more passionate affair than the one between Jay and me. We couldn’t get enough of one another and in the short time we were together I had more orgasms than in practically any other time of my life. Jay was very dark, not black but the colour of

Aunt I Never Knew

this same time I moved to VA and divorced myself a few months following. Neither one of us had really any luck after this point in the sex department after our divorces. After which we began to talk even more.Talks between us became more frequent and more in-depth. Then she brought up coming to visit in one of our conversation in which I agreed.

The Game Ch. 05

in a dreamy state that I didn’t want to leave, and there was no hurry to come. I knew I’d get there eventually, and it would be worth the wait. Undulating gently behind Annie, feeling her, hearing her breathe, smelling her arousal along with mine, I almost unconsciously put my hand on her hip. She sighed then, her body pressing against my hand in

My Office Affair

her I pulled her tightly to me. She must have needed to be kissed too because she put her arms around my neck and melted into me with a soft moan into my mouth. She parted her lips and I slipped my tongue onto her mouth and she began sucking on it like it was a small cock.Now I had always enjoyed working out and I was in pretty damn good shape if

Thank You Love Part 2

himself down my slit. I begged, "Please enter me, I can't stand the suspense." My pleas where ignored, he smiled and kissed me. He asked, "How much do you want me fuck you? How hard do you want me pound you?" "Really bad, I've never wanted be fucked this bad before. I want you pound my pussy as hard as you can!" "Are you sure?" "YES! YES! YES,

Weird Cock Drug Really Made Me Cum Hard

i wasnt listening. i couldnt get the throb of my heart out of my ears and the flame inside my vagina was growing hotter and hotter just looking at this green mans package. i didnt stop to think what a penis morpher could even be- i just began sucking it like a lunatic, suck suck suck suck over and over, i was on fire, and i knew the green man

Soaked through

I couldnt fight it anymore and opened my mouth, her tongue darted straight in looking for mine and I didnt disappoint her. Our tongues danced together for what seemed like an eternity, I then felt her hand go inside my shorts and pulled out my throbbing dick which she wrapped her small hand around as far as she could and started moving my shaft

In His Mother's Bed

I know I should make you take it out. But I can't. it feels so good. You just have to fuck me. Just this once. We can't ever do it again, of course. But for now, just love me."***So Marion let it all go. She succumbed to her body's demands, part of her mind revelling in the depravity of taking her own son's cock – and it was a gorgeous cock.

The Randy Adventures of Long John Thomas the Pirate King

experienced in the art of lesbian love; they knew the ultimate way to please her would be to treat her pussy to the finest tongue lashing they could provide. The two busty maidens took it in turn to lap at clit. Every time their tongues came into contact with Beatrice she moaned and they knew they were doing a good job. Beatrice was almost

Enslavement of my soul Part Two

together. Her naked body illuminated by the moon light, the perfection of her beauty as he gazed upon it compared to nothing he had ever seen. Even in his dreams her beauty was nothing as it was now. She pulled the lead towards her, the collar tugged at his neck forcing him next to her. Her nakedness pressed next to him, her breast warm against

Compound: Prelude

no response. He could smell the weed smoke in the house so he knew she’d been home not long ago. He set his work things down, and shrugged off his suit jacket and loosened his tie as he walked up the stairs to Carla’s room. It was there he found her laying on her bed, asleep. John closed her door and went to clean up. He returned to her room an

pokemon world ch 1

notice when she took one of her hands off of my shoulders. I started feeling some fumbling around my crotch. I looked out of one eye and saw her eyes still closed but when I looked down I saw her shorts were off and her pantys were around her left thigh, and she was rubbing her clit furiously. This was a major turn on. My girlfriend masturbating

Texas dildo masscare (part3of4)

back and forth her fingers feeling strange ridges and folds deep inside her barrel captive.Natasha was biting her lip and giving belly deep groans of disgust and sensation. The young woman's hand was all the way inside exploring her like she was a glove puppet. The cop holding what was left of Sophie's exposed wrist helping keep a steady pounding

The Ice Princess

together in a manner he was not responsible for. He said, ‘The bottom line is that I am fairly certain someone copied the file on Catherine Vandermere. And they went to great pains to hide this from me.’ Brandon asked him ‘Is my name in that file?’ ‘Yes, unfortunately it is there on the last page as the client who hired me.’ ‘Oh shit,’ he

Hypnotic Adventures of Beauty Ch. 04

looking. Wanda is an awfully pretty lady herself, and having the three of them together was sort of like watching a super model convention or something. At long last, Betty told us that ‘Billy’ was expecting us, but that he was ‘doing a little math in his office,’ and she waved a hand at a closed door to our left. She led the way, and I sort of

Dani from the Antique Store

in place, shaking her head back and forth as her hair fell on to her shoulders.I unfastened my belt, while Dani tore through my zipper and dug her hand in past the elastic waist-band of my underwear, feeling for my manhood.I arched my back to push my jeans and my underwear down my thighs. Dani pulled the ensemble past my knees, my eight and a

Giving In to Temptation

inside her like an erupting volcano, filling her with stream after stream of hot sticky cum before they collapsed together, gasping for breath, in a sweaty heap.He rolled off on his back; and when Donna caught her breath, she rolled over to face him. “I’m not done with you yet,” she said as she moved her body between his legs. Taking his

Strangers For A Night

hard. When you think I’ve had enough, you pull out and I let out a gasp. Your hand strikes my ass hard, leaving a burning red imprint. You then place your hands on my hips, I can feel the head of your cock at the entrance of my pussy. You slowly push in, pausing every few seconds to tease me. ‘You want my whole cock in your pussy, slut?’ you

In the Past

own and soon my seed sped its way from balls to the one eyed monster buried deep in this woman’s tight ass.The moment I exploded into my new lover I was shocked to see Rosie's face glaring at me; so she and I had been making love? I didn’t understand any of this situation, and my wife's reactions thereafter made no sense at all other than they

The Artist

so forward, expecting to exchange a few words in the hall before she went on her way, wherever she was going tonight. He followed her, feeling a bit annoyed that she had invited herself into his home. “Nice place!” she said, looking around as though she’d never been there before, “You have great taste.” “Thanks.” Tony responded, adding nothing as

I Like Making Sociopaths Suffer

named Bernadine. She was the librarian when I was there and usually seemed like an okay person. I recall forgetting my book bag in the library once near closing time and as I rushed back, she was holding it for me. That day, I had a conversation with Neil, this library guy whom I told about my books. Bernadine overheard and I told her about the

Fucking the Sisssssssss!!

as Liz splashed into the pool, Mark made his way upstairs to his room, closing the door he pulled his cock from his pants, taking all seven inches of meat n his hand, he frantically and almost desperately started to stroke it. Mark tried to think of various possibilities that he would fuck but his mind went back to Liz over and over again. He

Escort Tales Ch. 05

Antonella reluctantly agreed. She had always been curious and was very attracted to Kobi, so just this once, she let herself go. So they blocked off some time and cancelled a few appointments one night and planned their first lesbian experience together. Kobi took charge right away. She told Antonella to lie back on the bed and relax. Kobi slowly


It was truly a masterpiece. As the night went on people drifted through and left, but I just stayed, looking over each painting, finding new things each time. I always ended up at the sunset picture. During my last gaze upon it an older man approached me and joined in the look over of the painting. I turned and recognized him as the artist

Shared Ladies

sunk my entire 8.5 piece meat into her hole and began to pump her faster and faster.As I began to pump Melanie, she took her pussy muscles and began squeezing my cock telling me to give her every single drop of my cum to her. I could feel myself cumming into her hole as I pumped faster and faster until I exploded inside of her.As I rolled off of

Never a Missed Opportunity

upwards onto her g-spot a second time. While finger fucking the traffic warden’s cunt, Melissa readied herself for the next gush of nectar. This time it flooded her mouth, and Melissa sucked and swallowed it as best she could before returning for more. Her actions continued for some time before the traffic warden eventually started to move up the

Katie: A quicky in the kitchen

tight. Shocked by this Katie's head shoots up hitting the roof of the fridge"Owwww, what the hell!" Katie exclaims as she holds her head looking back as she sees her father standing tall behind her feeling his hands gripping her hips. "Oh it's just you daddy. I didn't wake you did I?" Looking over her shoulder gives him a nice quick glance to the

Meet Me in the Men’s Room

of me remains hot with desire. You grab my leg, hiking it up a little higher, and enter me without hesitation. The wall behind me is cold and rough, scratching at my back with each thrust. I don’t care though. Our rhythmic pace quickens, and your forcefulness increases. Our eyes meet for a moment. You smile, in a slight, devious way, reiterating


somewhat and seeing as I was by myself I had to find a way to fix it up as best as I could but what I’d done wasn’t all that good. She was about as naïve as they came, except in mending people’s injuries I’d say because she fixed me up swell as she tore off parts of her underlining’s, her underwear that is, and used it for bandages on my leg.

A Strange Day

make it pass. A voice called out from the din in the background and the woman turned to speak to someone. As she did, her white blouse opened up slightly giving Oscar a limited view of a white lace bra underneath. Oscar’s eyes were drawn to the sight of her bosom as if they had a life of their own. He blinked once or twice and swallowed as the

Sharing the same cock as Mom

myself laying in my bed. As time went on my masterbating got to happen more often than before. I would be doing it whenever I was at. I would think about his cock inside my pussy and I would rub my clit until I cumed. My bedroom, couch, kitchen, shower, and any other place I was at.Then one day I was having a great time with myself laying on the

Which Way We’ll Go?

and knowledge of the way ahead landed us exactly where we are today. If one of the main aspects of neurotic behaviour is the inability to learn from experience, then we live in a very mentally unstable community indeed. In the past couple of years alone, we have witnessed some extraordinary examples of the totally warped view of the world spoused

The Ride Home

going to come Julie! I can't hold it in any longer!" Randy exclaimed. As Julie leaned back down towards Randy's dick, he shot his first load, hitting her in the chin, but she managed to get his dick into her mouth as he shot his last seven loads into her mouth. She swallowed everything, enjoying the sweet taste of a real man's cum in her mouth.

Cherry Red Corvette

is a pretty big UNTIL. I hear a siren and we were like OH SHIT, he is getting pulled over. It seems that he was really getting into the hand job and was all over the road. The police thought he was drunk. I pulled my hand away and sat frozen in fear of what may happen. All of a sudden I realized I had no panties or shorts on when the officers

Winter Rainbows

between whose heart is drumming and whose veins are beating, we'll defy all anatomy and somehow merge into a singular being, never to be separate again. And no matter what happens from here, this is something we'll always get to hold on to.We tasted one another, pressed against one another, as radiant rainbows were exploding across the winter

Lesson Pt4

visible, my hands stroking his firm pecs and down the sides of his torso. Scratching this groin through his jeans before undoing his belt, he was already waking up. Pushing his jeans from his hips, thetent of his boxers grazed my cheek as I forced the denim down his legs. Me eye-ball to cotton covered cock was how my man was greeted as he entered

A Trip Down South

looked into my eyes and gave me a mischievous wink. She then got back to working on my cock with her tongue. She licked all her own cum off my cock in long stroked off her tongue. She then took my cock into her mouth and began sliding up and down it. I didn’t know how much more I could take. I could feel my own cum begin to swell in my balls.


suppose.""So how will my husband clothe me?" she challenged."He may choose a simple collar," I exlained, "many young girls love being naked, haven't you seen Kaylala and her husband Jose or Tiribantana and Farouk, they are for ever making love in the main street then walking around naked with cum leaking down their thighs.""Oh god," she said,

Just a Friendly Drink

dispassionate responses, he seemed to have less interest in them than they in him.A woman stood behind a counter where rows of surveillance monitors lined the back wall showing the hallways of twenty-four of twenty-five floors. The only floor not covered with the cameras was the top floor – the penthouse. She wore a tight blue police-style

After The Ballet

again and she grabbed hold of my pole and aimed it up again. Her message sank in and I took both hands and pulled her butt cheeks apart until her rosebud was fully exposed. I stroked her entrance with my finger as I lined up my cock and slowly pushed through her resistance. My cockhead popped in and a sigh brought her head to the pillow. I worked

A Summer’s Theft

me jump and twirl towards the sound. They were already inside. I glanced around rapidly at my tiny room, there was no place to hide and the bathroom door was just flimsy, but it was better than nothing. Just as I took a step toward the bathroom the sound of shattering glass filled my ears and my head whipped towards my balcony. The light from

On the Job Training Part Two

"Mm, I see you remembered my instructions regarding bras. Very nice." He walked over and grasped my nipples over my blouse, giving them a hard pinch that had me moaning softly. "Did you abide by the other rules?" He cocked a brow, and at my silence slipped his hand under my skirt, raising it up past my hips. He sniffed the air, then smirked at

Broken Protocol

times. Thinking of his stiff cock that evening, and how his eyes seem to follow her made her feel wanted, and made her shaved pussy become slick with liquid. "I don't have anything else to do" she remembered, and she quickened the pace of her delicate fingers pumping in and out.Amber pushed her cheap bra and coarse shirt up over her full breasts,

Who Am I? part 1

relief. The weight increased, but the felling of the bra digging into me, the underwire pinching my skin, went away. I lifted my breasts two or three times, itching along the underwire and pinching my nipples. It was nothing sexual, I wasn’t even conscious I was doing it. I stood and let them fall, and then I realized what I had done. I was a

Breeding Station

breath away…“Oh my God! Look at that!”She carefully approached a couple of floating figures, one Sirkalian woman and another monster. At first, Valerie was uncertain if they were really there or if it was just a holographic projection. This is just a projection, I wonder where they really are. This is a different monster than the one I saw in the

Frank's sex toy part 2

My special douche was a mix I made that cleaned me out smelled nice and tasted good, I'm told. It also left my pussy very dry, which was great when I played virgin for somebody. Tightening my pussy muscles and being dry they swore I never had a cock in me before them. Once they started fucking me I got wet but that first time it felt like my

My Sister and Girlfriend Made Me Feel Better

let out a giant moan. It was different from when Emily sucked on it, the same physical feeling, but a very different emotional feeling. I leaned my head back a bit, and that was more than a dead giveaway that I loved it."I think we have a winner, Marry," Emily said.With my cock still in her mouth, Marry looked towards me and smiled as widely as

The Devil and Me Ch. 02

with. I was always too polite to tell them that I didn’t think I liked blowjobs all that much, and that frankly they were awful at it anyway. The gay rumors got around, and by the middle of my sophmore year in college, my ‘homosexuality’ was an open secret amongst all the girls on campus, and I never a got a date at college after that. Sarah was

Taken By Surprise

it was getting hard to hold it in. I was squeezing my cheeks together the best I could but, with my legs tied wide apart, that wasn’t easy. To make things worse, he would push on my belly and I thought he really wanted me to let it go. He’d threatened to spank my ass good if I did and I guessed he was really enjoying this. Quite unexpectedly, he

Shower Time

His dick was also not slowing down anytime soon, it was fully erect at that time with a small bit of pre-cum coming out of the tip, luckily the water took it down drain with it.A few seconds of shuffling later, Katie started applying her shampoo, she had long hair so she put a lot of it, almost too much. The shampoo started flowing from her

An Unexpected Lover Ch. 2

back as he teased my nipples, craving more. One of his hands left my nipple and began to unbutton and unzip my shorts, pulling them off of me. “Oh, God . . . Kevin . . .” I moaned. “This feels so good.” “Just wait.” He said as he kissed his way down my stomach. The lower he pulled my shorts, the lower his kisses went until they were just above

South Beach - Marcie Meets Holly

the effect that I was looking for. I think that me and a teenage boy, having sex would give him the shock that he gave me.""Better yet, having me involved would really show him. You, Javon and me having sex together, now that's a shocker.""Oh god, that sounds great. I think I just peed a bit."I excused myself and went into the bathroom. My dress

My Dear Sweet Slave: Chapter 7

that she and Isaac both got tested when they started dating and got clean bills of health. As for pregnancy… well you don’t have to worry about that.”“Why not? Aren’t you having your period?”“Yes, but Isaac… is sterile. They both told me and he hated having to admit it. I know it doesn’t seem like something that would bother him, but he’s

sissyboy jake is harshly used – part 1

intense twelve hours I’ve ever spent, though I can’t tell anybody about it. Except anonymously, which is why I’m writing this and hoping you will read it and enjoy it. There is only one other person who knows the whole story. That person is Tiffany, my Goddess. Tiffany is watching me as I write this. Actually, I have no idea whether or not She is

My Niece the troublemaker - Ch. 1

hands to stroke what wasn’t in her mouth. She slid her wet sucking mouth up and down the shaft. Darren nearly busted a nut right there. He had masturbated since he was roughly fourteen and so the pleasure was not new to him but rather the new sensation. The mixture of delicate hands stroking him and a hot, wet, sucking mouth was almost too much

Nervous Mikey

regret shot through him.        He’d met Zaria through an adult personal website, and after two weeks of talking a good game—and occasional phone sex—he’d scrounged up enough courage to invite her over to his place. And now, he wasn’t so sure if he wanted to go through with it. His friend Ezra was the blame for this mess. He’d talked Michael into

Whats love without stupidity

exhaling. Her hands stroked his pecs, and then lazily drifted down towards his stomach, unfastening buttons as they went. When they reached the bottom of his shirt she pushed it off his shoulders, then paused when she saw what was underneath. For a moment, she was stunned at the sight of his undershirt. Never in their entire marriage had she

Being Teased by Brooke

another chorus of groans from our lips as I begin a rythym of forcefully thrusting that has her bed rocking. That all too familiar feeling from my cum filled balls comes way to quickly, to alleviate this I pull my hard shaft completely out. Laying my blood engorged shaft along her slick pussylips I slowly slide my steely shaft up and down

branded and used ( blue collar)

then walked over and bought out some metal handcuffs from a draw. All the time she never took her eyes off of him, showing her hatred for him. “don’t fucking do it man, I swear I’ll kill you in your sleep, when I get free,” A fist to the side of her face dazed her, but tasting blood in her mouth seemed to give her fresh fight in her, giving the

The Joke’s on Them

listen. Fortunately, both of the women in his life ignored her admonitions. It was a damned shame that Juliette was such a bitch, because she was a gorgeous redhead and damn, she looked hot in the slinky black dress and heels she had on! ‘They got us,’ Juliette said through gritted teeth. ‘I’ll kill her and fuck, I haven’t eaten a thing all day,’

My Boy, Callum. (Part 1)

to me as he walked into the living room handing me a glass of Sprite. Lets go upstairs my Xbox is in my room I didnt even have time to thank him for my drink before he was walking up the carpet stairs, me following. His house was normal sized and was quite nice but I noticed the TV in his living room was fucking massive. Yeah its 3D too man,

Unbelievable Summer Ch. 21

Nicole groaned as Bobby’s thick wand rammed into her lubricant-slick love-tunnel. God! He filled her so well! Making love with him felt better than it ever did with her husband! Bobby was aflame with need. His hips beat an erotic tattoo against her, driving both of them quickly to the point of explosion. ‘C…C…C…Commmminnnnngggggg!!!!!’ Bobby

A Very Good Morning

She whimpers and I feel her body start to tense. She was on the edge."Cum Kayla. Please cum. Cum for me, I need to see you cum for me. I need it."I say pleadingly. Her back arches against my body and she moans."Oh god. Oh god...ahh...Maddie."I smile and kiss her neck as she screams my name. She trembles on my lap and I hold her close. God, that

The stepmother continued

very special night. Paul’s father frequently worked away on business and could be gone for weeks at a time. Wondering when he may get another chance to impress his stepmother, Paul had been patiently waiting to see if she would ever contact him to babysit again. Much to his surprise that chance would be sooner than he thought. As he sat watching

Another Rough Sex Story

and sucks my fingers clean. I remove the blindfold and she looks up at me and holds her mouth open so I can see the load of cum in it. I rub and finger and fist her cunt until she too has an orgasm. I take my wet fingers from her pussy and stick them in her mouth and she sucks them greedily enjoying the taste of her pussy as much as she enjoys

Jeanine – Part Four

easily. No complaints from me. In addition, she was comfortable talking about what she liked, disliked or tolerated. Only one or two subjects made her blush. Jeanine had been described as an aggressive lady when it came to wanting sex, and that would be an accurate description. What I did not know, but learned later, was that Jeanine became

Your Playtime 2

I hope you enjoy yourself, and get off in a big way. Supplies needed for this audio: Blindfold Set of restraintsA camera Please feel free to send me any feedback or comments. You can also contact me via email - If you have a story you would like me to record, or an idea for one of my next stories, feel free to send it to me. I am always

My Demon Prince Chapter 5

what it could be."No!" She said. "It can’t be true." She said sitting Vilen down on the bed. "Please." She begged. "Tell me its not true." She said almost in tears.Vilen frown and started to cry. "I can’t…." She said. "Its true…. I’m pregnant with his child…" She said laying her head on Elisa’s shoulder. "I’m sorry…." Vilen sobbed. "I couldn’t do


groan sleepily and lie back as far as you can against the bed and suddenly I'm lying down with my head in between your legs, the coolness of my breath blowing across your groin. My mouth kisses its way down your stomach, light little kisses so I don't wake you up. It feels like cool air on your skin, goosebumps rising at my touch and they only

Musical Urge

There was another guy, probably about thirty-five, trying to get one of the girls for himself with no success, so I decided to fuck him. As I ran his way, I realized that at twelve years of age, I was now what they would call a slut. And that made me even more horny and very proud. This guy I just mentioned had a hairy cock and it tickled as he

Road Trip

me to get her one of those cream filled donuts like she likes so well. So I went to the table where the donuts were and looked and looked, there was no cream filled donuts left. I took her an apple fritter, and told her this was what they had, I know you like these next to best! About that time, Mark pulled a lid off his plate and slid it over to

Marine Brats 4 (edit)

think on that, It just might work." She replied.The front door opened and Brittney came in."Sorry I took so long, I introduced May to tampons, and Midol! Poor girl was walking like a duck with those huge pads." Brittney exclaimed.It was getting close to dinner time "Alice you are busy, May already ate, lets do pizza!" I suggested. As I pulled out

Another Welcomed Guest

I do have other things to do."This statement, plus another feather light touch to her sex elicited another deep groan. "Fine," Ephus said as he started to remove his self from her.Standing Ephus shook his head, they were going to irritate him that was for sure. "Human Ephus, I demand that you continue! I-." Aphrodite was demanding, through her

Wonderful Friends

and lick my way down your belly and savor the flavor of your essence. I want you to want me inside you so much that you can’t stand it. I want to hear you moan in ecstasy, groan with arousal, scream with passion.” Her lips met his and this time, her tongue was enthusiastic as she plunged it into his mouth, searching each sharp edge and smooth

Hot Summer Nights

There is no such thing as an incorrigible child, the 34-year old socialite said as she adjusted her stylish hat. I was not able to have children after the birth of my daughter, Nicole. We adopted Colleen and we were told she would be nothing but a headache. Quite the contrary, she has been a delight and a wonderful big sister to our Nicole.

Jade McQueen

monogamy. Jade McQueen was incapable of both. She looked at the cabinet and she saw the Alcoholics Anonymous book that was sitting on top of the television. Jade shook her head. All that blue book dogma freaked her out. ‘You’re glorious, huh?’ ‘Well, I could use some blow.’ Quinn coughed. He felt the gears clicking in his mind. He wanted

Erin Obeys

softly. My thrusts became more urgent, my heart raced, my cock was so hard I could hardly feel anything else. Then my testicles stiffened, an explosion occurred in my body and then those sweet thrusts from below as I shot my seed into her. She could feel it and loved it, her muscles squeezing my shaft as she, too, reached climax. I pounded into

The Mediation Room

of the table, she flicked another switch. A square in the wall directly facing them lit up to form a screen, showing the image of Xena Tate being fucked doggy style by Stan Smiley. With a roar that made Julia jump in surprise, Ivan buried himself inside her, fucking her hard with strong thrusts. Julia’s cry of pain was replaced with whimpers and

The Bimbo's Choker

already wet pussy in small circles. Emily moaned out again, burying her head against Nathan’s neck and rubbing her clothed body against his. She whispered again, “Pull up my skirt.”As Nathan did, she reached down and aligned his cock with her wet pussy. In one motion she took his entire length into her, moaning out loudly, “Oh, fuck yeah, Nathan.

Becoming the Neighborhood Cock Sucker - Part 2 (Adult)

you like this, you need to help me fuck your pretty wife. I can hardly wait to hear her squeal when she feels my cock inside her cunt for the first time.” It only took him three or four minutes to cum, and he held my head firmly on his cock as he pumped spray after spray of his thick semen and sperm into my mouth. I loved the taste and texture of

Painless Love Chapter 4

and conversing something merrily with them. The instant she sees me, she quickly excuses herself from their company and rushes over to meet up with me. “Just who the hell did you go out for that damned walk, huh?” This is her first question and query to me. I know. She must be freaking puzzled and perplexed up with all this happening. Wait a

A Pilot and his Princess 3

her. "Mmm. Good night." She moaned."Good night." I said, rolling us to the side, and placing my right arm down her back, that hand on her butt, and my left arm under her right arm, that hand up on the back of her head, I rapped her in a cradle position, my penis still inside her. She in turn wrapped her arms around me. This form of cuddling, I

Lovley sisters

we were close to ourselves with our sexual lives. Once everyone else in my house was asleep, I would turn off my lights, crawl under the bed, and gently rub myself off. I did this because my room was the only one in the house that did not lock. When it came to orgasms, I was subtle. Of course, if you were watching me, you would know I was having

Sharing the Magic of Loving

the feel and the touch of each other as we instinctively begin to explore and enjoy the passion which begins to flow. I whisper into your ear what you want to hear. I love to unbuckle your jeans and sense the urgency of your desire. I assist you removing your top and thrill seeing you in just your black and red bra with a thong to match. You lean

Chap.8 - Transformations - Honey-Lee Nympho

usually the most virile and fertile males and females, respectively.Bobby not only picks up the intensity of a man’s or woman’s sensuality from across a room, but easily distinguishes between one falsely acting and looking “sexy” from one who may appear proper or demure but is harboring deep sensual desires and abilities. He communicates his

Light of Hellfire: Chapter 9

from her face. “Kiss it,” he said with a small grin.“Yes Master,” she panted.Leaning forwards, Rosemary kissed the head of Baltoh’s cock, shivering as the warm member touched her lips like a steaming sausage.“Now open your mouth and stick your tongue out.”Rosemary nodded and did as she was told, opening her mouth wide with her tongue sticking out

Mistaken Display

of you being called are high enough not to worry about" Her mother tried to console Jessica who was now crying.This speech was almost a daily event with Jessica her mother had it memorized, "Now get on up to the meat shop pick up our order and condemn some sweet young thing and bring her back here so I can slaughter her and chop her up" Her

Charlie’s Pain And Healing Ch. 02

stood Charlie could see a slight milky drainage mixed with her clear fluid coming from her cunt. Charlie looked at his watch as he walked toward his new wife. It was only 7 a.m. They had probably not gotten over 4 hours sleep the night before but for some reason he felt relaxed and energized. He walked up to Amanda slowly, still admiring her body

The Chair

He lifted her ass, hooked his thumbs into the elastic and removed her panties. She dared to sneak a peek and saw that he was holding a feather. She closed her eyes again and let herself sink into the sensation. As the feather lightly brushed across her clit she wanted to cum from the unexpected sensation. It was pure ecstasy that lasted only

The Chauffeur (#14) New Business, New Problems

call her and set up an interview time. Dakota controls my schedule and will put them down to meet me and have a discussion. One question, should I interview them separately or together?” I ask.“Hmm…. My instinct as their uncle is to say separate, but since they are so competitive maybe they will both show their skills if they are interviewed

Hazel and the secret.

them to be friends, and that’s why they went camping. Hazel walked out of the water and shook her hair to get rid of the water. Then she used her hands to wipe as much water off her body as possible before dressing and walking back to the campsite. ***** The sun had risen and Jerry was sweating as he tightened the ropes keeping the tent in place.

Cuffed with no key - chapter 4 - my men are insatiable!

wearing only his white polo shirt, willingly followed Jim and me; his large black cock swinging proudly in front of him.Jim looked at Curtis and simply said, “I hope you do not mind, but I need to fuck my wife right now….”Curtis smiled and replied, “I understand completely. Please enjoy yourself. I think I got her warmed up for you.”They

Road Trip

go back to sucking Teddy's gorgeous cock and Levi continues to fuck my pussy. The sensation is incredible and I feel my orgasm building. I start to really buck back onto Levi's rock hard cock, he has hold of my hips and is pounding my pussy. I can feel the heat between my legs and I start sucking Teddy's dick faster and faster. The momentum

A Job Well Done

with joy. She was about 5’9…2 inches shorter than I…she had her hair falling round her shoulders was. She was wearing a black dress…a business suit but hell if some one could look like that in a simple dress…I can’t even imagines how she would look in her lingerie. I realized I must stop staring at her like a ninny so I looked at boss in the

That Motorcycle Trip – Parts One and Two

OneFor ten years I had dutifully ridden behind my husband on his Harley. God what a noisy machine! I like quiet. My helmet broke some of the potato-potato-potato noise, thank god, and for a long time I wore earplugs underneath, that helped a lot. Then my great aunt died and left me with some money. Not a huge amount, but enough that I felt like I

Sujo & the Killer

not know. They get let on by the advances of the angel up and to the left. Don’t get let on to the brink. For those who are led to the brink discover before they are approved for the credit card of romance that it is an illusion. They lead like the jackass led to water that won’t drink, in reverse. By the time they reach the moment of possession,

Girlfriend's Lesson....

The video continued. On the other end the male making the orders came 3 times. He thought that little tease deserved that. Would it teach her a lesson?Fran exhausted fell asleep when the males were done. She eventually woke up and found most of her clothes. Her breasts and stomach bruised and covered with hickies. Her ass well pounded and

Private Dancer – An Adult Story

Fuck me! Harder! Harder! she screamed. I moved my hips forward as I moved my cock in her pussy. I heard Marc open another beer bottle. I then felt his wife stop fucking my cock. I pinched her big nipples. I then held her hips. Cum for me big boy. Show me what you got. Pull out and cum all over me. Charlene said. I bite my lower lips as Charlene

Matilda the Stone Fairy

either. She took off and began to circle around. She was going to drive the witch toward me. It was a trap we had set many times before, but this time we were the prey. When Luanna gave her battle cry the witch stood, but she did not run. Then the forest filled with the cackling laughter of a hundred witches. In either hand the hag held a stone.

My First Time With A Friend

this, I figured it would be quite some time before I let some completely see me, mind and body. I moved away from my hometown right after I graduated and hadn’t been back in a while. I missed my friends there so I took a weekend off from work and decided to go visit. I was excited to see everyone, especially one person in particular. I won’t give

Online turns real part 2

sit on the bench and wait, hoping you would hurry and get here already. It had been months since I had seen you last and my need for you was higher than ever. I see you pull in the parking lot and jump from the bench like a child who has just heard the ice cream truck. Your car barely makes it to a complete stop and I am opening the door and

Journey into Cuckoldry - Fantastic Fourteen

about, I’ve had my suspicions about her for a while,” she carried on. “Really?” “I’ve thought for some time that our Yummy Mummy Hot Wife was finding life with just a husband and an occasional lover a bit too dull.” “What made you think that?” I asked, though I knew very well how true it was. “Just a few things she’s said. And that look she gets

Molly Was Just a Teen Whore

of those week to week places over at the edge of the causeway.’ ‘That’s not a very safe area. Do you have a car?’ ‘No, I take the bus, or when I miss it, a cab.’ ‘How much stuff do you have back in that shitty little room? Anything of value?’ ‘Not really. My boy friend took everything of value. A couple changes of clothes, he even took my only

Rough Sex in the Locker Room

for. I didnt know anything about lacrosse, and made a pretty awful player most of the time. But whats important is not what happened during practice, but rather what happened after practice in the boys locker room. For the past few weeks I had been unable to safely take a shower without some dickhead jock either slapping my ass as I walked by or

A Saturday Morning Fantasy

erupting. He was deep into the fantasy.Then I felt  that pulsing, and for the first time ever he lost control during oral, the first time ever he ejaculated into my mouth.  Towards the end of his coming came that ultimate demonstration of ownership -- he pulled out and the last drops fell on my cheekThen he down lay beside me, holding me tightly,

Never Keep Me Waiting

the faux cock off, I drop it on the floor beside me and go over to untie her hands from the bar. I look down and notice there is a very faint red mark on each of her wrists and I gingerly kiss around both wrists. Like I said, I like to be a mistress of sorts, but I'm not harsh and don't want to leave my lovely lover with any bad marks or bruises.

Pussy is Pussy

do, than she finally spoke, keep licking me and put your nose in my ass hole. Don’t worry, it is clean! I have been wondering when you were going to put one and one together. I still didn’t know what the meant but I was hooked! I wanted more pussy!!! I got on my fours and put my tongue in her pussy and shoved my nose her butt hole. She moaned and

Kismet or Happenstance? Ch. 06

even an outside chance you might enjoy it too,’ she whispered to his mouth. ‘Will you let me?’ His hands found the back of her head and he kissed the question right off her lips. As if he could ever say no when she spoke in that kittenish voice. The tip of his tongue touched hers and slid slowly inside. Ana melted into him, her shallow breaths


cold, sticky it pressed inside her mouth darting in and out. The motion matched the thrusting in her cunt. An unseen tongue violated her mouth, she tried to bite down but couldn’t.The massive weight pressed down on her holding her. Her pussy exploded in pain slashing through as muscles were shredded. The well fell oppressively on top of her the

Gerty and Jeff

that!""Oh that's good, are you going to buy that new pair of dress heels for the big dance next month?""I might, I have a nice set of clothes for that event. The reason I called though, does Jeff still do electrical work in houses?""Yes he does, he has a good job as an apprentice electrician, why?""Well it's getting warmer and I'd like to get the

A Duet

or jump over. Al was like a fluent motion, as he gracefully flowed through the forest like a coyote running to catch its prey. Al kept this pace going, occasionally he looked back at Ayden, but he only saw the newbie kept his end. Every now and again Al would stop, make a fist for Ayden to signal: hold. Al would then check his NAV, take a cursory

My Girlfriend Shoved A Vibrator Up My Ass!

I just remember my imagination running wild and getting a throbbing hard on, while wishing I could have seen it.I looked under the furniture to see if my mug had rolled under the sofa or chairs. I didn’t find my mug but did find the straps portion for a strap-on dildo, along with a nearly empty bottle of sex lube. I was then very sure that the

My Kind of Southern Hospitality Pt 1

new house on Elm Street, Tennessee. I was 5’5, about 110 lbs, and I had jet black hair with emerald gray/green eyes. I had 36C sized breasts, which looked very big on my small frame. In my old town I’d had lots of friends and I’d kissed a little over a dozen boys, but I’d never gone past second base. When we moved, it was the summer of 2007 and I

Mrs Denver – The Prequel Continues

to say a weepy, “Twelve strokes Miss.” Miss Johnson filled the number in on her punishment page before giving the girl a piece of paper. “Your letter for your Mum to sign,” Miss Johnson said. “Yes Miss, thank you Miss,” the young Watkins replied taking the letter and leaving the Secretary’s office closing the door quietly behind her. Charlotte

Samantha's Dubai Nightmare (Part 01)

was so intolerable that Samantha truly thought she was going to pass out. “PLEASE!!! IT HURTS!! IT HUUUUUURRRRRRTTTTS!!!” Samantha begged, tears rolling down her face as she sobbed pitifully. Jalil was oblivious to the girl’s piercing screams as he continued to pummel her cunt for several minutes. During that time he nearly climaxed half a dozen


to look at him. He looked at me for a few heartbeats before he was moving his face closer to mine. I closed my eyes and parted my lips. My lips met his and I felt blood flooding my cheeks. We pulled back only to get lured back in. I wrapped my hands around his neck and this time the kissing became harder and passionate. I opened my mouth and he

My First Time with Sloan

favourite venues in the city, where the house music would pump all night long. I didn’t get to do this as often as I’d like since my husband and his friends were ‘past the party stage’. Nevertheless tonight had been fun. We had now settled in on the couch and talked for what seemed like ages about everything and nothing. His job as a surgeon

Sugar’s Tribute to John

up things for me. I want him to be happy, I want him to have his life, I’m just not sure I can live happily as he does. And of course, that’s an excuse. Or a small problem. Solveable, rectifiable for people like us. Yet I cling to the excuses, and I’m not sure why. Perhaps, because I am afraid he’ll swallow me whole, and I won’t be who I am

Car Park

for a picnic area car park. I hadn’t been there before but it was worth a look. It was dark apart from a dim orange light at the far end. As I drove in I could see another car. It was far over to the right and had it’s lights off. It wasn’t the type of place to leave a car over night. I stopped. “What do you think?” I asked. “They are probably

Set up! ( By the Massuse! )

time since she had a hard young cock inside of her. Jennifer was behind her squeezing her breasts and cheering her on! She started to moan very loudly as she ground her pussy against me. Her pussy started to make slurping and sucking noises as it continued to spasm on my shaft. Considering how long they had tortured me, I lasted much longer then

Kim Returns and Trouble Follows

everywhere deep up inside her pussy. Kim grabbed him by his hair and she pulled his face tighter into her pussy as she ground her pussy into her brothers face. She told me that she never felt a tongue as long as her brothers did as he snaked it in and out of her pussy. Bill was fucking her pussy with his tongue. Kim told me that Bill just kept

The Camp

strength in me to do so, but I stood up and made my way to the barracks they numerically placed me in. It was empty, the men had either been sent to work or killed. I climbed onto the lowest bed, which had previously been occupied by a man called Johann Schenck. He was in the shower room with me, I assumed him to be dead. I cried for the first

L.I.S.S.A. C

be any different?The floor was a little cold as my bare feet came to rest on the Italian marble, but the routine trip to the bathroom was necessary to first pull one out so I could then pee. I had my favorite magazine in the second drawer of the bathroom vanity so my imagination did not have to work too hard. A few flips of the pages and a

Cozumel Revisited

missing you, girl!” I smiled at her.She kissed me hard, her tongue in my mouth while Mark’s tongue danced around my slippery nubbin. Her hands found my breasts and I helped her pull my blouse off. My nipple was like a diamond when she took it in her mouth. I could see her shaven little flower and I wanted to taste her.I rolled off of Mark and

The Entity Pt. 09

Linda tried struggling again and was rewarded with a kick to her side, ‘I said hold still!’ Something that looked like a fancy pair of headphones was slipped over her head. ‘Okay. You got a connection?’ ‘Give me a minute. We’re out in the middle of nowhere.’ Glancing along her body, Linda could see the other man bent over a shiny metal briefcase,

My New Life as a Hotwife

we begin I want you to take out your cock for me. Lie back with it in your hand while I read this to you. The more turned on you get the harder I want you to stroke your cock until you can’t hold any more and give me your cum. I know you love to give me your hot cum so I want to be able to see it when it happens. I want to see if I can turn you

Daddy and Daughter’s Perspectives Part 1

leaving school. Pulling me towards the low sofa in the corner he gently eased me down and settled me in the corner. He lay beside me and we kissed again. His hands were all over my tits and his erection was pressed against the side of my leg near my hip. My legs were dangling over the edge of the sofa and he was half lying and half kneeling

Helpful Hand Ch. 01

someone else. Nearly three years ago I met someone. We had wonderful time, but it didn’t end well also, this had terrible ending. She died.’ He made a pause when waiter brought them the tomato soup. ‘How did she die?’ Holly asked as we were alone once more. ‘She had cancer. She got to know just after we met. For eight months I was watching my

My Gorgeous Cousin Bailey

I think you’ll like it.”“Uh, okay.”“We can watch it on my bed, it’s the warmest one in the house.”I would have thought this a little strange. I mean, she was asking to me be on her bed with her when we were alone in the house together, even the maid had gone home for the weekend. But the way she phrased it didn’t make it seem like such a big

The Hunting Trip

and let him go. He just does not understand what they have planned for him. He cringes when Caroline approaches him on her hands and knees, he is reminded of a lioness stalking a gazelle, but this gazelle is unable to escape. Low growls emanate from Caroline’s throat as she moves forward, getting ever closer, her eyes fixed on his flaccid

Preludes Ch. 00: Prologue

is somewhat lengthy and detailed and it is my hope that such detail will provide a richer experience for you readers as you truly get an intensive look inside Rachel’s head. Further, the stories are written in an intended order and it is highly recommended that you read them as such. Obviously, you are free to proceed as you please and I’m

Stolen Innocence - Chapter 1

what that was. I felt his breath again on my neck.“Ok, little one, I am going to take the tape off your mouth. No sound, right?” I heard his cruel voice and I nodded.He pulled the tape off slowly and I worked hard to not make a noise as the pain ripped across my skin. Fresh tears ran down my cheeks.“Good girl, that must have really hurt, and

Swim Coach (Chap 10)

straps and pulling down on the garters that hung loosely from the garment. “Yes, this is perfect, just wonderful. I think he will enjoy it, no?” “Err... ummm...” I didn’t know what to say. I looked down at the garters, my hands fumbling for them and in desperation asked, “Ummm... how do these work? I’ve uhhh, never worn anything like this.” I was

My friends dad 9

“I hear you Callie. I see you really got issues with this and I’m sorry once again. I won’t ask you to do that again, but it will be hard though. It was really just something I wanted to do with you honestly. You are a very sexy lady,” Jeanette replied. “Well thank you. But still we’re done with sex,” I said. Then she gave me a hug. She

The Boarding School – Part 2

sees me naked tied to the bed. How would I even begin to explain this to anyone? I pull on the scarves but they only get tighter as I struggle to get lose. They told me not to scream, like I would anyway I would die from embarrassment if anyone saw this. I hear people outside the door and my heart starts pounding at the thought of someone besides

The LS Story - Part 2

night. As she was doing so, Jim watched Nancy reached down and lifted the front of her skirt to above her waist. Jim was then treated to a sight of one of the most beautiful shaved vaginas he had ever seen. Nancy then said “this is what you could have had during the time when I was your assistant”. She then lowered her dress, walked up to Jim and

Rosita: Chapter 2

Rosita whispered to Charlie, “Hide.” With her belly covered in cum, Rosita began to panic. She quickly grabbed her pyjamas from the bedroom floor and ran into her en suite bathroom. At the same time, Charlie started to get dressed quicker than he had ever done in his entire life. Their hearts were racing and the adrenaline was pumping as

Does decriminilisation of prostitution protect sex workers?

its origin and counterpart in traditional forms of exchange of girls or women for cash, child marriage, temporary marriage and trafficking of women for marriage .The mail order bride industry has integrated the sale of women into the global sex industry where women are trapped by poverty and lack of remedy such as divorce .Here

Strippers and Prostitutes Ch. 05

felt her orgasm was there. She moved to gain greater stimulation but Becks withdrew her tongue, leaving her hanging. In frustration Julie gave an extra strong couple of licks and Becks was cumming, thrashing around on the bed and moaning softly through her orgasm. Dammit, thought Julie. ‘Please finish me off,’ she said to Becks. Becks did just

The Demons Sacrifice

graciously at me. “Thank you, Sister Catherine. Your name will forever be praised.” She stood up, pulling me upright with her, and I felt light-headed. When her hand cupped my cheek, soft and soothing, I had to struggle to contain the tears that wanted to spill from my eyes. “I am sorry,” she whispered. And to the hall she said, “No gift from the

Maddie in a bad mood

away. You see once they are thrown away you are at my mercy. You won’t even have clothes to get home in without me giving you some. You might have to go home in a dress!”“All right”, said Joe, even more excited by the control it would give Maddie over him. He started taking his shirt off.“No, no”, said Maddie, “not here. There’s no point in

After Supper

really hear until the end. ‘. . . upstairs. Put your arm around me, baby.’ Elevator, stumbling out, hallway, card key. Headline in the making. Drugs, sex, rock life style, secret love affairs. But really just William stumbling and falling face first onto the bed closest the door. And Ryan turning him onto his back, making soft comforting noises


people who worked here had two things on their minds, work hard , then party. Having grown up in a strict home, Petra didn’t participate those things she was a complete novice. She didn’t drink, smoke or use drugs. She was not a sex addict. She never dated, and most of the time, she was the butt of ever joke. People found that amusing and would

Sisters By The Pool Part 5

to kick around. Sometimes we have vibrator orgasm races. How do you think we stay in such great shape?" I looked around and noticed multiple toys on the ground. I guess that's how they passed the time while I was asleep. These girls couldn't get enough. "I think it's the captain's turn," Alana said, and everyone cheered and looked over at Ashley.

Shooter Bitch #2

was making her asked to be attacked by horny drunk men. It was not right but alcohol and a sexy body like hers spelled TROUBLE. A little straw cowboy hat and boots rounded out the outfit. The bar life was crazy. The Shooter Bitches job was to sell beer and go around giving out shots. On numerous occasions she would get manhandled and groped and

Van Fuck - Me and My Sister - Part Six

I know how much you love to suck dicks…”“Shut up, Matt,” Alejandra interrupted him.“Haha! Well, your penalty is… You have to suck our cocks at the same time,” Matt said as he pointed at his dick and mine.Matt told me to sit on the back seat next to him. Alejandra crawled towards us, grabbed our cocks and started to stroke them. This girl was so

Double luck in Hong Kong Airport pt 2

as he entered me and be ready cause it’s gonna hurt. Just then she pushed my mouth back to her opening and pulled my head tight to her pussy, I took her clit between my lips and layer my tongue under it causing her to tremble. Just then I felt her husband push into my gaping ass using the managers cum as lube. I began to moan into her pussy. His

Hello, Lover. (First half)

I realized I was meeting up with a man that I never met, to have sexual relations during the span of the weekend. We spoke online only, and this would be our first meeting. Morally I wasn't sure how to go about it, only addressing the fact that I was highly attracted to this older man living 2 provinces away. I just knew I wanted him. Does this

Brother's Incestous Bet Chapter 5: Mom and Dad's Incestuous Surprise

god,” he groaned, his hands grabbing my butt-cheeks. He squeezed me as he lifted me up his shaft.We both groaned at the silky glide of my pussy climbing up his cock. I groaned, my cunt squeezing down around his dick. He felt so incredible in me. My hips shifted, stirring around inside of him. I slammed down his dick. My clit throbbed against him

The Mover Ch. 03

and began to give me the codes I needed to process the invoices and account contracts. I found that Patti knew the codes, where Debi was the expert on contracts. Sheri was probably the sweetest of the three but, unfortunately for me, not qualified in any of the areas I needed to be proficient. I also found out something I hadn’t known, something

A Teachers Fantasy: Part3

hoarsely. “I want to feel your cum inside me.”I started thrusting in and out, banging my balls against her ass cheeks. Grabbing her legs and pulling them wide apart so I could watch my cock as it disappeared inside and pulled out, covered in her honey. I let out a grunt as my prick twitched and spat a gob of semen deep in her ravished pussy.

The Surprise Continues

said it I realised what I had suggested, but Mike laughed and told me he could help me on both counts.” Pat laughed self-consciously and carried on, “You must admit that having said it without thinking, subconsciously, I realised that I must have thought he was dishy to say the least. Anyway, the upshot was that he said ‘Yes’, but he would need

Tryst With An Ex

of this was happening. Was this part of her insane personality or was she showing me that this, and I were meaningless to her?"Take your pants off," she said without looking at me.I slid my jeans off, trying to do it without seeming too eager. A very conspicuous wet spot was evident on my underwear. Kathleen's hand continued massaging me over my

The Girl 6

more guards entering. He battled his zipper with his one hand as he with the other yanked as many fingers as he could into the Girl's exposed cunt. It was soaking from countless sessions and cumshots from appearantly eight guards, her father and maybe a German Shepherd. Dad easily slipped four fingers in.The Guards seemed alert and Dad tried to

Daddy Kisses are Heavenly

closed the door. “Lynn guess what?…I’m sleeping over again, but your dad ask me to come to his blacked out bedroom at 10pm tonight.” I just started to think how I couldn’t possibly watch them when she said: “….and….he said to bring you with me!”I froze. I had her repeat what he said. My pussy began to get wet instantly. I got the jitters in my

The Trespasser Surrenders

when the that’s a woman and the stern seat person is a man, because some women don’t ‘pull their weight’ when they’ve got a big strong man behind them. I vow to not be a slacker. I learn that the person in back does the majority of the steering because the taper of the stern makes it easier to steer from the back. I watch some short videos and it

Lucky Santa

excuse for why ‘I’ ended up in the Santa Suit halfway through the Christmas dinner celebrations. Don’t get any wise ideas! I’m not that fat, at least I don’t think so,well-upholstered yes, but not fat! So my hair and beard are pretty white these days, I told him straight that was working for him, the bastard! So he had me hooked. OK, so greed

Doggies Make Good Maids

cock pointed down at his head, about an inch from his nose. ‘Doggie,’ said Jill. ‘Hold that pose. Breathe in . . . hold it . . . hold it . . . let go. Good boy. Keep breathing that way. Let your back relax. Let it relax. Breathe, and relax. Hold that pose for a while, Look at your cock, dangling above you. Look at that beautiful, big, hard cock.

Rocking Your World My Style Ch. 02

head and kissed my breasts through the lace. Making the fabric wet as your licked, kissed and teased to get my nipples into hard peaks. After you gave each one ample attention I softly moaned. I ran my hands through your long, dark hair you raised your head up, and while you kissed me with passion you walked us back towards the bed yet you did

Reformatory Girl

throat. The incessent vibration, now in my ass, created a quake like effect throughout my body. Finally, she removed the vibrator, and inserted it back inot her asshole, until it was completely buried. Moaning, she pulld me on top of her and began to slightly jack off my limp dick. Momentarily, she froze and with a slight groan, farted the

A Bear & His Honey

my chest and look up at me. You smile at me again, but it’s a very different smile then the one I saw moments ago at the bar. There’s so much more meaning behind this one. As the song finishes, the music immediately moves into a more up tempo number – David Lee Murphy’s ‘Loco’, but we’re still looking at each other, holding each other… lost in

My Mystery Man

startled. I got out of my queen sized bed, wearing my playboy t-shirt and a pair of sexy Hello Kitty shorts. My long brown hair was in a pony-tail on my head, and in the small light of moon in my dark room, my skin shown silver. I walked into my bathroom and looked at the mirror, taking out my pony-tail and letting my hair fall.After a while of

The Beginning

and out of her lover over and over again. Wanting to touch her lover but unable to Jen yanks on the restraints moaning louder and louder. The feel of Malory’s fingers and tongue does their magic as the restraints increase the tension building in her body. She knows she is nearing her orgasm and lets her lover know, “God baby…yes…yes.” She pants

Teacher Blackmailed

with a 16 years old on top of me. he went for my boobs and started sucking them, i left a soft moan ahhhhhh… he circled my nipple with his tongue and i going mad with water releasing in my skirt. i held his head and pushed against my boobs he bited them suck them and i was maoning ahhh ahhhh ahhhh… my skirt was now all wrapped up at my belly and

Testing Theories – Him

but I was on a roll and full of confidence. I knew what she wanted, she just needed a little more persuasion. ‘You care about him as a friend. I bet you can barely get through him shagging you, when he bothers to, and even then you have to imagine it’s really me. The real thing would be so much better.’ ‘Shut up. Drunk and needy doesn’t do it for

Sailing Lessons Pt. 4

sun block down across my stomach. I'm in pretty good shape, and Audrey seemed to relish rubbing her hand across my tight abs. She continued rubbing closer and closer to the waistband of my shorts, and then casually slid her fingers under the waistband just a little. That caused my cock to twitch.Audrey obviously noticed and glanced at me and

Rekindling Lesbian Love

my skin can be.” “Mmm. It's good to smell you again. It’s really soft too. I like the blonde highlights, it suits you. Your soft skin has always been mesmerizing too. Your arms. And legs. Warm and smooth. I’m sorry. I promised not to lead you on and here I am, touching you all over.” “It feels good. Don’t stop. Kiss me. Quick. Before I cramp in

Just One of Many Pt. 01

were. Catherine was quickly shoving raggedy jeans and baby clothes in bags. Two already sat at the door. Chris wondered how much she would pack. She bent down on her knees, wrapping a blue and white jacket around the girl, zipping it then kissed her head before scooping her up. She got back to her feet and grabbed the bag, slung it over her

Meeting Master at the airport

me over the edge so my ass is in the air and my heads on the pillows of the cussions. I automatically lay my hands over my head and as I feel you sticking in a finger I squearm. You pull out the egg and lay it on a table behind the couch for later, along with the remotes. Slideing in slowly you stop at my entrance teasing me. Please Master,

Hung black guy and a pregnant white girl

“Well Slut, what do you think of my cock?” “I like it.” “Is that all? You just like it? I’m disappointed.” “I like it a lot. I love your big black cock, Sir. I’m looking forward to having you fuck my cunt hard with it.” “Just your cunt?” I thought for a couple of seconds about what he was wanting and then I said, “And also having it in my ass,

Peeping Girl II

happens when you put yourself in dangerous predicaments?  Spying on us like that…this is exactly what you wanted isn’t it?’  My eyes lifted to his, grimacing, he was massaging my tonsils with his cock.  Is this what I wanted?  Not to just watch, but take her place, be the one kneeling to his side while someone looked on? His free hand moved to

Terry Gets It In The End

you be my lesbian lover?” “I can do that,” I replied. “You're a real keeper, baby,” she mumbled as she drifted to sleep in my arms. We slept like this for an hour or so and when we awoke it was almost time for my mother to arrive. Cheryl quickly pulled on her skirt and top and then began brushing her king brunette hair. “Put your jeans and shoes

Her Neighbor’s Games Ch. 1

thought, pushed the cucumber inside.The walls of her pussy clenched instantly around the intruder, and the wickedness and fullness of the penetration drew a long moan from her throat and made her arch her back. Giving herself a few seconds to adjust to its width, she slowly pushed it deeper, her fingers trembling, until a good two third were

Car Park No 1

if she put that great cock any place else and she said where ever you would like me to put it. I got up and took her hand and led her to my bedroom where I lay on my back and offered her my girly pussy. She slowly rubbed that cock on my rose bud and put my legs high on her shoulders and slowly sank in to the bottom. I asked her to hold that cock


hand more, and her response came up  almost immediately:  This woman was a road hog, and while driving she was taking more than her share of the road, so she veered to one side of the road at instances, then   pulled off  to say: "Hey, stop it, I'm a married woman, so  don't you think you're wasting your time here?" Such utterance coming from

Sex Party

sockets with thick jizz??? She was frantically trying to see and her head was thrashing from side to side. nor the stud or the madam paid attention to her! The Prince had found a groove in Sues cunt he was ploughing now. The uterus had given in and he was doing a full 13′ stoke into her. She felt the bell end leave her belly then enter it and

Halloween Party - Part 2

her entrance. Quickly, he plunged two fingers into her wetness and felt her hips rise and her breathing become ragged. This had to be the most reactive woman he had ever had the pleasure of meeting. She began to whimper in pleasure as he drove his fingers over and over into her. He loved that sound…….but, he wondered how loud she would get

Her prize Tonight: A Pet’s Diary Final Part

thanks to my dear friend ShyVixen and SkyMakenna69, who helped me editing and improvising this story.  Dear Diary, It has been a month since that special night and things were changing for the better. My master started to call me by my first name and refer to me as his angel. He also told me that I could call him by his first name if I was

The Vicar of St. Dunstan’s Ep. 04

skeet before?’ ‘When I was younger. I won the Kansas State Skeet Association Gold medal in my age group two years running, but I’m very rusty. Probably can’t hit the broad side of the barn anymore.’ ‘Nonsense, lad, self confidence is two thirds of the battle. Take your weapon. Open fire. We’ll get those flying gauchos.’ We got our guns and went

Midnight Fun

try to move, but I stay where I am. I feel an orgasm build as I ride your cock. You groan, and turn over quickly. Your momentum throws me onto the bed, pinning me beneath you. You hold my biceps, and pin me down as you start to fuck me hard.I moan, and my orgasm builds faster. My pussy tightens around your dick, and I can feel every vein in your

Online Love Affair

my ass again before I turn around, kneeling in front of you. Rubbing my hand up and down your hard dick, I look up at you as I lick all the juices from it. “Mmmm... I love your hard cock baby,” I say before you push my head down on it. Taking as much of you as I can, I run my mouth and hand up and down with speed. Before long, I hear you say

Haunted by the Futa Ghost 9: Futanari Fucks Her Bully

the half-moon. The transition.” It was the last half-moon of Summer. The next would fall on the Autumn Equinox, and that night I had to perform the Kagura and help Kanshu-no-Kami keep the yokai imprisoned beneath the shrine. And not long after that, Mitsuko-hime would leave her father's castle to travel to the home of her new husband. This was my

Across the Tracks Ch. 04

to know you’re alive. Stay clean out there. I got something better to say than those consuelers do. Whenever you feel the dragon, look at them pictures I just gave you. That’ll help.’ JB looked at Otis and stuck his hand out for the traditional knuckle bump. Otis gave it, just like he always did and JB walked out the door. After locking his door

Andrew to Andrea – Chapter 2

of butters and oils that claimed to make skin feel like silk…not specifically on the list, but not specifically forbidden either, so why not? I decided that hair removal should be the priority, as I figured that would take the longest. I grabbed the depilatory that she mentioned and read the directions, along with grabbing what looked like a

The girl trembled on her hands and knees, sucking in deep lungful of air and coughing from time to time

hole. “Aw fuck,” he groaned before reaching intothe pocket of his pants to pull out his cell phone.Pressing speed dial, he brought it up to his ear. “Youcan come over now,” he said then hung up. Cass rolledonto her side.“Who’d you call?” she asked.“None of your business,” he answered then tossed ablindfold at her. “Put this on.” Cass looked

Why I Met Your Mother - Chapter 6

in her eyes. "I knew this isn't what you had planned, but hey, it might be even more fun. Just think, it saves you having to explain to Jake about why you seemed to have already lost your virginity. I’m saving you from that embarrassment aren't I?” His thumb played over the stem of the glass as he observed her, spotting her cleavage and

My Mom and My Dream Girl

all I needed to hear as shot my load deep into her womb. Stream after stream of cum pumped out of my cock as I felt my mom’s cunt tighten around me. “Oh Will! I’m cumming again! Oh son! Yes! Your juices feel so warm and gooey inside me. I love it.” My cock finally went limp and I slid it out of my mom’s pussy. “Mom, I know I’ve said it before,

Werewolves Breed a Lonely Young Wife

to work long hours in the shop.One thing I like the most about his shop is the private reading area in the back, between the store and his apartment, separated from the rest of his store by a beaded curtain, made up of mostly black and reddish beads. I don’t have much money to buy anything, but he lets me sit and read in that back area, sometimes

Humiliating Oscar

And she held up her forearm next to her little finger. I had to laugh. I had always loved Maria. She had always been a good friend. But being unfaithful to my husband; I’d never thought about it and here was someone I trusted, talking about it like it was the most natural thing in the world. “If you had to have sex with someone other than Oscar,

Sally Plus Two

of her legs free and with his hand behind her knee holding it up to the side his tongue was there, on her sex. It felt warm and soothing to Sally. The sensation of his fluttering tongue, the pull of his lips, the command of his grip combined to transport her towards space, toward the band of stars in the black sky visible to her as she arched her

My Dirty Little Secret (12)

my cardigan. Some girl came to me and started grinding with me and I did respond. I did tell her that I was gay mid-dance and she just laughed. She was clearly drunk.I went out to the table where loads of people from my ‘clique’ were sitting. And I saw a sight I’d not seen in a long time.“Hey, Saahil!” I said, trying to strike a balance between

The Knight and the Acolyte Book 4, Chapter 3: Virgin Delight

women would marry up to seven dwarves. The females were always protected, kept safe by their husbands. Azkiria's daughter, Kazodi, had succeeded her as Queen and died when the kingdom fell. It was probably the best map we would ever find. I folded it up and rushed to speak to Linissi's father.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Acolyte SophiaI groaned

Trailing Home Ch. 12

She fell asleep with a dreamy sigh. It seemed like only moments later when she awoke, hearing the key in the door. She sat up in the bed just as Liam came in, carrying a large pile of packages wrapped in brown paper. She noticed that the sunlight coming in the window was tinged with the colors of late afternoon. ‘What time is it?’ she asked with

The Journey Ch. 02

way to activate it from here to call it to her. The attendants probably would have done that, had they been here. Or maybe the kindly nurse from the commercials? ‘Green Mile Cryogenics…Care for your lifetime…and beyond.’ What a crock of shit, thought Angela, trying to hold on to her footing 30 feet up from the floor, in a warehouse of corpses on

Eleanor Ch. 01-02

of the moon, casting an eerie light over the dragon heads of their boats. Backing slowly away from the edge, she knew well that they would see her movements in the moon light if she did not move with care, Eleanor crept back into her tigh, gathering her meager belongings into one small sack. Two tunics, two shifts, a brush and a necklace. Yes

Unexpected Compensation From my Neighbor

need to do. Other people you need to be with." She replied with a slightly raised eyebrow. Her response puzzled me. People I need to be with? What was she insinuating?I don't have anything going on, plus this TV is fairly heavy. It wouldn't be any trouble since I'm already here." I assured her. "I'm just gonna run home and grab a few things to

Walking Home.

He grabbed both and pushed my knees to my chest with one swift move. I was pinned. He plugged his tongue into my mouth and crushed my body. He repositioned himself over me and smiled, still keeping me pinned. "What a nice little pussy you have, how about we tear it open" My eyes grew wide, suddenly realizing what I had gotten into. I squirmed and

The Road to Self Discovery

a dead zone almost the whole way, so when I reached Bly, I was over an hour late and somewhat a wreck. When my truck pulled up, you were waiting in the open doorway. I don't know if you meant to show it, but I could see the relief in your eyes seeing me in one piece. You walked out to meet me, told me I was late and took my bag in the house. I


all over the floor. Sara scooped it up and put it to my mouth and told me to swallow it. I ate all of it and licked her fingers when it was all over searching for more. She said, “there will be plenty more to cum my sissy boy. From now on you are my slave and I will be able to have lesbian sex with women like I always wanted to. The only sex you

A Boy and his Genie - Chapter 13

cleaning you yet.”Sophie turned around, and Matt stood up. He put some more shower gel on his hands, and got to work on rubbing Sophie’s shoulders.“Oh God Matt, you’re such a fucking tease…” Sophie moaned.“I try my best,” Matt smiled. He slid his hands off of Sophie’s shoulders, and down her back, eliciting shudders from her. He reached her

Jacob Told Me He Was Gay, His Brother Joined In, T

Joined In, Then We All FuckedI was rewarded with a massive flood of cum and a load moan and a variety of curses. It was hot to say the least, his dick had become sensitive and he tried to pull out but I wouldn’t let him. I sucked his dick until he came again in my mouth. He was drenched in sweat and Jacob was rock hard again. He asked me if I

Train Story

to the opening doors. His arm was pressed from behind, and his hand was firmly pressed into the cleft of the behind of the woman standing in front of him. He started to apologize, but then a gap opened in front of her, and she stepped into it. Just before she did, for a split second, he thought she leaned back against his hand. “Surely I must

Seductive Dreams Ch. 05

my shoulders and guided my cock into her pussy and started to fuck her again. What a turn on it is to see her tits bounce to the rhythm of my cock as it slams into its home. She pulled a pillow up and covered her head and yelped like a teenager losing her virginity. I could feel it happening and I just let it go and wasn’t going to prolong it

Passion and devotion

for more, gasping for higher heights of stimulation. Our bodies couldn’t handle waiting much longer. The need for fulfillment was eminent. We configured ourselves with you opened wide for me to move into position over you. As my entered your burning love nest, a shiver of sheer ecstasy ripped through my body. With you below me, you jumped to

Me and my sister

The more i was looking at Dee in that small blue bikini, i was getting wetter, hell! if i got any wetter you would be able to tell through my shorts! Whats up you look worried or something? she said taking a mouth full of food, if one person could take a mouth full of food in a sexy way it was Dee. Oh, erm, nothing. i smiled trying to hide my

Fantasy Box 3

as before, she had added that she wanted me to be present.I searched the web and found 3 ads for sensual massage services for women in our area, I contacted all 3 and awaited their replies, 2 offered home services only which I didn’t really feel comfortable with, the third had his own premises, he was a young good looking guy so I booked him for

In the Bed of My Chevy Truck: Jess Cums

then let it out slowly as she let the orgasm overtake her. I felt her clear cum flow out in a slow trickle as I flicked the tip of my tongue over her hard clit fast and furiously dragging her orgasm out as long as I could. Jess just simply whimpered as she let the spasm envelope her in waves of spectacular wonder. She did not yell out, yell my

The Cruise Ch. 04

Alex asked motioning towards the pool area. Carter and Alex walked around the pool once before deciding to try the upper deck, there finding the chairs they thought the women would want. They were both amazed at how fast the pool decks were filling up. But, then again, it was a beautiful day and the sun was the main reason most of the people were

Hannah (Pt 5) Final

mouth and used his tongue to position it so that no one would notice.“And your mouth stays closed until we return, understood.”Tom smiled and Hannah couldn’t help but smile back. She then pulled a small Allen key from her jeans pocket and used it to unscrew the shackle.They left the flat and walked the five minutes to the cafe. As they walked,

An affair to remember

reach the door I see Professor McDonald through the spy hole, I gasp and put my back against the door sliding down to the floor. I can hear him asking people that are passing if they have seen me lately, he doesnt get anywhere asking people so leaves a package at the front of my door. I stand back up as he walks away, I look through the spy hole

Alexis Season 1 (Parts 1-5)

than outraged, to her parents relief. When they finished their conversation, which lasted hours, Alex went off to bed to think about what she had learned. In the morning, she told her parents that she wanted to be referred to as a girl from then on, and she wanted to go out and get a bra. She still liked to dress like a boy – plain shirts and

Boss Lady

the dress. Dropped off in the street from where he had picked her up she just managed to thank him once more before he drove off. She was caught in the headlights of another car and once more she leaned in to ask what he wanted. When she slipped in to the passenger seat her slip of a dress had risen up displaying her nakedness and this time that

Summer at Pond Cove - Chapter 08

situations, and responses are fictional ONLY and should not be attempted in real life.If you are under the age or 18 or do not understand the difference between fantasy and reality or if you reside in any state, province, nation, or tribal territory that prohibits the reading of acts depicted in these stories, please stop reading immediately and

A Visit to a Fan Ch. 09

to the car and he did his best to contain himself on the hour-long drive. The driver gave him a small bouquet of lilacs and he thanked Chauncey with a hundred-dollar bill. ‘She said to tell you that these were her favorite flowers but I didn’t think we’d have enough time to pick some up so … ‘ ‘Thanks again, Chauncey.’ The young man smiled,

The Freeing of a Slave Girl

amusement in his voice at how insatiable I was. He rolled me over and once again placed himself between my legs. no. up against the wall I demanded he smiled again as he thrust into me, I thought he was ignoring my wish but then I felt his hands beneath me, one on my ass and the other on my back, he effortlessly hoisted me up as he stood up and

Majgen Ch. 008

but she couldn’t, her own tears ran when the girl’s did. ‘Please believe me child. It’s not your fault.’ Majgen’s voice was cracking with emotion. ‘I…’ The girl sobbed. ‘I didn’t mean to,’ she spurted out, and her sobs became heavy. Majgen pulled her into a protective hug. ‘You did nothing wrong.’ Majgen rocked the standing child gently in her

Frankenmom; or, My Mother Frank

piggy-eyed standard of local beauty, she was an orchid set out in a field of dandelions. But I hadn't ever really given her that consideration.Mom was Mom. Mom had always been Mom. That Mom was beautiful was a given; all Moms are beautiful. From infancy-there's the beautiful Mom- face smiling down at you, the beautiful Mom-hands stroking and

Oh Wicked Wanda Chapter 3

are absolutely beautiful… but something's missing… “Before she could say anything, I handed her the little blue velvet box. She gasped, and her green eyes got big when as she opened the box and saw the ring. Wanda removed the ring from the box and handed it to me so I could put it on her. Now that wasn’t at all scary, but was it a precursor of