Katie - Part 3

looked down involuntarily and got a lovely view of her legs and a little way up her skirt. I looked up at Katie and we exchanged an awkward glance as she rumbled my little peek. I have to admit to being a bit of a leg girl and it was her short skirts that first drove me wild when she came over to the old office. The way she looked at me now with

Remembering Tracey Part Ten

up on her waist. Her legs are spread just wide enough to give me access. I'm standing behind her with my shorts unzipped and underwear pulled down enough to release my cock, which is sliding in and out of her wet pussy. My hands alternate from gripping her waist and grabbing her gently swaying tits. We're being as quiet as a couple can be when

My Little Angel

of sheer boredom. When I got there were pink balloons Champaign and a display of sexy items on the display tables. I looked, some things were common but others, well, and I didn’t know what they were much less how to use them. Some of the dildos made me feel fluttery and wet between my legs.Jessica led me to the couch and a group of women some

Camping With My Girls - Conclusion

girl loved having my cock buried in every hole in her body. Those thoughts combined with the tightness of her anus gripping my cock pushed me to the edge and I shot a load of cum deep into Sarah's ass.Sarah grunted her approval as she felt my warm seed flow into her ass, then climaxed herself. As her cunt and ass muscles started to spasm, she

Dream Shave

years old and we had just finished our exams so college was out for the summer and we were having a big party at a friends house.Everyone was having a good time, drinks were flowing, when I settled in one of the rooms chatting with three girls, Lucy (on the rounder side with an amazing rack), Lizzy (much fitter with E cup tits), and the girl that

Denise The Submissive Mom Chapter 15 Mother's Day

Bathroom Rocky watched the gaped whore walk ,his mom had developed after the dp , as she & Nina walked ahead of him collared , led by their respective leashes . Upon arriving the bathroom , Nina was told to lick his ass , as he once again showered his mom's face with urine, this time though , he turned around and also gave his mother-in-law the

Sin Whispered Love Ch. 02

to be going anyway.’ ‘Some other time then,’ Zeke said as Adam stood, tossing a few bills on the table. Adam walked away, Zeke followed with a shrug at the tender. On their way to the door, Adam kept his attention on some of the action figures for sale, when something caught his attention. ‘No way,’ he said as he grabbed a thickly packaged

The Travel Show

and no one even acknowledged the Office Manager. “Fucking hopeless, you lot!” He scowled and turned to leave the main office.“Sorry Boss, I can’t find her right now, probably on her lunch. I’ll leave a note on her desk to say that you need to see her.” Pete glanced up momentarily from his large wooden desk and smiled. “No worries Colin.

Jax VS Luciantmon

his butt, knowing that it’d just be the beginning.”It’s too much. It’s too much!!” he groaned, with tears falling from his eyes.Luciantmon, did not listen. He forced few more inches in, making Jax yelp out in pain. Luciantmon realized, that Jax was way too tense, and he should make him relax first. Althought Luciantmon could just rape the

My First Time With Man

late teens when this happened. I am a 5′ 4′ Filipino, with slim built at the time. I had just finished surfing. It was a slow day at the beach. It was the middle of the week, hardly anyone was there. Had all the waves to myself. After surfing I headed into the showers. There was an older white man sitting on bench a reading. I did not think

midnight slave

but he is dick my ass slowly going into my ass makeing me fell pain. Once he got all the way in he pulled out and back in faster and faster.My body felt like it was on fire. His huge dick was bitting my ass up. master"slave bark for me bark like your a little doggy" he spacked me tell i did itme"ruff ruff"" HE luaghed and kept going i started to

Chrissy, Max the Dog, Mom and Me

I’ve suspected this was happening, but I thought you would be more careful.” Now I didn’t know what was going to happen. What was Mom going to do? “Well, I guess I had better help finish this and show this young lady how it’s done.” She said as she started to unbutton her blouse. She threw it off exposing a pretty lace bra holding a forty

The Girls Who Shared a Bed

I slid my panties down and removed my left leg so that they only wrapped around my right ankle. I took two fingers and rubbed the wetness around my pussy. I teased my pussy for a few moments; I waited to make sure that Grace wasn’t coming back into the room before I began properly fingering myself. After five minutes, I pushed two fingers inside

Female for a day?

in size like they were supposed too but the rest of your body adapted to the need to be a genetic female. In fact as soon as your new ovaries formed you ovulated.” I sat there dumbfounded with what he was telling me. I was ovulating when I had sex with that guy last night. He continued with his explanation, “It seems that you would have been

Happy Valentine, Kai!

shop. If he needs a pack of smokes as you walk past a 7/11, get your wallet out. If he likes the color of the T shirt he spied as you walked past a street vendor’s stall, get you wallet out. If his cell phone is not the newest available on the market, get your wallet out. If you wake up in the morning, get your wallet out. Is your relationship

uninvited guest:

and the work staff was just a bad. Spent most the day dealing with loud mean people with no patients. to add to my suffering, i had to work much later to clear up other tellers mistake. Finally got home about 1:00am. As i headed to my bedroom, i was grabbed from behind and pushed on the bed. I was scared and confused. I called out what r u

Next doors not so little girl part 1

jeans, I guess we need these off I told her and I awkwardly tried to pull them down. Here let me. She stepped back and by wriggling her hips, eased her jeans down and kicked them off. Now all she had on was a pair of lacy boy shorts. Her figure was fabulous. At about 5ft 8, she had the beginnings of womanly curves, and as I imagined, long legs


now open asshole.When the whole thing was out she licked her juicy lips looking sexy as eve. With one hand she rubbed around her red open asshole and with the other hand she rubbed her nipple.I helped her clean up after that.Cleaning up her cum infested ass hole wasn't easy. But her singing, 'my hips don't lie.' Kelp my hands moving. I kissed her

Heat of Tennis Ch. 07

the sensations that they both were feeling. Brook’s desire was all-encompassing. She wanted to kiss his entire body but had to satisfy herself with wrapping her arms around his neck and tasting every inch of his neck. He groaned and began to grind his pelvis into her with a ferocity that he could not seem to quench. Will pulled away with a


hands to my ass and started moving to him very provocatively. Sean smirked. I could hardly suppress the sexual tension between the both of us and I was quickly getting wet. I excused myself from David to use the bathroom. I quickly guided myself away from the crowd and proceeded toward the bathroom. As I entered, I suddenly felt a forceful


that I checked and read out of curiosity. ‘Plan B, bitch… I’ma’ give you an experience you’ll never forget real soon,’ chimed a private message. Davie? I simply shook my head and deleted the private message. Afterwards, I thought nothing of it and continued to browse online for a bit more. Later, I went into doing my homework as usual. Feeling

Slut week – Day 2 – Student Slut – Part 2

parts, but it will help. Check out my other stories too! I appreciate all of your comments too.As he let me breath again, I knew that was it. I took him deep into my throat as Buzz pinched a nipple hard, rubbed my clit and had his cock push hard against my G spot. I felt the orgasm rush through my body, my muscles clenching and relaxing

Unsuspected Domme

before her with quivering legs, my palm filled with my own warm creamy sperm, waiting for her to recover from her digitally induced orgasm. She gazed at me lazily and asked softly, “Will you do anything I ask you to, Lee?” Inside I felt a new awareness of unaddressed desires and a need to please her. Without any hesitation I nodded, “Yes,

Mistaken Identity – Part One

snorted and pawed the ground impatiently beneath him, making Jake smile. Even at the end of a grueling day, his edgy black stallion was literally chomping at the bit to go. Jake slapped his neck affectionately, thinking that he’d miss his horse while Midnight was put to stud next season. He’d spent a mint on a little black Andalusian filly with

A Jedi’s Training Ch. 11

shut. Each stroke sent shocks through her body, tingles that soared from the depths of her vagina through her stomach, to her breasts, and beyond. Her breathing became ragged as her control slipped away, and her head began to thrash back and forth on the pillow – slowly at first, but the motion became quicker as her pleasure escalated. He could


inch by inch sliding my cock into her longing mouth and beginning to pump slowly in and out, careful not to put it in too deeply.She moaned. It was not a sexual moan, exactly, but that of a gourmand enjoying the taste of something delicious. I imagined she must be enjoying the saltiness of my pre-come mixing with the sweetness of the strawberry.I

My Girl-Hanna

She stood about 5'4" with a 36D chest and a classic hourglass figure. I bumped into her at the supermarket one day. She had little twin girls that were as wild as she'd been. After hugs and hellos, I asked her, "When did you have yourself cloned?"She punched me in the chest like she had in school and said, "I didn't. They don't get all this from


with a bowl of snacks on my side. Then she came and sat I offered her the snacks while taking them she got slipped and the bowl gone down to the couch.She said "Oh sorry..its my fault wait I will clean the floor" and she just bent down with her ass facing me.Her ass is the perfect one I never seen in my life.After looking at her hot bulged ass I

Garden Exploration

rolled up carpets and the folded duvet cover out and onto the lawn. Merlin raced round and jumped at me like a playful spring lamb. I placed one of the rolls of carpet and the cover on the grass, and I unrolled one piece of carpet. I then took the other and unrolled that, and pulled the cover over onto the laid-out carpet. I lay down and kicked

Have a great weekend

fingers deep insider you, fucking you with my hand slowly. I kiss your thighs, my other hand stroking your clit as my fingers move faster and deeper inside your pussy, my lips wanting to taste you as you begin to cum against my hand. Thrusting my fingers inside you as your orgasm comes over your body, then kissing the inside of your thighs,

Week End With Joy

fuck her. To be honest with you, I believe that every man in town did fuck her. She loved being gangbanged, taking on as many as twelve men at a time. I think that I was the only man that hadn’t fucked yet but that was soon to change.Well she came up on the porch to listen to the music and talk for a while. I asked her if she would like

Robyns Awakening

She slipped in close to Robyn as she inhaled the soft feminine scent from Robyn, this turned her on as she briefly got lost in her fantasy. John glanced over at Tanya smiled and moved towards her “Tanya, its great to see you here, I have someone you would like to meet as he motioned over at Robyn. Robyn this is Tanya, Tanya’s an interior designer

George, Isolde, etc. Chap XIII XIV

she said, “Here – each of you grab a bag of groceries. Watch that one, Terry – it’s heavy.” She had bought several cans of soup, and some tomatoes and the rest of the ingredients for marinara sauce, and the store bagger had put all of the cans in one bag. “I forgot you were gonna have to rent a car,” said George. “We have to do something about

The Game Ch. 09

only 4 people have seen the tape. And that is all that will probably ever see it providing we can get Spiegel to court without it.’ I saw the trap was just sprung and I wondered what it meant. ‘Which of course is really why you are here?’ I said. ‘You are a quick study.’ Mclean said sarcastically and with distaste for me. I wanted to punch her

Can you help me find my g-spot? Pt 2 of 3

biggest I have ever seen. Though I have only actually seen one other, it’s obvious he’s among the more hung men of the world. Perfectly straight, long and thick, I take his head into my mouth. That’s about all that fits, but I don’t give up. I stroke him and suck him and tease every inch of his heavy, achingly hard cock. Truly a woman possessed,

The Layby

and are eagerly swallowed. Intense sucking changes to a more gentle nature making sure I get all you have to offer.Releasing your flagging member with a lewd pop you reach down and help me up. Pulling down my bunched up skirt, your fingers gently grasp my chin tilting it up to yours. Standing on tip-toe your lips find mine, strong fingers entwine

Alyce in the Wonderful Land of Lust

she spread her lightly furred slit, exposing her moist, pink flesh. She dipped her middle finger into her overflowing well of moisture and felt the tight walls of her pussy gently suck her finger. Alyce worked her finger in and out, letting the electrical pleasure course through her. Clenching her eyes tightly shut, she inserted another finger

Repeatedly Gangbanged Part 1

over my mouth and my back was arched, lifting my bare breasts off the cold metal of the car. The guys on either side who were holding my arms took the opportunity to grab a breast each and squeezed and pulled at them like animals. I could feel his thrusts getting faster and harder as he slammed into me more forcefully. A few seconds later he gave

Dry Spell of the Summer

excited Tyler was. Danielle then stood up and stripped off her final article of clothing, her now soaked panties, returning to straddling Tyler’s waist completely naked.A commotion was heard outside the lounge, coming from the direction of the cafeteria, suggesting that lunch was over and the kids were going to be heading to their next activities

Our Sex-Toy

on her side between us, her face nuzzled into my lover’s breast as she sucked gently on the nipple. Her hair was somewhat damp, and all down her back and arse where markings from where she had been tied, gently whipped and spanked.I think she had enjoyed herself. She certainly seemed to have been depleted of sexual energy, as all she seemed to

Best Buddies - Part Four

was amazed by her abilities. Five minutes later he went balls deep down her throat. Kelleigh had almost gagged once or twice, but had listened and accomplished her task. When Hank came a while later he lifted her body and kissed her, showing his appreciation. After showering they returned to the bedroom and fell asleep soon after. On Wednesday,

The Ring of Desire - Chapter 2

it works most of the time.But somehow, maybe because of her exact attitude at this exact moment,or because she looked just so hot in that skirt and skin-tight T-shirt,I couldn't just walk away.“Guess I'll arrive at my class a bit late.”I glared at Sophie and asked.“You know that you always have to tell the truth when talking to me, right?It's

Impressions Ch. 05

similar thoughts. He was trying to read Gin to see if it was the night to make a real move. He had been holding back because for some reason he couldn’t figure out, he wanted it to be special and because he had once seen a hint of something in her eyes that said ‘not yet.’ He still couldn’t tell. He knew he would have to make sure she knew what

The dark story of Jessy

filled with tons of weird looking objects and items. I first notice Sally was nude. Then ben. Then myself. Man this is not good. Just out of a horror movie my dad watches. Maybe this is some kind of prank. One that went way too far. The door opens and a man walks in. With a bloody Apron on.“hello kids. How are we feeling.”“let us go,

A Boy and His dungeon VII

storage. After a brief inspection, I pulled the Land Rover into the garage. We closed the big doors and went back to the house.Conner wanted to know if I'd got anything more done with the project. I had to explain that they were barely gone when Father had packed me up and brought me down. I had hardly had time to breathe before yesterday

Harriet Jones Realty

With out letting go, I began moving her toward the master bedroom. Once inside I laid her down across the bed. I laid next to her keeping my mouth attached to hers. I took my right hand and placed it between her legs and began working it under her skirt making contact with her thighs. As I inched closer to her pussy, I could feel her shudder. I


a smile and a nod they let me through. Lake Bennett was froze up solid by the time I had arrived. I parded up with a grizzled old miner who had been on the trail for gold for most of his life. ‘Stick with me, chum,’ he said. ‘An’ I’ll show ya the ropes.’ And thus started my association with Swede Knudsen. We spent our days cutting logs and

When I woke

each of her breasts. Beyond that, I desperately wanted to push her against the wall, and fuck her from behind. My cock ached for her soft pussy. I was desperate to feel that gentle slap against my pelvis as I thrust myself against her sumptuous ass. I wanted to hear and feel as her orgasm steadily built up, and finally exploded. I needed the

Screwing Nicki

into the wide and watering eyes of this girl whose face I was fucking. Nicki gagged over and over as my big fat dick invaded her thin throat. Her pussy was all the while being impaled on the steel tap, over and over, stretching her little fuck hole with its metal girth. I smiled. I think its time to put it in your ass now, Katie, I said to the

Teachers: Mr Johns

it’s just me so have your shower and then I think we need to have a chat. Ok?” Then he turned his shower off and walked out smiling at me.For some reason that smile made me relax. I showered quickly and then, towel wrapped around my waist, went into the changing room where Mr Alban was drying himself off. His huge cock swinging around like a

MY EARLY YEARS:Part 4: Caught in the open

so there’s no problem.” “No,’ Barry said, looking away. “I’m not very big.” “So what?” I said. “Neither am I.” Barry looked at my semi erect cock. “Yes you are.” Gav shrugged. “Okay. If you don’t want to, don’t. I’m going to make Dave cum, so you can watch if you want.” “Okay.” I lay down, and Gav moved his hand lovingly up and

The Bad Boy Club

had sex, she thought of the other woman. ‘I’m sorry to keep bringing this up but, what exactly did you do with the other woman? How many times did you have sex? Was I not good enough? I know keep asking it’s just that it kills me to think that what I have was once shared and who knows, it still could be without me knowing? I just want to be sure

Agent of Lilith: Chapter 5

dressed slowly. Remembering how this had all started, he fished his professor's thong out of his pocket and offered it to her. She smiled, "Keep it. In case you get horny and I'm not around." She stood up then and leaned over her desk, grabbing paper and a pen. James couldn't help but stare at her round ass, and Katherine gave a little shake,

A fantasy for You

going round in circles to massage your temples and relax your being. You can feel yourself slowly sinking into the chair, your legs start to drift apart and you have no control over your muscles. My hands dictate your mood which is completely serene. Your hands leave the keyboard and become relaxed by your side with the palms upward in a tantric

Succumbing to Their Lust

closing the door behind him, and followed his sister to her room. Heather didn't mind changing in front of her brother. Even though he used to peep on her, she figured that was just a phase, and he had no real desire to see her like that, and would just look away. After all, she was his sister. It was the same way for her; she'd always had a

The Basement, Part I (Chapter 12)

to every fucking session with a plan to be fucked more times than the time before. I live for this. I want cock in my ass, I crave cock in my ass, I am addicted to cock in my ass. And this is why I love my girls so much.   When I don’t have a fucking session going on, I have a favorite dildo up my ass. Right now as I type, my pussy is filled by

Beach House Sleepover 2

me, giving me a big friendly smile and a small chuckle. I returned the smile and went in for a hug.“How are ya, man?” I thoughtlessly asked as we grabbed each other in a casual hug.I breathed deeply as I felt my hands slide around his t-shirt and over his back. One arm over, one arm under. The hug was about three full seconds, reasonably long for

Loving Cousins

us out. These parties were always kind of boring. Ale rolled her eyes and we both left the den. Since we both stay over at our grandparent's house often, we each have our own room. "Let's go to your room and watch some HBO or something" Said Ale. "Ok" I said. We were both really tired and decided to lay in bed. Ale slowly helped me out of my


his bag and let Sweetie round to the side of the bed. He looked up at his Princess - she was still stood watching them! "Why are you still dressed Princess?" She apologised and started to get undressed whilst he focused his attention back on Sweetie.Once here he had her lie down and fasted the manacles around her wrists then tied them to the leg

Puppy Play Part 1

Daddy spends the time looking at my body, soaking up my essence and running his hands over my body while I kiss and worship him at his feet. Daddy’s hands wander all over what’s his, over my back, my ass, my pussy, my breasts, my hair, my cheeks.. everything. Imagine that you have been reacquainted with your beloved child hood toy or the one

Jake's Saga - Ch 5. Extra Credit 2

his mouth, he sucked them. His balls lurched, "OH FUCK IM GUNNA CUM" Jake shouted. "Cum for me baby" he heard from below. "Fill her up" he heard Ms Dyers softly from behind him, her hands grabbed his hips and pushed them deeper into her friend. That was all he needed to hear, his balls emptied. "NO! NO! Not inside me!" Mystique shrieked, feeling

The Cruise

night we wanted something to remember the cruise with and I went in the club alone and sat at a table up on the balcony and Paul followed and sat at the bar where he could look up and watch me. I ordered a drink and after a little while 3 guys from Scotland came in and when they saw me they made there way to the balcony. Paul and I had seen them

Missy Likes It - Chapter 02 of 05

to you.""Panties?" she asked, smiling."Again, up to you," I answered and met her smile."What about jewelry?"I had already gotten up from my chair. I turned my head and answered her as I walked back into the cabin, "Whatever you think is appropriate will work at Jake's. It is all up to you." = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = END

Mrs L wants to have the man nextdoor

out.’Do you really think so?’ was the reply and she let out an erotic moan as I let my finger gently run the full length of her moist lips. I employed every skill I had learned to try to make her as noisy as possible for the benefit of our neighbour but she needed no encouragement as she sounded so sexy,groaning with pleasure as I told her C

The Life and Times of an Expatriate, Chap 1-3

her any pain. So it had been many years since I felt the touch of a woman. Now all those years of frustration came bursting forth. My body wanted and needed release if even from this young girl. These thoughts flashed through my mind in milliseconds. There was no hesitation or regret yet. We broke apart and looked at each other. A smile came

The Cutting Edge

wetness from it. My heart hammered a little in my chest. There was a definite thrill in sitting here and doing this in plain sight, with Alexander working on me, a couple of little old ladies under their drying hoods just a couple of feet away and the other employee of the salon tying a black lady’s endlessly long hair into cornrows sitting by

Amanda Adams becomes My Queen Ch. 02

the big glass jewel out of your husband's ass with a comical pluppp awakens an old stirring in your loins. She holds it up for you so see, "Still warm! Care to hold onto it while he's doing his potty?""No... thanks.""I recall a time when you would not have turned down even my most-implied suggestions, sweet Sandra, don't you remember being my

Hotel Fuck Toy

her reputation, and it was still her place of employment. She licked her lips as she played with the cum on her chest with two fingers. It would be her final act of submission for the night. Lewd thoughts swirled in her mind, much like her fingers swirled in his semen. 'Fuck Toy, is that what he called me?' She smiled and proved him right by

Alpha Prime

politics. County councillor, Town councillor, chairman of this that and the other committee. Yes there was not a back-hander or bent deal in the district that didn’t pass through Lionel’s sticky fingers. The second most important thing in Lionel’s life was his sexuality, he did not like himself let alone his lovers. He was however very good at

Tutoring Lori

I've never seen any of a boy naked either." She stopped.Now I'm not stupid. This woman had just kissed me like a lover and ground her luscious pussy against my hard dick. It might be a dream, but I wasn't about to try to wake up."So you want to see what a man looks like naked?""Yeah." She replied, blushing."Lori," I said "What are you doing? You

University Life – First Ch. 02

they looked incredibly unattractive and the pink haired one looked scary as hell. Although he would never have found himself in a situation where he would have crossed paths with someone who spoke the way Kainene did, she was actually really gorgeous and sweet. Pity about the accent, but there was clearly nothing she could do about it so he was

It takes one to know one

needing to leave for work and the journey taking longer than expected giving her plenty of time to study the guys (and their packets) around her on the national rail train. She would sometimes arrive at work with a priority action for the day to relieve herself in the ladies – or with her boss if he was around…. The tube station was fairly busy

Learning The Ropes Ch. 03

for their meeting. Arpana was her boss, and had a big hand in Shruti's career growth as well as in building her confidence. Arpana was their Chief Marketing Officer with a big global marketing team reporting into her. Shruti was lucky to find her as her mentor, and it had helped tremendously in her career. Arpana was about 10 years older to

Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires.

definitely something he would never forget. Harry picked up his leather-bound treasure, made it disappear into thin air again for safe keeping, and made his way out of the tent as if nothing had happened. As he was making his way it into the boy’s tent next door however, he ran into Ron, who looked very pleased with himself.‘I guess you didn’t

Elven Flame

ears are pointed, cutting out of her hair and standing lean on her temple. Her blue eyes are tired but still vivid. Her slim face curves at the chin and smoothes out. Her body is slim, as is with all elves. Her breasts stick out in a plump form, gathering as much attention as her face does. Her legs are slim and smooth, not an imperfection in

The Black Book Of The Nature Boy 10

driving Saleisha to work, I was in my office checking my e-mails and talking on the phone. The photos of the aspiring models on my desk had me thinking about Saleisha’s fine ass. Her pussy was great! I was so horny that I was too embarrassed to leave my chair because of this bulge in my pants. That was just all I needed to happen all my female

Hitting the Bottom Ch. 05

her apparent lack of control over her finer movements. "There!" Sandra pushes the slippery rubber into my hand, barely coherent, desire smoldering in her eyes. "Thank you baby. You may play with yourself while I get this fucking thing on..." Sandra doesn't need to be told twice; her hands move up to knead and pinch at her breasts, tweaking and

The Angry Nurse

we” I tauntedI continued to thrust into her, slamming my swollen cock into her as hard as I could. I wanted my knob to pop out her mouth, and then I would know I was in far enough. I squeezed her tits and pulled on them harder causing her to whine like a dog. I place my hands on her shoulders and pushed her down onto the desk so her ass was

Amusing Train Ride Ch. 06

this trip.’ ‘I can only speak for myself, but…’ I began until Mel interrupted me. ‘Of course we would love to have a bite of breakfast with you, Mr. ah, Thantos, isn’t it?’ A tiny smile flitted at the corners of his pencil thin moustache. ‘Err, yes. Thantos. Dred Thantos.’ He extended his hand. His grip was firm, but I had never experienced a

The Garden Centre

of his jeans. Her mind was reeling. God! Who cares, does it really matter? She had to pinch herself to get back on track. “Oh, I don't think it needs to be more than ten feet high.” He thought for a moment then took her down a narrow path bordered by rows of shrubs until they came to a halt before a small tree. “ This one is Amelanchier


it’s heaven in panties.But I think what’s driving me wild right now is that her lips aren’t touching me, not much anyway.She has my rock hard cock way at the back of her tongue, then she opens her beautiful mouth wide and pulls away from me so erotically—smiles—while she exhales, touching me just a little with her teeth and tongue, and maybe

He Took Her Out for a Bite

be when you are finally fully naked and making noise on my cock. I think you would enjoy my cock.” Em looked at him. She was blushing slightly, which was not at all like her. “Go on,” she said. Yves looked at her and smiled and said, “You are a prize, Em. I am amazed that I have won you. You are certainly the hottest woman I have ever had lunch

Dick in the dirt

was making me hard again and I was getting sore balls the way it was. She was cumming again telling how good it felt to be touched so soft and loving. Im glad we had another bed the first one was soaked from her cumming so hard. She told me she had never dont that before and was sorry for making the mess. I told her it was fantastic and couldnt


the kitchen and stand in the middle of the floor. I look up slowly and I see a black blindfold draped over your little finger, held out to me at chest level. You are smiling slightly waiting for me to acknowledge you. It takes several seconds for me to process what I am seeing and then I look at you, I smile and nod. Your smile widens and you

Wednesday Nite Widows Ch. 03

his father, he’s got a long slim dong, and I do mean long.’ ‘You’ve never peeked?’ Ruth Eleanor smiled to herelf in the darkness. ‘Oh there have been sightings. Things happen, you know, when two people occupy the same house over a long period of time.’ ‘Oh God!’ wailed Pauline, ‘I just remembered. I walked in on Jay last summer. He was in the

To Catch a Merchant Princess Ch. 05

The next stroke of his tongue parted her labia, causing her to gasp and her upper body to lurch from the intensity of the sensation. Thakkor looked up into her eyes, his tongue wriggling over her folds. “You taste so sweet, Alicia,” he said before lapping her again. Alicia felt drunk, her head swimming from the feeling of his tongue seemingly

Roberts Drunken night

what was happening, but Heidi grabbed his head, pulling him into her pussy and telling him to lick her more. After a few minutes, Hailey slid her lips off Roberts cock and positioned herself above him, slowly sliding down onto his very hard cock. She still couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt, fucking this man for the second time, and still not

My First Time

to a guy in his early fifties. He offered to pick me up; as I was hung over I wasn't feeling my usual self and agreed. I quickly got some clothes on and went to meet him where we agreed.He opened the car door. I looked at him, extremely nervous, but he reassured me we wouldn't do anything I wasn't comfortable with.He wasn't anything special to

How Hannah Met Mr. H

into a bun on the top of my head and touched up my makeup. "Hopefully I might meet a nice man someday, who knows, could be a customer or even a chef!" I said out loud to myself. It had been a very long time since I had dated anyone, I hadn't had any action in nearly a year, not since my ex asshole Jason cheated on me; One lovely warm summer's


and I had to pretend to watch TV while my erection calmed down.Soon it was sagging in my trousers but, as I was about to stand, Holly stood and leaned over, pretending to make the winged-horse toy fly. From my point of view Holly’ short skirt had revealed thin, white legs, with wide, white panties covering her snatch.My cock shot straight back up

My Boyfriend likes to expose me. Part 04

forgotten and I was aching after about 5 minutes. The other problem was that the dildo kept starting to slide out of me. Three times Ryan had to come over and push it back in. Each time he told me that he’d got some great photos of me.If it wasn’t bad enough being in such a humiliating position with those artists staring at me all the time; it

Beth and Tracey Chapter 2 of 3

athletic, but the less said about my IQ the better. We met in a hotel hallway where she saved me from an alcohol-induced mistake. You might have read it in Beth and Tracey Chapter 1. It really doesn’t matter if you read it, this story is more about one of our regular activities, our wagering, than our original meeting.One of our routines is

An Abuse of Power Ch. 01

other, trying to avoid separation. Suddenly, he catches a flash of blue eyes, they stand out so much they almost startle him. "You!" He cries, pointing his crop at the blue eyed girl. She continues to shuffle numbly along. He pushes a few people out of the way, racing to catch her. "You, with the blue eyes" he cries, this time she turns to look

Darkness Inside

was freed. They laughed at me. Your brother should have thought better before spilling goats blood in or familys tombs The driver said. But I didnt do anything! I tried to reason with them. And itll not stop us from doing you! The tall one said stroking my right thigh over my jeans, what incited the other two to do the same, the bulkier one

Introduction to Bryce – Chapter 2

to Houston was unfortunately uneventful. I was hoping that maybe I could slip a finger or two into her delicious snatch while we were driving or get her to stroke me a little, but Monica prefers not to play around in traffic. Not a big deal to me since the weekend was just starting. We left before our hometown rush-hour traffic started and

Staying With Erin - Chapter 7

my entrance. My body shivered and twitched all over when her fingertips brushed against my folds deep inside and formed into a fist. I was her giant finger-puppet, and I could only imagine the lewd display of her arm sticking into my stretched cunt. Joanne, who had captured my face every moment up to now, slowly walked around me. “So sexy,” I

A Mentalist Sexual Conquest

dipped down with the reaching for Lena’s waistband to lower her pants. Down everything went, Lena kicked off her heels and let her pants slide to floor. Lena and her two amazing breasts stood up before me in nothing but a white thong panty. She was a vision – my mouth, which was watering before, was now dry at the sight of her. My fantasy was now

Grounded With Grandpa

this,” he grabbed my hand and put in on his penis. It was hard. My heart started beating and suddenly I pictured us having sex. It was all I wanted to do. Within seconds my pussy was wet with my juices. I was so horny.At the time I’d forgotten that he was my grandpa, I just knew that he was a man, a real man and that he was going to pleasure me


I smiled. ‘My cunt,’ Kathy repeated obediently, ‘I knew that the driver could see my cunt. When we got to the dance club we didn’t get out of the taxi straight away. He paid the driver and said that if he wanted his tip he should come in the back, which he did. I was still sitting with my legs apart showing my breasts because he would not

The Drifter Ch. 5

in a few years and then he picked up the phone it seemed like yesterday. I'm glad we're going there.”We drove to the Oklahoma border and just as it was getting dark, decided it was time to stop for the night. I had been driving for six hours and except for filling up with gas, using the fairly clean bathrooms, getting coffee and some snacks, we

E070: Emma starting her new life, with a couple of diversion

treatment with the other one follows.  All the time the fingers of his other hand are teasing her pussy and lightly stroking the slit up and down.  Emma is getting into a guttural moan now.  Her hips lift pressing herself more to his fingers, silently begging him to do more.He raises his head and says, “Someone is hungry for something it

Kitten… So Powerful Ch. 00

fall to our knees. We shall prove that the strength of her character has been infused in the very depths of our beings, she has given us all strength.’ The man was of medium height and build, his jaw square and his features blockishly strong and masquline. The crowd said nothing to Lucius, but the same thought was clearly visible in their angry

Deer Me

I couldn’t believe the size of their cocks. As they separated, both of the bucks started walking slowly towards me. I still had my cock out and was rubbing it as they approached closer and closer. Now I was a getting a little worried as they came right up to me and started smelling me. One of then lowered his head and butted me gently,

Felicity Ch. 32

Penny. I was also full and was just drinking tea but I was enjoying their company so I stayed until they surrendered. I waved my napkin and Doris nodded and rang me up then I nodded again and she put Brenda and Penny’s charges on my tab. I kissed Doris on the way out and walked them to their car. We didn’t pay our bill,’ Penny said with some

The Making of a whore

with her beautiful legs spread obscenely for everyone to see. That didn’t last long when a man suddenly crawled up on her and pushed his dick into her. Karaks legs stiffened and pointed up into the air as he begin to thrust into her.For the next hour, she took on all the men. Sucking, fucking and getting sodomized, time and time again. When

Bronze Beauty

movie. It was the first time I thought about breaking down and having her right there. I leaned over placing my hand between her legs and resting my other hand on the wall next to her head.Leaning into her I whispered, "Just beg me to tie you up and we can both have some fun."She grabbed me and leaned backwards on the couch pulling me on top of

Lust’s What The Doctor Ordered 3

to lure her into the sauna … and there, you’ll confess your desire to her–and you will fulfill that desire by having sex with your daughter. Do you understand?’ The woman pulled the crotch of her panties over her exposed pussy and lowered her dress as she nodded. ‘I understand.’ ‘Next week during our regular session, you will report to me all of

Sharon is owned pt 2 , after the prom

for a rainy night he smiled.Chapter 3 Sharon was wearing a leopard skin bikini and 4 inch heels as she did a striptease for Billy , Billy was filming it on his cellphone. Sharon was almost completely naked , so she grabbed her nine inch dildo & shoved it in her pussy, as she fucked herself quickly, she squealed loudly saying "may i come now

My sister's workout

it on my hard cock. She was resting her head on my chest innocently. I looked at my topless sister, her skirt is on her stomach, laying on my body while rubbing herself on my cock. The opening of her cunt was now wet with both of our juices. I began to rub my cock on her pussy best as I can. I wouldn't last much longer if she kept this up. I let

Helen… Ch. 15

with me. It’s the way he wanted it I suppose. Personally I don’t mind.’ Helen could not believe that such a condition was concocted. Jayne had to be an accomplice in the whole situation. She could not even believe that Jack was not mentioned either, just to make it all one complete ‘kinky’ ride. She had to decide on the condition, but she was not

Connections by Six Degrees Ch. 01.3

great presence. The smell of hair was intoxicating. Her back was smooth and glistened with sweat. She turned her head so I could kiss her. I was kissing her while I was fucking her asshole. Suddenly my body tensed, my neck and abdomen and thighs and toes tensed, almost painfully, and I thrust deep into her ass, and spurted three, four, five

Knowledge Itself is Power

Kieran is a better martial artist than I am, but he certainly is a better showman. The Aneros toy spent the night tucked away safely in my pocket.The memory of my lucid fantasy put me in a different frame of mind while dealing with Kieran. It doesn't happen to me very often, but it's always been about something very important to me when it does.

Strangers on a Steampunk Train Ch. 03

straps. At least I was clothed this time. The bright white lights overhead shined in my eyes, but I could make out the laboratory-white walls, and the two-way mirror. I stared into it, she was there, no doubt. I couldn’t see a thing, but I knew she was watching. I cursed under my breath. The door swung open and heels clanked on the hard ground.

My Cheating Wife

know I do."“Hmm… if I dance with him, you’re not going to be jealous, are you?"“No, course not. I promise you that, darling."“Okay, good enough.” She gives me a brief smile, then switches subject. “Can you see the outline of my panties in this dress?"When I nod, she grins. "They ride right up into my pussy.""They're the ones he bought, aren't

A1 - Anal Sex w/Stranger-Forced Sex

I imagined him inserting his erect prick in my virgin ass. I imagined him humping me to get him inside of me. I imagined him fucking me faster and harder. I imagined him not stopping humping me and fucking me in my ass until I had a sexual orgasm. I imagined him having a sexual orgasm, too. I imagined him ejaculating his warm cum in my virginal

A Promise to Her Ch. 03

for me Play toy" I ordered "and bend slightly, push your ass toward your master.""Yes Master" she replied and complied.I washed her ass with the love of a parent who is giving their newborn child a bath. Lovingly scrubbing and washing her ass crack clean.I continued to wash her, cleaning her with the wash cloth down from her ass cheeks to the top

Soft Summer Rain

enough to get you drunk, just blissfully relaxed. Then I’d pull you up, full length against me, to kiss your lips softly until your hands were in my hair, showing me how you want it.I would take both your hands in mine and pull you out onto the deck and into the rain. Gently, I’d push you down in a chair to kneel before you. I’d massage and kiss

Anime Convention Harem Ch. 06

frightfully intimidating. Avoiding the situation, however, put her in a new predicament. What am I going to do now? she realized, slapping a hand against her forehead. It’s not like I’ll just be able to get a new room. We had to buy our room so far in advance because the all the hotels gets completely booked for the convention.. ‘I should go

Twist of Fate, Part 1

drunk... I'm sure they were things her boyfriend wouldn't want to hear.My phone vibrated and I pulled it out of my pocket to reveal a message from Jess. "I want to fuck you..." it read. Now I had heard many of her secrets before, but this took the cake. I had never expected something like this. John's girlfriend had just told me she wanted to

ltttle girl slut

and I was her instument. I twisted the bat making her cum agian and started pumping it back and forth in her cunt. she was definitely a sick little girl.After twenty more minutes of bat fucking I pulled it out her hole it was a complete waste I didn't even want to fuck it being streached to that size made it useless for now. good thing thie next

The Cuckolds Reward – Simons Story

of water from her shower. Simon was naked too and his erection was prominent. “Careful,” Terry told him as his cock touched her body, “I don’t want to be covered with your semen do I?” She said with a smile as she turned and touched him. Simon was not only hard but also very wet from leaking cum. “Sorry,” he apologised. Terry reached for a

What He Made Me Do on the School Trip

and then following the strands downwards.Suddenly the water began to get real cold. I couldn't believe we had used up all the hot water already. One thing that happens when I'm cold, is that my nipples begin to become rock hard and that was already happening. I quickened my pace as all signs of hot water left the shower. All of a sudden fingers

Sorrento Pt. 01

always been caring and supportive, and he provided us all with a wonderful home and the security to live the lives we aspired to. Ever since reaching puberty, I dreamed of just being a mum, spending my time taking care of a house and children. Tom, with his energy and hard work gave me that opportunity, and never questioned that it should be

y4974 12=Dec23

quick," Krysti-Lyn told [the demo dude]. " 'Cause {this big assfucking bitch's} in a hurry." But [the demo dude] knew Krysti-Lyn wasn't in any hurry to get away now. Krysti-Lyn's hurry was all for the assfucking Krysti-Lyn now expected from [the demo dude] to begin immediately. But [the demo dude] knew Krysti-Lyn wouldn't budge from where [the

Not all witches come from OZ

She told him. “Aye, my witch,You will lean to love it soft and slow.” He smiled as he said this. “It’s getting late, maybe we should head back to town.” Tamera said. She was looking up at the sky, noticing some nasty storm clouds coming. Tamera noticed the dolphins near the boat she heard them call for her. Turning around to face Mack. Waving her

Storm of Passion

so perfect and overwhelming. The sun came out, dappled through the branches, highlighting sections of your body. Beads of rain sparkled like jewels on your firm breasts. I lightly connected a few as they slid lazily down between your cleavage, onward to your belly button and then over the sides of your waist. We laid together, naked to the world

Summer With My Granddaughter, Part 3

her, more than like a granddaughter but as a lover. We got a late start the next morning due to the fact that I had slept in from my ordeal the night before. But I decided that we had no schedule to keep and no where we had to be, so I enjoyed the morning with my naked, sexy teen aged girl right beside me. It felt so great to just lay there and

Beginning Again Ch. 02

about half the market rate. It would be worth it to me, I knew all would be cared for. I added, ‘If things go all to Hell in Reno, you might end up with a roommate!’ Sally was even more pleased at that idea, we get along famously. Men have almost no chance when the two of us are together. I drove the Van over to the clinic and dropped off the


shorts or tighter pants and when she knew he was watching she would bend over (at the hip) to pick up something that was on the floor while vacuuming or leaning over and reaching way out to expose her ample cleavage while dusting. She would leave his house very aroused, her panties wet. When she would get home her husband would be waiting for her

Letter to My Wife

carefree woman-child I knew in college, dancing throughout the house ecstatic in the joy of your own nakedness and that freedom to tease me at your own wont. And tease me, you would. Through the passing years, you maintained your figure, your fiery lust, and the sense of our shared love and desire… it amazes me, somehow. The bond we share never

Pt 2 - The Princess And The General

to side, begging him with her eyes to let her breath, he pulls out again and this time slaps her hard in the face with his cock, then slaps her again with his hand. “do as you are told, open your mouth and take it all in”.She opens her mouth wide and he forcibly rams it down her throat, burying his whole 12 inch cock all the way down past her

The Company Bowling League

his cock skin and precum, and this was a very arousing first cock sucking experience. After a few minutes of sucking his cock, Larry pushed my head away and lifted up his cock, pressing his huge balls to my lips. He said, “That’s it Ed, you’ve done a nice job sucking my cock, now I want to feel your mouth and tongue on my balls. My wife will


push them up against the thin material.It wasn't that she was at all inattentive. If anything, she was more attentive. As though hanging on Your every word, staring You deep into Your eyes whenever You spoke. Gentle touches, Your arm, a hand on Your knee when she wanted to emphasize a point.It was sort of unnerving when You thought about it. This

A Masterful Seduction by the Book

and all of the work he had done, mostly himself, including the landscaping and the woodwork that had mostly been painted several times over the years that he stripped and refinished. He saved showing me his bedroom for last, but kept me at the door in an attempt to be a gentleman. I had to admit, the way things were going and for as charming as

All in the Family - Mom and Dad (Part II)

done a lot of running, together. Both Mom and Dad were in their late thirties.With that, he moved back onto the bed spreading Peggy’s legs, pulling them up over his shoulders and he buried his face in her succulent pussy. That was when Mom pulled her robe open exposing her naked body to me. Mom was beautiful some of my friends told me she was the

First Backdoor Threesome

I felt her body shiver. My hand came up to rest on her buttocks, then carefully scrunched up the material that was her dress, until I had lifted it high enough to get my fingers between her thighs.She pressed her cheek into my face, jerked as my fingers slid under her thong, becoming slippery as I pressed forward and found her juicy slit."Excuse

Dear Will

you. I’m fine, but if you have a nice hot tea, I’d be much obliged.’ ‘Right away miss, back in a jiffy.’ Staring blankly into my phone, looking at the pictures of us together, feeling tears starting to form in my eyes, missing you. ‘How am I going to make it another three weeks without him.’ I think swiping a tear away, just as the waitress comes

The company boss

rounded tip of the hummer against his asshole, and said softly, ‘I’ve never done this before, so it might take me a moment to get it inside!!!’ He was so caught up in what he was doing, that he never even noticed when Diana Smith made her way around the desk and was standing directly next to him, until she said, ‘Here, allow me!!!’ He was so

The Debt Reversed

don’t think that’s a good idea, Vickie.’I tried not to show any emotion as I processed this rejection. I half expected it. He had to keep control of something. He was still a virgin. I was certain of that. It was something I’d teased him about. I was equally certain that he wasn’t saving his virginity for a virgin girl. He was just telling me

The Phone Call that Changed it All

over my shoulders and used my thumbs to open her lips up wider. I latched my lips onto her pussy and began to ram my tongue into her tunnel. Her legs clamped down on my head obstructing my hearing, but I could hear her moaning. I alternated between plunging in my tongue and sucking out her juices, all while my fingers teased her clit. Though I

Dirty Girl

hair up so he could put it around her neck. It fit perfectly, made her feel almost elegant. The words DIRTY GIRL were etched out finely on the silver.“You should wear it all the time,” he said. The thought made her clench hard. He was watching her in the mirror as he secured it around her neck. “’Cause even if you're a million miles away, you’re

Jamaican Beauties Jaunt Ch. 09

mother’s message, she took a deep breath to prepare herself for the details of her upcoming weekend with her uninhibited mother, while they checked on risqué activities. _______________ From: Annika Johnson To: Denise Johnson Date: Thursday March 24 Subject: Risqué Tours Schedule Denise, As I promised last Friday, I contacted some friends and

Best Laid Plans Ch. 06-07

feet. They were still headed in the direction of Nolan’s butt. ‘Would you like some help?’ I asked making sure that I really, really, meant it before those words came out of my mouth. See, I can be sincere. Nolan was fiddling with the door lock and jimmying the handle. The door popped open with a grunt, and he fell in. I burst out laughing. I

A Casualty of War: 3rd and Final

but finally we got under way and arrived at our destination just after lunch time. It took just a few minutes to get the keys and then the cottage was ours for two whole weeks."Look, daddy, there's a fridge," Poppy exclaimed excitedly, "Mummy can put food in it, you know.""Oh, right," I smiled, "But we haven't got any food, so now what do we

After the Party

soon as they were gone, and John was looking forward to some quality one on one time with her. She had the biggest tits and the juiciest pussy on the cheerleading squad. And John would know, having sampled them all. “They’re on the dresser, dear!” John’s mother Yvette called up to her husband. She was already in costume, mostly, and had made her

Casual Acquaintances Ch. 04

from the waist down and almost panicking in fear that strangers might see me like this - I'm being pulled through the back door into a black van by the redhead. I pretend to struggle a bit, but, truth to be told, I can't vanish into the safety of the windowless back of the vehicle fast enough. The little one is stronger than she seems. One of her

The Barbie lez Fantasies - Week 88: Internet Sex

what was to come.“Get undressed!” I commanded.Her eyes twinkled with anticipation as she stood up and quickly stripped out of her uniform. I struggled to contain an amused smile when I realized she wasn’t wearing any underwear. But I was unable to keep them uncurled when her flawless body was revealed in its entirety. She was even hotter than I

Ann's Boat Ride - Chp 1

both with our hands in front. When they led us both into the stage area and sat us next to each other, I think my mom was relieved that she was apparently getting a night off, but we both knew who would be taking her place. I remember say a quiet prayer for little Billy and his family. Then they brought Mr. Tacon in. They were practically

The Charity Gala, Part One

come with me,” Anne begged. “No, it’s going to suck,” I whined. “You’ll be the only person there who I’ll know.” “Aren’t I enough?” Anne challenged. “You know that’s not what I meant,” I replied defensively. “It’s just that you’re going to drag me around introducing me to people from your office and I’ll have to make small talk with strangers all

The Dance of Sex

forget who I am. Well here goes my name is Tom, I am 17 and I am in the sixth form at an all boys School, I am very bright at least that what my teacher tell me. My mates think I am a nerd, they also think I am a virgin that hurts even though it was true up to about a week ago. I do like girls and in fact have a big crush on Emma Watson. I am

Justice At Last - Chapter Two

didn't say anything about that."Enjoying the play?" the trainee asked."As good as ever," Helen replied with a forced smile.The trainee went in to a cubicle and Helen walked out in to the corridor. She knew to make her way outside as quickly as she could and was taken somewhat by surprise to bump in to Georgina and Amy. She exchanged as few words

Ian’s New Job

from the sensation. Finally he placed the bow on his head. Sensing that, more than any of the rest was announcing to the world that he was a sissy. Ian sat at his desk doing his paperwork. Though he would get up every half hour and walk around the room. Practicing in the high heels. Getting more confident in them as the day wore on. Early in the

Karen's Submissive Fantasy Ch. 01

you can't hide anything from Jenny, when she gets you aroused like this, you admit everything you've done.KarenCum: im sure I would rub it some, and tell myself it might help, and not let myself cum.John Dough: Right, and we might bring in how you pinch it to stop from cummingKarenCum: okJohn Dough: You end up doing it so much that your clit ends

young love

proceeded upstairs to my aunt's bedroom. Once there, not bothering with the lights, we lied on the bed and continued to explore one another. She started to undo my jeans and asked me to help. I raised my ass off the bed and in on quick motion they were off. She was standing there staring at my cock. She took her fingers and touched it, then

Damsel in Distress

believe his luck. He often fantasized about himself being a knight in shining armour, but never thought he'd ever be lucky enough to find a damsel in distress. ‘Damn!' He thought, ‘here I am, with my cock buried deep in the pussy of a real damsel in distress and she is riding me so har.......' he never got to finish the thought in his mind

The Chess Club part 2

lips. Our bodies rubbed against each other as our tongues intertwined. Our mouths were pressing together while our hands were also exploring.A moan escaped my lips when Jim’s hands slipped under my t-shirt to my find my braless tits. Before I knew it, Jim, with my help, had pulled my t-shirt over my head and was sucking on my tits. I was so

Story Of An Indian Mother

a stranger she had met barely 2 weeks ago.Then I imagined the excitement of watching videos of next 20 days that I would do next day when she would be office and my brother in school and I alone at home. But I couldn’t take the vision away, She lying over Khalid and moving her ass mercilessly over his circumcised cock. I didn’t know when I fell

Hes Still the One

driven Mark nearly insane, but he had finally managed to locate Clare, the woman who had completely rocked his world. When she walked away from him on Friday night he couldn’t believe it. Now here it was, Tuesday morning and if his research was right this is where he would find her. He walked up to the reception and was about to ask where her

Melissa's dark fantasy!

you suck my cock clean!" Jim demanded as she held Melissa's hair.She slowly turned and Jim took his cock and ordered Melissa to open her mouth and taste his cock.Melissa did it as she continued to cry and whimper. "Bitch, you better suck my cock like you like it or I'll fucking kill your ass!"Melissa at this point did whatever she was ordered to

A woman tries sex with a big mutt and discovers she really likes it

really but I reachback and plug him into my ass which is completely wetand sloppy. I can feel him humping into me but I’mspent. I just hold my ass there and feel him squishingin and out. His knot isn’t big enough and my ass is wayto sloppy to tie him so I just wait for him to come inme. Speedy wanders up and licks my ear and head andthen checks

Stop the car

hole. She leaned over the gearbox and lowered her head. Without hesitation she flicked her tongue over my clit. I instantly moaned in response and threaded the fingers of my right hand into her hair and gripped tightly as my arousal was already sky high. Her fingers kept on moving as her tongue kept teasing for a while longer before my need took

Island Holiday for Two Ch 2

to cum soon.”Her clit was brushing against his pubic hair making her want to explode with ecstasy any moment. By his breathing, she could tell he’d cum soon too.“Fuck me baby, harder, deeper, oh yes just like that. I want you to cum, empty your balls deep in my cunt!”As his cock went deeper she wrapped her legs around his waist. It only took a

An Afternoon Without Master

into my mouth and thrust her pussy hard onto my hand. Breaking the kiss I order her to take them off and lay down. I didn't have to ask twice. Barb laid down slipped them off and spread her legs wide letting me view my meal.I laid down infront of her spread legs and moved my nose so close to her pussy she started to buck. I sniffed enjoying the

One Hand In My Knickers

cotton. And if I take your punishment without moaning, I know you'll sweep them aside and drive your fingers into me deep, fucking hard and fast.Oh, my legs are so weak at the thought of me bent over your leg with blazing cheeks, and you finger-fucking this naughty cunt with your thumb stuck up my tight hole. My thick juices are smeared all over

In My Life Ch. 02

deserve to be beaten to death! Emerson had bruises on his face and his shoulder was bleeding from the spur, but he looked much better than the last time he had tangled with Hogan. As Emerson and Maria walked over to help Bob and Cathy, a slim gunman stepped in front of Emerson. ‘You’d better start carrying a gun, mister. I’m going to be looking

Not Over Him Yet

I was travelling all the time, my marriage was falling apart and I was missing something in my life. I had decided to do something about it and since I was always progressive decided to place an ad on an Internet meeting service. I was travelling to a particular city very often so knew meeting someone there would be simple and safe from prying

Tropical Island Vacation – Chapter 7

and licked, my balls jostle around inside their smooth, hairless pouch under the artful play of Talia’s loving tongue. I hear quiet sounds of amusement, approval and appreciation coming from Lynnette and Steve. Meanwhile, Talia sucks one my balls completely into her mouth and loves it with her tender lips and wet tongue. After a couple of

The Wedding Boy

with one hand. Then how to kiss and suck my nipples to make then hard. Eventually he unlaced my bodice and we took that off. Suspenders and stockings were the next lesson. (He hadn’t realized that they have to go under your knickers so that you can go for a pee.) I sat on a chair, with my legs wide apart as he rolled my stocking off and then

Setting up Lucy-1

Lucys pussy. Bill meanwhile watched for a few minutes then slowly walked up behind the two. Steve grinned at his friend and slid his hands to Lucys quivering ass. Spreading her, Howard knew Lucy was unaware of what was about to happen. Her head was buried in Steves shoulder as she pumped up and down on his cock. Howard knew exactly when Bills

The Barbie Lez Fantasies – Week 2: The Massage

comforting hand on my shoulder. I nodded and soon found myself lying on the massage table she had brought with her. Mmmmm! I could not help but moan softly as I felt her pour oil all over my naked body. Moments later, the massage began and that is when it all started. The second her hands came into contact with my oil-covered skin, a powerful

Loving Courtney 2

I did to earn money. But I got past that. This may be hard for you to accept because our love is so new, but I have to be honest with you". "OK" she said quietly. "Court, I've been married and divorced four times and have two grown children, two who are teenagers and a grand-daughter". "Wow" was all she could muster. We sat eating in silence for

Big Trouble for the Bookman Ch. 03

a porn star, she could make huge money with her talent, not that money was a problem for Large Lou’s daughter. As my mind wandered, Lou’s door opened and I was ushered in. ‘Okay Bookman, you’ve had the run of the place for a few days, what have you found out? I’m gonna pay you good money when this is over, so give me something. I need to know if

The Pain Slut

His crop. Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! The crop landed across her ass and pussy lips. She cried out to Him as the sting tore through her body, her hands clenching into tight fists as He ran His cock between her dripping pussy lips, teasing her hungry pussy. His voice was taunting and teasing "You want this don't you? You want my cock so badly you

Sub Zero (Episode One)

but walking the walk reveals she’s inexperienced. You have to read the body language closely: the widened eyes, the lack of grace in posture, the barely repressed nervous giggle. She tells you she’s had this Master and that Sir and maybe she has, but they’ve all been phonies and wanna-bes, poseurs who – like her – only think they’re in the

Monsieur Nhocs perfect day

wet leaves. Gertrude wills herself to come at the same time as her man who is flopping on her ample breasts, into which he is pushing his face as he grunts and gurgles.    Now, you did that well, Gertrude, she congratulates herself. Here is the old man, a grandfather really, that she feels sorry for, safely between her legs. She hugs him now

St. Valentines Day Feast

in a large skillet. Cook chicken in butter mixture until juices run clear, 5 to 10 minutes. Place cooked chicken over tomato sauce and sprinkle with basil, rosemary, thyme, garlic powder and Parmesan. Serve with cooked pasta. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.Pubic area: The pubic area is obviously reserved for dessert, but first it must be properly

The Right Subject

Sighing, he slipped out of the bathroom, deciding to call it quits for the night and head home. And then, across the room, the vision of her changed everything. For a moment, that’s what he thought she was: a vision. A figment of his imagination. But when their eyes met and everything else receded like someone experimenting with the manual focus

The weekend visit

wife. She was pushing back on him with every stroke and the sight of her dress pulled up and her knickers pulled aside only heightened his excitement.He kept fucking her knowing that he wasn’t going to last. He could feel his cock swelling and his balls began to tighten. He was gasping hard…trying not to cum, he wanted to saviour her in this

Two week before Prom

that I could say was yes.   That is when I felt my orgasm hit.   My knees buckled when my orgasm hit.   I felt moms arms close around my waist.   Being a mom she asked me what was wrong.   Still with my eyes closed the only that I could come up with that I was having a period cramp. With a sigh I said you know how they are mom

That damned Beanie part 2

right back." Daniel had turned to the door when Noah said, " Change here."Daniel looked at him and Noah nodded, propping himself up in one elbow.Daniel froze for a second before slowly taking off his pants and underwear.He used his underwear to wipe off the cum that was still there. He put on new underwear and his pyjama pants and Noah

Ice Master

the butt plug as usual.Expecting the sharp sting of the flogger next, I gasp in surprise as you begin to slide the ice slowly over my entire ass. When my skin is wet, you stop and now pick up the flogger and begin to strike me. You begin gently as usual, but it feels unusually sharp as my wet skin is more reactive to the contact it makes. Seeing

mafia godfather (note: there will be action) in beta

before he had a chance to speak I said,''yeah were in America and I want to know where you all hid or stuff before you ran back to your country.fuck you he saidoh do you think im pretty sorry tiger im not gay and I hit his balls with the lead pipefuck he said I laqughed and he spit blood at me I then nodded at my bodyguards and they pulled out a

Educating Anne Ch. 5

contact brought new heights of tantalising delight. His lips were now caressing her neck, then his teeth lightly gripped the base of her earlobe. Anne was aware, now, that her moans had become constant, her whole body, covered in a light film of perspiration, continually moving, her legs spread wide, her vagina aching for the completion of this

Magic Room

curiosity got the better of me. I’m not sure what I expected to find but the first thing I noticed was this huge hallway leading to a foyer. Naturally I moved in a little farther to see where it led. Another ballroom? No, it was like walking into a dream world. There was this huge foyer with winding steps leading up to some more individual rooms.

Tink and the cask (6)

Soon, Captain Hook arrived with a wooden cask of musket balls which he placed into the new frame beneath her bunk. He bade Tink get into her bunk and he secured her well into place with thick leather straps that he’d found beneath his bunk. Tink shivered in anticipation. Hook then said to her, “I see you like your nipples handled Lightning Bug.”

My Very First Experience that Led to so Much More.

by it. So I found myself needing to spread my cunt lips and my asshole so they could see what I wanted them to see. Once I did that, I quickly progressed to inserting my fingers into both holes to make them both visible and, to be honest, more pleasurable for me.Whenever I kept the drapes open, Ben always wanted me to show him what I had done. So

The second date

it around her and stepped out of the bath onto the carpet. She felt warm and her whole body tingled as she toweled her slim body, she moved into the bedroom and the towel dropped to the floor. Opening her top drawer, she pulled out a pair of sheer stockings and her favourite red suspender belt. She sat down on the bed and eased the stocking over

The Grand Halloween Ball

“Damn-it! I am going to be late for work again. I must have forgotten to set the alarm.”Candice jumped out of bed and hurried to the bathroom to take a quick shower. However when she passed the big mirror that covered the wall above the sink she felt odd, she looked once more and sure enough, she had no reflection.She reached out and touched the

All My Daddies Part 4 - Katie Tries Girls

trips out of town. Checking out colleges, watching track meets, and mostly fucking a lot. Sometimes, she uses a strap-on dildo, which is a kick.I haven't mentioned school much. I can't really see me going to college. School work is not my best skill. But why study too much when you can always bring up your grades by fucking teachers?

A new mistress 6

I sucked her as best as I could but, I knew her intent. It didn’t take long until she let loose a satisfied groan and shot her load into my mouth. I swallowed all I could and felt some of her cum roll down my chin. Her cock throbbed and twitched against my tongue; she reached down and squeezed every drop into my mouth. She threw me to my hands

A New Side

a day, eh?’ I responded. We’d just come from a meeting that had gone badly. To say we were both in a bad mood would have been an understatement. ‘That guy is a supreme piece of shit. That’s all I can say,’ Jerry spat out. ‘Oh well, we’ve got tonight to unwind.’ ‘Yeah, let’s hit the bar and grill across the street for some food and fuel.’ Jerry


(circa 1990’s-ish). We left early and took the I-15 south to our destination. After I took care of what I needed to take care of, we ran around and had fun. I was wearing a tank top, shorts, and sandals. He was wearing his trademark jean shorts, t-shirt, and tennis shoes. After hours of fun in the sun, we decided to head back, and he asked me to

My cousins cousin

14 year old. “Well come on up, the other cousins have already arrived”Ascending the stairs I wondered who she might be referring too. Other cousins? Were my other aunts children here too?Sitting at the counter in the kitchen were two beautiful girls who looked around my age. The younger one had strait brown hair and full breasts. Her legs

A Taste of Black Security

Do you look at those kinds of pictures often?”  I then turned a little in my chair to face him, and because he wasn’t that tall, I was staring right into his crotch, which had a very large bulge developing down the leg of his uniform pants.  He didn’t say anything else right away, and I assumed that he must be afraid to make a move on a guest

Sex with 2 Trannys in Amsterdam

to take my first cock. This began a couple of days before we left with myself fingering my tight virgin ass using lube and watching tranny bareback porn videos which got my cock hard and relaxed my anus. I finished the sessions by shoving a thick carrot in a condom into my mouth to pretend it was a cock and then deep into my ass whilst wanking my

The Bikini

her whilst she wanked me, and after a short time we both exploded, me cumming into the sea in a series of spurts, she soaking my fingers in warmth. When we had caught our breath, we tried to reassemble our miniscule clothing as best we could and slowly walked hand in hand back to where our towels lay on the sand. My wife continued to enjoy the

What Would Steven Do? Part 4

“I will try.” Just then I took my dick and slapped her cheek and snapped, “There is no trying Brittany. You WILL do it.” I bent over and tongue kissed her which made her purr like a kitten. She was ready. “Open” was all I said and with that Brittany opened her mouth wide as I guided my cock to her throat. As half of my dick entered she

Stacy Gives in to Cheating Part 7

to quiver and Stacy moaned, a breathy sound which seemed to escape from her lips without her permission as the first wave of her orgasm built up and washed over her hips and thighs. Stacy’s head dropped forward as her climax continued and the light for the upper ground lit up. I tensed my body, ready to stand up at the first sign of the elevator

The Touch of a Man: Part Two

Raye. And yours, again? I know I read it on your name tag in the store that day, but I can‘t honestly remember.” Cassie Raye answered with a smile.“Dylan.”“Well, Dylan, now we know each other, so I think it’s safe for you to walk me home,” Cassie Raye said and smiled at she got up There was a new feeling inside her. A feeling that she had not

Trafficked Love Ch. 10

on the left wall were closed. A window was just over Angel’s left shoulder as she sat upright in the bed. There was a nightstand on both sides of the bed. The right wall was bare. A laundry basket with folded clothes sat in the corner.Angel was silent as she took in her surroundings. She swung her legs over the edge of the bed, standing up with a

Josh and R.J. Chapter 1

school, church, classes, and the same shyness around girls. Now at 17 and just at the brink of hormonal combustion, they both shared a crush on the same girl. Steffie was just drop dead gorgeous, from the moment she moved to town in their junior year, they were both hopelessly hooked. It was not a completely unfamiliar triangle. But, in reality

The Prophecy Ch. 4

her smile. How could he not? With the way she beamed so bright, beautiful, happy, and possessive he felt like he might be on drugs with how happy staring at her made him feel. He gave her hand a nice squeeze in return, his thumb stroking the back of her hand. A lingering thought bounced in his head, a simple question that could ruin this moment.

My Asian Domination pt. 4: no longer alone

to her room. She has every right to be angry. The door bell rings. It must be one of the kids from he neighborhood. Usually no one comes to the house because we Ana cant speak very good English. nuguseyo? (who is it?) i said as i answered the door. It was Chris. After a while of arguing I invited him in. He asked about Ana so i had no choice but

First Night Nerves

badminton to team games, a fact that served to increase my torment as participation was never optional. I have always been slim and fair, but this was made more obvious during my teens when puberty seemed to simply pass me by. Despite having occasional girlfriends (as well as some well-concealed boyfriends) for several years, many of the boys

Harvey Summers - Getting Boned In His Backyard.

them legs some."  I spread them and he moved in on his knees.  Then I realized he had huge strong hands as each one started rubbing each cheek and giving each another slap. He grabbed my ass again, this time spreading each cheek apart.  I had goosebumps as he licked from my taint to my asshole.  He then focused solely on my hole; licking it,

Beautiful Russian Virgin

too big for my pussy. Look at what you're doing, I'm bleeding again. You split me open again when you pushed it in. It hurts so bad and if you care about me you'd take your cock out of me." I'm not listening and keep pushing it in. After 15 minutes of pushing and then waiting for her pussy to be adjust for more I see her cunt spread out wide

The Babysitter

of the world. Tanya’s relative maturity and her faux teenage wisdom had been left behind and was now part of their history. Tanya pulled up at her house and parked on the small tarmac drive way, which was bordered on one side by wall flowers and the odd, stray dandelion. There was a postage stamp lawn between the drive and the house. “How long

Her Toy 3

as your tongue flicks out to catch every drop. I lean in closer and hotly spit against your lips. She responds by dutifully licking your face clean. Her sweeps of her tongue caressing each hot little drop off your lips, your mouth, your cheek. I let another hot little drip fall from my mouth as I pull your head hotly to the side and let the

The aftermath

I started to jack him off as I watched the computer screen. He reached across and gripped my shaft, making it hard as steel. After a few minutes of wanking me he bent over and swallowed my dick again. The pleasure was immense."Shit!" I said after the third suck, "I'm gonna cum already!"Jason sat up and on cue I bent over him, taking as much in as

Abigail & Jeff are Hypnotized Ch. 2

her to wake up. Abigail woke and looked at Jeff. She got up hugged him and gave him a long kiss. While she was kissing him she put her hand on his butt. It worked. “Abigail, its your turn to hypnotize Jeff.” I knew that it would be easier because they had now both been conditioned to the fact that hypnosis would work. I suggested that Jeff lie

Sailing Lessons Pt. 4

smell the heady aroma of her sex. She edged a little closer to the edge of the washing machine and I easily ran my tongue up the length of her pouting slit."Oooh yeah!" she said, and held the back of my head. The washing machine was by now up to full spin, and vibrating nicely.I slid my tongue into the entrance of her pussy and tasted the sweet

Just Shoot Me

today. Just keep taking deep breaths. I am going to tell you what to do, and I want you to do as I ask. Then we will discuss your job. Do you understand?” “Yes.” Great. At least there was a way for me to keep my job. I kept my eyes closed. I heard you sit down on the leather sofa in front of me. “So when you fantasize about me, where are we?

Top Cat Ch. 04

couldn’t imagine better road companions. I wish I could take you both. I don’t know if I can take either. I won’t know until I check a few things tomorrow.’ I think I will check those leathers anyway Sally. You can hold them for a few days can’t you?’ ‘Oh sure.’ With that, the two wink at each other. Tom and Mary stand up and Mary says, ‘I’m kind

L.S. Apartment Ch. 03

on more and more. The two of you are both wishing to kiss and consume each other as your desire for each other expands and multiplies. Your fingers knead the flesh of his back as his maddening self-control continues to thrust his cock in and out of your very wet pussy. Morning sex has always been your thing and, apparently, his as well. ‘Oh,

unlucky encounter

moans. When she came, I pulled her out of the water laid her back as I kiss my way down. As I reach her pussy I could taste her sweet juices as I licked and suck all around until she came on my face. Afterward, she slid into the water and turned around as I shoved my cock into her pussy. I pulled out and rammed my cock into her pussy. I grabbed

The requirements of a father figure: Chapter 1

has been in the same room as me for more than five minutes, it was rare to be seen. He smiled back."You know, Alex. I didn't think someone as cool as you would want to hang out with an old hipster like me." I was floored, and almost stopped walking down the side of the road right then and there."You're not as lame as I thought you'd be." I said

Cupid’s Kiss Ch. 06

Holding her close he leaned back against the headboard and said ‘Your fault was getting into your father’s bed but not your mother’s suicide. Your mother was a disturbed lady and maybe it was the final straw for her but you have to realize that if she was mentally sound she wouldn’t have taken her life instead she would have nailed your father’s

The Lesson Learnt

had tears in her eyes. “She's gonna treat you like shit and it'll serve you right, 'cos you've just made me feel like an idiot.” From that day on things changed with my group. The girls completely blanked me. The boys still spoke, but it wasn't the same. I had messed up too early for them to really trust me from then on. I should have felt bad

The Knight and the Efreet Pt. 01

each reached their hand out to him, and just as he let go to grab their hands, the waves started to part, and from them, a massive shadow with red eyes could be seen from below him. ‘Heave, ho!’ The two both said in unison, pulling on him as hard as they could. ‘Here it comes!’ Edgerus yelled, turning back to look at the water while his eyes grew

Saturday Moaning At The Office

The special date had been fun but the night in the hotel had been even better. However, since we’d barely slept I was really looking forward to getting home but it seemed sensible to come and pick-up my work clothes on the way. “So, this is your office, huh?” It was oddly taboo for Rob to be in there with me. I grabbed my bag and made to leave.

My First Sex Partner - Part One

juices from her cunt. We were both quickly licked clean, and then we shared a long French kiss. I could taste both her cum and mine, and again, found it to be rather pleasant. As our breathing came back under control, Kathy said "Will, that was super!! I've never cum that hard in my life, at least not with a dick inside me." I responded "It was

Rachael's Year

and yes, I am Rachael’s mom.”“Yes ma’am. I mean, Nikki.” Ronnie chuckled.“So you are the guy helping train Rachael at the gym?” Nikki asked her face still in shock.“I sure am. She is kicking my butt regularly now!”Nikki laughed, glancing over at Ronnie’s massive frame, “I’m sure she is! You’re such a little guy!”“Oh I know. One day I hope to

Deconstructing the Nerd Ch. 01

the letter at him in the hallway of their highschool. The truth was she, like her boyfriend, Miguel Lopez, had the luxury of getting into all the schools she applied to. She was going to receive entrance scholarships on top of it as well (and that was on top of the other scholarships Reema applied to and received). Montgomery University was her

Teen Diaries 8: Making the Team

were last Friday after school. I dressed like a school girl in a pleated skirt thinking it looked cheerleader-ish and wore purple eye liner. I did my cheer and all my friends cheered for me after. After auditions were over, Coach Jackson and two of the head cheerleaders left the gym to go decide who would make it and who wouldn’t. As we all sat

At The Conference

floor and we danced to a tune and then I returned to our table, Angie remained on the floor dancing away without a care in the world. For my part, I just love to watch her, and now that she was well dressed and looking, sexy watching her dance was a delight.The evening went on and Angie was back and forth drinking her wine. She sat with me for a

Games People Play

her up on that at my own wedding day. Christ knows what I could have picked up from her. Mind I might have been tempted in my younger days before I’d met her sister. She wasn’t a bad looking girl, if you could get passed that unwashed look. Jo and I lashed out on a nice little town house. And I think we were very happy together for the first few

The Descending of Jessica Ch. 17

was that Alex was with Allison and Ron. Donna bragged on Allison until she blushed and Dr. Riley grinned throughout it all. He, too, was enamored at the cute little boy that had joined us. A few brief whispered questions about how I felt was all the conversation we would share. After lunch, as we sat and chatted, Brent got a call and excused

Safe Word, Part 2

grasp at him, milking him. The moment sped up, slowed, stopped, restarted, the notion of time rendered irrelevant. The moon grew to fill his field of vision, then overcame it, the sky filled with the thrill of ancient light, piercing through every moment past and future, every timeline possible and actual, all transmuted into the same moment, all


smile and bit her lower lip, she then added "You perv..who doesnt enjoy getting fucked?" We both laughed and went to the living room to watch tv. After a while Dahlia went upstairs to put her pyjamas, I was already wearing mine. When she came down, I swear I was practically drooling, she was wearing small very small tight shorts with a almost

A Catholic Education

of skin back. It was slick with his silky precum. ''What I did to you just before is called cunnilingus. When a girl licks and sucks a man's penis, it is called fellatio. I would love to - aaaah...'' For Dominica had just taken half of Kieran's cock into her mouth. She looked up at him and smiled, and started to bob her head up and down. ''That's

Dynamic Duo Pt. 06-07

married. I’m getting tired of his love-struck, pining eyes.’ Brandon joked. No one believed him. Chris waited, then he spoke. ‘You have to do what’s right for you. There is no rush.’ The men then went back to talking sports. Brandon was silent once more. He’d messed up with LaKita, but he was sure he was winning her back. Chris asked him

A Cup of Tea Bk. 03

"start" button. He did so, and the machine hummed for less than a minute and beeped. Dax opened the door and saw there was a small bowl of melted butter. He drizzled it on the popcorn and then retrieved a bottle of champagne from the refrigerator. Dax plucked a few choice kernels out of the bowl and fed them to Keiko. "Ummm, decadent," she

In The Dark

panties and knee-high stockings. They move back in front of me. I feel two fingers slide along the waistband of my panties and they slowly draw them over my hips and down my legs. Once again, they help me step free. The person then takes me by the hand and leads me to the bed, silently directing me to lie down on top of the soft comforter. They

Amanda's Knees & My Pissed-on Face

knees a ruddy, almost dirty look. The contrast between her slightly-less-pale knees and her ivory-white legs was enough to bring into my mind a brand new fantasy; That of her being forcefully pushed to the dirty diner floor after hours by the manager, a bald old man who'd always seemed too-nice-to-be-true to me, forced to take his massive,

Master's New Slave Ch. 02

place. You begin to move your tongue back and forth across my frenulum, and I moan to show my approval. You run your tongue along the ridges of my head and you want to feel more of me, but I pull myself away from you."Good girl," I praise you "now I want you to lick my scrotum." I say, directing you to my shorn scrotum with my hands."Yes Master,"

My Sister is Back for Christmas

I see you're a little happy," her eyes led down to the huge tent in my pants.  "I, uh.. Yeah, why did you have to interrupt my dream?!" I asked jokingly. Just to make this already awkward conversation a little more awkward. She teased, "hey, what were you dreaming about?" I lied and said porno I watched a few nights ago. "oh boys and their porn,"

The rebirth of Andrew Bishop - chapter 29

most emergencies are taken straight to the regional hospital down the highway a further one hundred kilometers," "So are we going to take the practice?" Tess asked excitedly. "I'm going in tomorrow morning to talk more. I don't think I'm going to tell him tomorrow but yes. I have these figures, that I plan on checking a bit more thoroughly with

Settling In

" I love the way you fuck me," Amber whispers, writhing her hips in a circular motion to take my cock deeper into her cunt from different angles, she has never experienced different angles of penetration the new sensations of friction against her swollen red-hot clit is ecstasy. " Fuck me," Amber coos, raking her fingernails over my naked

A Reminder

I already know what's coming as I feel the cool air of the room against my ass cheeks.You bring your hand down hard on my ass, making me jump; you reach over and pick up the paddle. You rub it lightly over my ass, making me tremble to feel the wood rub against my skin. "Bad girl." You continue to rub the paddle over my ass. Suddenly you raise

A hen’s night with a difference – Part 2

up over her buttocks, exposing Maria’s bottom fully. She thanked some higher power that she was not wearing a thong tonight, although she knew her sheer black silk panties were hardly much more modest. And now the others would see her bottom jiggling with each swipe of Gabriella’s firm hand. She felt a new rush of humiliation overcome her. “Nice

A HOT Way To Pay A Debt

the money to pay for this. My Parents were gonna kill me. I had run up 700 dollars on their credit card that easily. The one that was ‘Only for emergency use Delilah, ONLY for emergencies’. Fuck, my Dad told me I had one week to come up with the money, or he would take my car. I had to think. I finally decided to sell some things at one of those

Midlife Surrender Ch. 05

his hand as the egg sprang to life in her pussy -- full power. And for ten long seconds he held her shoulder firmly while she shivered against it. And then the egg went still."You bared your pussy to Derek right here in this very booth," Brad whispered as if nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. "Now you're either going to unwrap the skirt

My Favorite Babysitter, Part V

again since she did not want to appear suspicious in front of my mother, but no matter what the reasoning was, she definitely knew what she was in for this time. After gathering the tennis equipment, we once again took my car up to the courts. My mind was already racing as to how I was going to get with her today. All types of scenarios were

My Summber Boss 7

into her and resting my chin on her head. “Mhm, totally serious. And now that I’ve had my public kiss, I want mohore!” she squeaked the last word as I slipped a hand into her shorts. “Well I’m sorry Ms. Landry, but you’re gonna have to wait a little while.” “Aahh!” was all she could manage; my fingers felt over her soft outer lips and

Rebuilding Faith Ch. 09

chainsaw, Faith was reminded how much they frightened her. Just one mistake could cost a limb or a life. When she loaded a first aid kit into the truck, Bill smiled. ‘Hope for the best and prepare for the worst?’ ‘You got it, Sweetie,’ she answered, patting his butt on her way to fetch the wheelbarrow. After lunch, they headed off to work.

party night with Mom

but after a few months we saw him one weekend in months, as the months pass mom got more and more depress and i look on wondering what can i do to help her to over come her sadness.we live in the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago and every year during the month of February there is the carnival celebrations that takes place on the streets

My cousin, Chris Chapter Six

playing Temple Run. Eli put his hands on either side of me. "You're riding on my bike." He said. "I'd rather ride in Micheal's bike, but okay." I replied, sounding board. "Fuck you, Eli!" Micheal said. Just then, Hunter appeared from the basement. He only wore pajama bottoms but hey, who's complaining? Apparently, Carlos. "Put a shirt on, man!"

The Outlaw

this, but I have another story that just popped into my head. I got really excited about it and just had to write it down. It actually was a dream I had, a few nights back, dialogue between two of the main characters. Sounds kinda crazy but I thought I’d submit it and see where it goes. Please don’t fret about the other stories. They are under

The Shadow Knows 2

Stephanie, I passed out from the orgasm.I dreamed.  I dreamed of sheets and beds and candles burning on the dresser.  Mirrors reflected it all.  I was naked on my stomach on the bed and I was licking a thick, hard cock.  My hands were wrapped around the base of it and I was about to slide it into my mouth when I heard another woman's voice next

Dressed in White Ch. 02

The muscles straining within her depths were as forgiving as they were going to get – never mind the fact that his balls felt like they were nearly numb with anticipation. It was time to fuck her. It was time to fuck her like a man should. Time to fuck her like a woman deserved to be fucked.Amanda had settled down now, her hands were motionless

Just What I Needed Ch. 03

I said. "It's a shame they didn't appreciate it. I feel like having the opportunity to suck your cock just now was the favor." She turned her head back around to continue nursing on my cock, leaving her hand on my balls. "You're right. As much as I've been enjoying myself tonight, and as good as you made me feel, that was just pleasure for me.

Mother-In-Law Sex

Her vagina, (ok: her pussy), was tight but still had vestiges of urine I guess which helped lubricate her a little, along with my wet cock, as she continued to strive for the bottom.No, by now this wasn’t all mother-in-law raping son-in-law: I was feeling very nice thank you; inside a pussy for first time in a long time, incestuously inside that

The Retirees Club (12)

pulled me in close, which made my cock come up to her back door. She said, "Have you done this before?"I confessed that I hadn't, so she advised me to start slow. "Press gently until your head pops in, then leave it there for a minute while I get used to it. It's been a while and you have a fat cock." I pressed my cock head against her, then

driving lessons chapter three

so he did not slip in easily. He pushed his cock hard against her pussy inch by inch he entered her.She was stretched filled with this enormous cock. Her vagina muscles gripped him tightly. He pressed down hard he was heavy his weight pressed hard against her clit. Within seconds she was coming.“Oh fuck.” She screamed.“I’m coming. Oh yes

A Warm Balmy Night Ch. 04

herself and pressing her fingers to his mouth. She knew he couldn’t move his tongue past the gag, so she wiped her juices from her fingers along his taut lips. Riddick inhaled the heavy scent, a rumble filled his chest and he pulled on his restraints. Clara didn’t flinch at his movements this time. She just smiled slyly. Massaging his warm

Mother's Problem Chapter 3

car, but nothing came of it.”“You sound disappointed,” he said with a sigh. “I am, she is fun and more importantly, a new toy for me and you.”There was a silence, and Patricia became aware of how sticky she had become. Uncomfortably sticky that made her want to shower. She looked at Daniel and saw he needed a shower too. An argument about how

The rain

Mark both who lived near Kim. Kim’s 10 year old sister appeared and sat down with Kim, a few seconds after Mary had arrived the girls felt a few spots of rain and moved further back. The rain started to get heavy both boys carried on playing football enjoying the coolness of the rain. The rain got very heavy but the boys carried on playing, their

Her BDSM Comes True

across her lips. Kim wanted to take him in her mouth, she wanted to run her tongue on his dick, she wanted to feel him in her mouth. She loved to suck his dick and this was driving her crazy not to just open her mouth and take him deep down her throat. She could not take it anymore, she opened her mouth and took in the head of his dick. Bob

Dating Kelly Part IV-Parents out of Town Part 2

mmmmm eat me out eat my pussy oh fuck fuck fuckkkkkkk." Obviously all of this was just making me suck harder, until she stopped me, moved my head up a little, pulled back a hood of skin, then showed me her clit. I licked it, flicked it with my tongue, sucked it and gently nibbled it. This was enough to send her over the edge, and she orgasmed all

The Way I Dreamed It Part 1 Chapter 7

softening and turning in to a face with a smile full of joy, Hinata only nodded. Your pregnant he said, again Hinata nodded again. We are pregnant Hinata continued to nod. That . . . . . . That means . . . . . . That means youre . . . Youre going to a mommy he said with a big smile on his face. Hinata nodded yet again with smile, And your going

Helen Part 1

turned 18, my high school career was over and I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do, I took a year off to party. I was young, innocent and full of life.   I took off to the annual arts festival where I met a group of very interesting bohemian hippies. There was the most beautiful woman with them. Tall, long dark hair, pale skin, deep red lips

A Trip to the Drive Through, My Boyfriend Will Never Forget

. . . so I laid down on the seat on my right side, facing the back with my feet pressed up against the door and my head in his lap. I put my hand back on Mike's crotch and looked up at him. His eyes met mine and he smiled, knowing what was going through my naughty mind. “Reach behind me and untie my top at the neck,” I suggested. I was wearing

Wi Fi Master Part 2

might help.” Howard gave him his College Laboratory Address, thanked him and hung up quickly before Ted started asking too many questions, a week later Howard had the diode laser and was getting it ready for testing.Chapter 3Back at Ronnie and Helen’s Saturday had rolled around too soon from Ronnie’s perspective. Helen was ready for the picture

The rest of the week…

Todd and my naked wife moved across the yard to the now empty table. She had one hand on his huge ebony cock leading him by it. Once they reached the table Todd gently pushed my wife down until she was bent over the table and he shoved his cock into her from behind. In one movement he buried his huge black cock balls-deep in her pussy. He was

Closer Than You Think

would watch you from our garage window when you would watch me swimming from your attic window. Ahhh shit! I laughed. I obviously needed to improve my own secret keeping skills. They had me from the get go. But I didnt really care. Hell, look at my reward! Mike laughed too. He said he could tell by your face that you were jacking off. He asked me

The new zoo attendant.

brought for the snakes meal. Turning to go she tripped over a small log and fell exposing her panty covered pussy , sobbing she should have known better than try to rush by wearing her date clothing to work. She imagined what she looked like in her black flat shoes , her black lacy thong panties and black silk short skirt. Finally her sheer silky

Str8 Roommies

dizzy, weird, I know it was making effect, so I started acting like them in case they remembered it. Mark, who I never saw shirtless before started sweating first, his shirt was all wet, and he was shouting how he couldn’t believe how hot was the day, while John agreed already shirtless. After that I saw a show I was waiting since I met Mark, he

I love my horse

gotten bigger. I stripped and walked into his pen. He mounted me instantly and i guided him to me. Again he thrusted into me. I moaned. Now that Mason wasnt here i could let it out. "Oh fuck Corázon." Igasped. Why am I doing this? I thought to myself. I cant just go on like this fucking horses every day. I moaned. I slammed back into me and

My Lesbian Slave Martina - Using my slave Martina with my boyfriend

my asshole all up!" Quickly I went into position. He pulled his prick back, followed by a gush of sperm which I licked hastily. I stirred a finger in her ass and licked what I could get to. She was finished.Triss looked around nervously if somebody noticed us while I helped her into her car. She didn't care pulling up her pants, and the dildo was

Longing for BDSM Pt. 06

stomach. The feeling was intense and I tried to scream out in protest under my gag. My eyes widened as Mistress Helen increased the pressure. "Mpppppppppppp!" I screamed in pain and fear. Mistress Helen totally ignored my cries of pain and fear and she kept her foot over my dick. She increased the pressure again and pushed down hard on it, which

Maid with Benefits

food. Wandering to the closet she was directed to she, opened the door and the only thing hanging on the railing was a black suit carrier, that had to be the uniform, so she lifted it by the coat hanger and pulled it out the small closet and closed the door again before she headed to the room she could get changed in. It was obvious which one was

Birthday Present

the quilt eased it down and past your legs. Then I unfastened your blouse and that to was soon draped over the chair. I knew you had worn stockings for me, as that your standards in underwear would be as high as they ever were. Black boy shorts and a matching bra, all of which needed to be

Call me Pixie: part Four

little Pixie, you will show me what sort of cunt-licker you are. Scoot down and eat me.’I always called my genitalia my ‘pussy,’ the ‘c’ word was taboo for me. That gave her words an extra frisson. I obeyed.I slid my slender form down her body, kissing her nipples before I left her breasts. I licked and nibbled down her tummy. She was salty. Her

Wifes Affairs

was very thin, 5 ft 5, 110 pounds with 36D cup breasts. Her eyes are big and full of life and also has jet black hair.We had a normal and uneventful marriage up until the third year. It seems the seven year itch hit Sara at the three year mark.I was a soldier and deployed often for temporary duty but never had a doubt in my mind about Sara’s

A Gift From His Father Ch. 24

Johnny, check! She’s mine again and I plan to do a little redecorating. You won’t recognize the ole girl when I am done.’ Then she let out a wicked cackle, one that could have come from ‘the Wicked Witch of the West’ herself. ~~~ ‘Well are you going to let me in or not?’ asked the voice from behind the door. ‘You know I can see you.’ She had

The Haunting Visitation!

and smooth. My hand glided over it, caressing every curve, every inch of her outer beauty.The curve of her hips, the shape of her waist. Her breasts, soft and perky, each stood out waiting to be caressed by me. My hand soothed over them, her nipples reacted to my touch. They hardened quickly as I leaned forward and took one between my lips.My

My Sister Lisa

ecstasy. “Oh shit, here I cum baby. Get ready I’m going to pump your little white cunt full of my cum fill your body up with a little mixed baby. Huh, huh, ohhhhhhhhh", he kept letting out grunts. He let go of her hands and placed both of his on her breast.He squeezed her tits while his pumps were building up to the big moment. Then it happened.

Vacation with my family - part I (version 3)

... it is...”“It’s O.K. Sarah I know that this isn’t a purse.”Ashamed Sarah sat on the bed almost crying. I sat next to her putting my arms around her. “Sarah everything is fine. I don’t want to have this little pocket rocket back. Take it as a little gift. I don’t want to see my little sister ashamed or crying so stop it, please. There is

The Biggest Black Cock I Ever Met

it more saliva than i’d ever seen and i gasped for air till he did it again, and again and again till i was dizzy from his massive cock being shoved so far down into my throat. He was getting fully rock hard and that’s when he had to stop. He lifted me to my feet and told me to get towels and lay them on the bed. He said some girls bleed a little

Kat's Transformation Ch. 02

make him mad. John then tells her she is finished and may sit back down in her seat. He knows that at least ten drivers got a good look at her soaked pussy and well beaten red ass as they were driving. When they arrive at the restaurant, he reaches in the back seat and hands her a small towel. "You best dry yourself quickly as I intend to use the

The Retreat Ch. 04

Her fingers slid down to his jeans and she quickly unfastened his fly. She slipped her hand into his underwear and gripped his throbbing cock, stroking him in her searing palm as she suckled the pulse at the base of his neck. ‘Please, Nick. I need you,’ she moaned. Her hand was wreaking havoc on Nick’s self-control. She alternated her strokes,

Captive Ch. 06

fire in my fireplace as there was a chill in the air and asked him to sit with me for a while. i wasn't quite ready to be alone just yet with my thoughts.i asked Sir Kern many questions about life here and he answered them all for me. He didn't seem in a rush to get any where. i must have dozed off during one of his more lengthy explanations and

Gina and her horsies...

and another, and… Lost in the depths of the most powerful, deliciously intense orgasm of his life, and his brain saturated with pleasure endorphins, Blackie grunted loudly with every blasting, erupting jet of super-thick, steaming hot, slimy, raw semen, as it caused intense pulses of pleasure from his urethral process and hugely flared glans, and

Jamie and Tina’s Journey 05

stop my hips from bouncing her into the bed as we moaned and groaned our pleasures into the morning air. The head board had the rhythm of our morning love making session, thump, thump, thump, was all you could hear, and the growing moans and groans of two lovers, who truly understood that they didn’t know when the next time that they would see

Stories I like: My wife’s BBW Grandma

get on with her life. She told me that she’s not dead and that she wants to start living again.’ ‘That is good news anyway, but how in the Hell did you two wind up in bed together?’ ‘That’s kind of a long story but actually the only thing we did was that she gave me an incredible blow job and then we fell asl**p in each others arms. Then you

A quick drink

kiss me. And pull me through to the bath room. As you lean in to the shower to turn the water on, I am unable to take my hands off you. I keep running my hands from your shoulders slowly down to your hips. I pull you back against me, holding you in my embrace; our naked body’s pressed against each other. You turn your head back, allowing me to

Nicole, a wild fantasy!

toes, working one foot then other. My tongue slid down the tops of her feet and back, I sucked her toes back into my mouth a few at a time, and then gently sucked on the balls of her feet, I moved down to her arches pausing to kiss lick and suck them until I was sucking her heels. I traced the insides of her feet together with my tongue back up

Rosie lured me in with offers of her sister

take her anal virginity if I fucked her sister (win win situation).I withdrew from her pussy and slowly pushed my cock into her bum hole bit by bit. She found it very painful initially but once she got used to it she really seemed to enjoy it.I slowly started to fuck her arse. Also, she was pushing back onto my cock so she really did seem to love

Dead Stick (CAW 25 Entry)

for them in the long run. Turning, I went back up to dress for tonight, not sure what she was expecting of me but my senses were telling me to pay closer attention than ever before. I wasn't that sure what she was or what she had in mind. It seemed the woman had an unnatural beauty and charm to her. I headed back to the bar, the sound of my

Christmas Trip with the Cousins

going out dancing. On the way to the grocery store the ‘snake charmer’ music begins to play on the radio once more and my cousins all react in the same way as before, getting quiet and still. Wanting to see what is the cause of this, I turn the CD off. The moment I turn the music off, my cousins are back to normal. I turn the CD back on and they

Danielle and I

Seven weeks later at Memorial Day weekend, I returned to Emerald City. I had called Danielle and told her I would be there mid-day Thursday, and asked if she wanted to meet me somewhere. Danielle said she’d call me back, but she never did. Late Thursday morning I got a text message from Danielle telling me that there would be an envelope for me

Playtime with a picture

few days. I get to talk to him in a bit though since he said he would call tonight. For now though I had to just deal with texting him. I didnt mind though it gave me some time to play. I could just entertain myself with my thoughts until Ryan called. Though trust me, I could definitely keep myself entertained for hours with thoughts of ryan. A

Barely Legal

he was to pay me with a carving of me…’ Maggie’s eyebrows shot up. She looked closely at the exquisite figure. ‘It’s you!’ Suna nodded and held out her hand. Maggie cocked her head and looked at the smaller woman, running her eyes over the thief’s neat figure. She stretched out the hand holding the statue but she didn’t give it to Suna. Instead

Adventures of a Switch.

One afternoon I received a call from the agency offering me a 6 month contract at St Wintermute’s school deep in the countryside of Hampshire. It would be a live-in job as they would provide me with a small cottage. I arrived the next morning to be interviewed by the fomidable headmistress, Miss Angela Hyde. She explained that I would be expected

A Bachelor's Night to Remember

strap down. Switching to the other hip to pull down the strap on the other side, I purposely let my lips slide over her skin, enjoying her scent. I pulled down the other side and paused as my nose passed over her now exposed pussy. I let the panties drop down her legs as I pressed my mouth against the inside of her thigh. She giggled again and

Passion in the Vault

notice her ass that often because of the conservative dress code of the bank. Being latin, she had beautiful tanned skin, dark hair and chocolate eyes. And then there was the accent… A couple weeks after Vanessa started, she ended up being a couple hundred dollars short in her cash drawer. Following protocol, I had her close her drawer and I

Making our Baby

imagine it ever changing. For some, it proves to be an ethereal and elusive moment that is eventually lost in time, never to be rediscovered. For a lucky few, it is what it seems, a harbinger to a lifetime of wedded bliss…  Julie felt the steamy air rise up through the bubbles covering the surface of the bath. The pleasantly warm vapor enveloped

Paddle Punishment!

first and handed it to him. He reached into a drawer in his desk and pulled out a handful of large Ziploc bags. He put the top inside one of them and shut it, impatiently gesturing for me to keep going. I shimmied out of my short skirt, and my silk bra and panties, all of which he put into separate bags. When I was finished, standing naked before

The Secret of Hogwarts House Elves [revised]

That Night--------------------------------------------It was eleven o clock, and Hermione ducked under the cloak and walked down to the common room to wait for the elves to come out. She took out her wand and cast a spell making sure that she wouldn’t fall asleep while she waited.Hermione was a rather pretty girl after she had fixed her teeth the

Free Universal Carnal Knowledge Pt. 08

won’t take no notice of me. She just does what she wants. She goes out when she wants, never tells me where she’s goin’ or when she’ll be back, she’s often gorn fer hours and if I ask where she’s bin she just tells me ter mind me own business. She’s out somewhere now, matter of fact, gawd knows what she’s up to.’ Huge relief flooded over me, she