Island Fever Ch. 23

thing that they think is wrong." I stroked her legwith my right hand and stressed, "Lighten up. I want you tobe totally open and honest with me. I will never hurt you,or wrong you. There is no need to be embarrassed or shy.Now, you were touching yourself when I was giving you oral." "I couldn't help it," she confessed, avoiding eye

The Lady Commands!

be kind enough not to say it, but if your brother's got any sense, he'll keep you on as my eventual replacement when he ascends to the title." "Now, I've a prisoner, but I'm thinking he's a mere boy, with nothing useful to say." "Bordren are tricky enough, let me question him first before we just assume he's harmless." That sounds good to me, so

The Coin pt.1

my middle and ring finger hard into her slit. She started to thrust her hips harder and harder on my hand so I scooped her up in my arms walking her over to the bed. Placing her down I went up and kissed her passionately again kissing down her body licking her nipples then around her hot belly button.She spread her legs wide as I got closer to

How I Met Your Mother

cut into my wrists?" I asked, and almost immediately a soft, black rope about an inch in diameter came flying across the room. There were tassels on the end of it and one of the big curtains on the front window was no longer tied back, so I knew exactly what it was and where it came from. "That'll do," I said. Then, turning to Charlene I added,

Havana Club Ch. 01

a little pale.’ ‘I’m fine. I just… I need some time to think, that’s all.’ I hurriedly left, returning to my office. I sat down and thought. I couldn’t even talk this over with anyone. This was a once in a lifetime chance. I knew I should take it, in spite of the risks. It was a great opportunity, not just the promotion but the experience in Cuba

A Cross Country Trip

now.’ I wanted to hug him, but I was covered in flour from making the pizzas and he was wearing a black shark skin suit. Somehow I figured that he would not like white hand prints on his suit. ‘Thank you for your kindness,’ was all I could say, but he understood. These guys always talked in riddles, but they knew exactly what was wanted or

Becoming Chloe - Part 19

just heterosexual couples who came through the door. There were quite a few gay and lesbian couples too, and quite a lot of women and men who would come in with their friends, often for hen nights or stag do's. I can't believe how many pairs of fluffy handcuffs and blow-up sheep I sold on a regular basis, but I tried to treat all the customers

It’s A Small World

I did that, I had her juices on my rigid cock. I looked up and Val said, “Okay leave it out so that Paul can get some pictures of my juices on your cock.” Paul took several pictures of my cock and Val’s pussy; some with my cock just at her open entrance, some with my cock-head just in and some with her hand on my shaft with my cock-head

Memories of Anne

thrusting my cock in her ass until I was fully empty and my cock became tender. Then pulled out. I got a great view of her ass hole gape with my spunk deep inside and slowly close to squeeze some spunk out of her ass and trap some spunk inside her ass.“Your job is safe Anne, but improve immediately.”“Yes, Miss Jessica.”Anne bent to pick up her

Surprise In Store

tunnel. Kneeling on the blue industrial carpet, she immediately started riding, bouncing up and down, tits swinging, while Charlie clutched her taut thighs.“God, that feels so bloody good.” “Shush,” gasped Dorothy. “If he hears you, we’ll be in big trouble.”Sorry, Charlie mouthed, eagerly thrusting against his wife’s grinding pussy.Silently,

Master Sami Ch. 04

her left eye."I think Missy is in more pain than Laura," Sami jokes.Missy carefully removes the finger from her mouth and kisses Sami's hand and begins to grovel. "Please, please Master, don't ever punish me like this. I beg you, I would do anything....anything at all."Sami pulls Missy's hair and slaps her face, "Quiet, you whore. You will do

me and my mom gangbanged

an independent house over there. beside our home a boy name prakash used to stay. he was my age . he made friendship with me as i was new to the city he made roam around. and then came christmas hollidays. he and his friends use to come to my home daily. total 4 guys use to hangout with me . i felt uncormfortable with them. but didn't say any

Magic finale, Touch Of Magic.

wrapped around my nipples had made them remain hard most of the day. My pussy is yearning to have your cock thrust deep inside it and my panties were so wet I had to change them three times. The accumulation of the emails and the talks about our stranger-to-stranger encounter has electrified my whole body. I see this image of you knocking on my

Ready for the Storm

gathering pace. My window panorama showed the trees thrashing about, trying to cling on to the steep cliffs that dropped sharply to the ocean. The cliff-top house creaked and shuddered around me in the gale, 400 feet above a small bay that was being relentlessly pounded by wave after wave of angry, dark-grey water. Just yesterday, I had picked my

How It All Began Ch.08

it. Fay knew if he did, he would yield for her. She wanted to belie his nerves, to prepare him and make him hungry for more than his lunch. "He's going to fuck your mouth." she added perfunctorily, the casualness of her statement making his cock tense in her hand. "He's going to suck your cock too I'm sure." Fay sensed Jack's sexual malleability

My Life as a BoyToy: The End?

with supercharged emotion. I could tell Vernoica's mind was racing as she searched for words as her eyelids blinked nervously. "You know Howdy..." she blurted out, then paused, "well, I guess you wouldn't know this now would you? Even though we didn't see much of each other until recently, Bethie and I have been friends, mmm, really close friends

A Long Voyage to Sydney

to the abuse it was getting and thefeeling of pain was replaced by intense pleasure.  When the ship stoppedoff in what was then Ceylon, we were taken ashore to entertain some richlocal businessmen who fancied our little white asses, and in Singapore wewere fucked by Chinese bankers. By the time that "The Orsova" berthed atCicular Quay, Peter and

The Devil's Pact Side-Story: Cynthia and Vivian's First Webcast

and the Geek Squad nerd at Bestbuy assured us it was perfect for streaming. While waiting to get our webcam, I did some research learned we could make some good money on a streaming website. So, I signed us up for and created a profile. Feeling extra naughty, I used our real first names. I then set up the profile while

3. Sussex Wife [A]

up the stairs to the living room by Ken, he looked a bit pale was in his early 60`s grey haired, about 5 foot 6 inches thin, with eyes of blue that twinkled, his gaze quickly stripping her body in a most alarming way as they shook hands and went through the usual pleasantries.Ken sat him in the armchair, she offered tea and he thanked her, the

Stacey and Danny Go Swinging

in front of her dressing mirror and her shoulders were slightly slumping. ‘Danny, we made our decision. I am just thinking, that’s all, love. Let me get myself ready, okay. Just go away for a few, right?’ So Danny, with confidence in his step went into the next room and opened a beer. It wouldn’t be his last tonight, but it was his first, and he

Pretending Ch. 07

his brother. He wasn’t sure what had started it. Politics, probably, he decided. He and Jason were frequently opposite on issues, and although Simon tried not to talk about it too much, sometimes he couldn’t help it. Jason tended to take a difference of opinion as a personal offence. Presumably Simon had questioned Jason’s position on something,

Shibari Part 2

as my cock pumped her full of my seed. She kept the dildo and butt plug buried deep inside her, lifted her hips off her mattress and came violently. Her pussy tightened its grip on the dildo. She had to push down hard on it, to keep her pussy from pushing it out of her. “Ohhhhhh, fuuuuuuck! Gil!” she moaned to herself when her orgasm subsided.

Helen 6 - The watersports threesome

remarked Helen. She couldn’t help noticing there was no head board; instead there was an enormous mirror stretching the width of the bed and several feet up the wall. “That bed must have cost a fortune,” Helen speculated. “Yes, well, my boyfriend’s got a good job." “So you live together?” inquired Helen. “Not really; he just pays for

Flip, Sip, or Strip

friends asked if she let her boyfriend fuck them, and she would tell them with a big smile, ‘Of course!’ I did, and I thoroughly enjoyed them while I was dating her. Her friend Steve kind of annoyed me. It was clear he had a thing for her. He would be hanging all over her whenever he was around. I told her I didn’t like it, but she said that he

Christmas Holly

and pull your cheeks apart so I can watch my prick drain into you."Once she was posed for me I took a minute to enjoy the view. I told her not to move, no matter what, and when I heard her whisper "Yes Sir. I'm ready for your load" I lost all control. I wrapped both hands in her hair and started ramming into her as hard as I could. She was

Fidelity Ch 06

pulled me to a pair of industrial looking doors a few feet from the bikes. Matthew looked into a camera and flashed two slick black cards. A large black bouncer-type guy opened the door, industrial music and a ray of light leaking through the door behind him. The man nodded once at Matthew’s cards then looked me over. I tried not to cringe. The

A Knock at the Door

on the loo, dabbing her sparse brown pubes dry, then washing and towelling her hands. But there were no returning footsteps when my mind had completed her ablutions. Surely, I had not misheard – misinterpreted? I was alert, like a hunter. I was a tracker using just my ears. I was a doubter.Then click. Soft padding down the hall and I hear the

Getting The Mail

as you become semi-firm in your naked state. You lean back on your couch and begin to rub your hand back and forth over your trimmed pubic hair, occasionally gently stroking your member. I can feel that I am overly wet and have probably spotted the back of my skirt, but my hands are drawn to my aching button, which is begging to be pleased and

Claudia Incarnata...Part I

sending shot after shot of warm, wet come deep into her nether folds. She felt every spurt; each was like a warm wave on the sea washing exquisitely over her.She had enjoyed the scent of Carlo’s delicious cologne the entire time; now, its aroma mingled sweetly with the heady bouquet of their lovemaking. But there was also a subtler fragrance in

A Splendid Night

and round. As I feel the rise I reach down to my nightstand. Grabbing my toys. Turning my vibrator on high instantly I'm more aroused. Round and round I keep going "oh god it feels so good." After the first orgasm I do not stop spreading my legs wide. I reach for my cyber. Placing it "So cold" I instantly warm it up with my heat. Thrusting it in

Late Night Car Fun

away playing with myself! After turning off the water I grabbed a fluffy white towel to pat myself dry and smoothed on some shea and cocoa butter baby oil all over my body. I splashed myself with some of my Victoria’s Secret Heavenly perfume, knowing how the intoxicating scent always drives men to distraction and gets them moving in closer.

Futa Naked In School 08 - Naughty Futa Bake Sale 2: Leann's Sells Futa Pies

I smiled, loving her pet name for me. I stood up and grinned at Leann. “You take care of my mom.”“I will,” she said, shaking her head. She glanced down at her dick soaked in my cream. “This is a little surreal. I was just in you.”“And now you get to be in me,” moaned my mother. She slid down on the divan until she was fully reclined. She licked

Maria Is So Perfect

her feet on the green rug on the floor.I unbuttoned my pants and pushed them down has I pulled my hard cock out, I’m six feet, Maria is five and the table is only about three feet tall, so I had to bend my knees a little. Holding my hard cock in one hand I guided it to her wet asshole. I pushed the head against her ass.“Mmnnn” Maria said as I

Getting a Charge

as she sank back down into the water, a sexy grin curling her lips. “Don’t do anything now. You have to charge, so save it for that.” G disappeared out the door, and with a sigh, K set about cleaning herself up for the unit. * * * * * She stepped from the bathroom wearing a robe that G had left for her beside a little green bottle. It wasn’t

Hidden Fantasies - Part One - Bubblegum

of my mind. The word “bubblegum” stands out where the rest is still in shadow, covered by that staticky buzz of conversation not quite remembered. Bubblegum, a safe word that I have used a few times before. I smile wryly, I now have a very good idea of what I said to this sexy voiced man, and I am going to enjoy it, thoroughly. Authors Note: Hi

Olympus has Fallen Ch. 19

into that city with my dick hanging out. At least let me cover myself."Loki, looking as ravishing as the most beautiful woman on earth in his clever disguise, laughed as he yanked on Thor's chain and dragged him forward. With his cool blue eyes sparkling, he lowered his gaze down Thor's naked body, to his impressive erection, and smirked. "Well,

Ms. Jean, My French Tutor

soccer practice. I had intended to shower off my sweaty body before heading over to Ms. Jean’s house but Rob was horny and he pulled me into the mat room in the gym. Rob was all over me right away. My body responded to his fondling hands and my pussy juices began to mix with my sweat. Being that both of us were sixteen year olds, we

Mistress Nandi Returns Ch. 01

and yearn to please You, and be beneath You again; We arrive back at the house, where I have set up Your Queening chair in the living room, as ordered. I place Your bags in the workout room as You instruct, then I fix You a drink, kneel before You, and present it to You. You tell me to strip, and get under Your chair. I hear the locks close, and

Rachel's Retrospect

At that time I couldn’t understand that was exactly what it was, but the moment now has meaning for me, and I will never forget it. It was the moment my body was taken by my Mistress and my Owner.I could see my well-formed, pale-skinned breasts sag slightly as they were released from the bustier, my dark pink nipples erect as the cool, damp air

Maude/Madeleine Part 6

peer who, she said, preferred blasting pheasant from the face of the earth to enjoying her company. She cared not for the male of the species, that much was apparent. I was surprised at her willingness to talk of her private life even though she did not reveal her name to me. Nor did she enquire as to my origins but she did ask how I came to be

The incident that changed my life for the good 4

or she was getting her fill. She stopped and slowly turned and looked at me. Cum was running down her jaw and she had a wonderful look on her face. She licked her lips and moved back down like there may be some more, and she wasn’t going to miss any.After a few minutes she raise her head again, still with a broad smile, and took her middle

A Night at the Theatre

pushed up against it.I had no one to protect me from this man that devoured me so hungrily with his eyes. I could, of course, have left. I could have walked away at any time. But Ben needed me to play the submissive that night. His job was on the line. And even if it hadn't been, there was something powerfully seductive about the danger I sensed.

A Almost Perfect Awakening Ch. 15

a bit more gently now, suck her entire tip in for a while, move to my other breast.I have absolutely no concept of how long I nursed on Lynn. Her breathing had become very pronounced; even I understood she'd become quite aroused. Like I'd just awakened from a very deep sleep, it was hard to concentrate. I was in a near dream state.I dimly grew

Fidelity Ch 05

Satisfied with my work, he had me stand and turn around then reached under my skirt. His warm hands grabbed onto my hips. Warm hands, cold heart, I thought, as he pull me down on to him. My pussy wanted him inside, but I knew he wanted my ass. I pulled up my skirt to keep it out of the way as I sat back carefully, making sure his hard cock hit my

Last Night

about. Why else would you be interested? The entire day, all I could think about was getting home so I could taste her sweet wetness on my tongue. As I lay there, next to her, I was fucking her in my mind. That's when she broke the calm silence. "Is it bad that I kind of want to make a sex tape?" She asked, with a slight hesitation in her

Barbara and Gus Go Full Circle Ch. 08

and student at her school. CHAPTER 8 — DISCOVERIES AT SCHOOL Over the next couple of weeks Barbara, Gus and Donna kept up their relationship. Barbara and Donna saw each other at least once a week while Gus was traveling and then the three of them got together on a Saturday evening. When Gus was out of town he relied on his favorite porn movies to

Angel of the Morning

dancing around in each other’s mouths. He then walks them both over to the living room and onto the couch where he takes a seat, which puts her in the position of straddling him. He helps her take the shirt off the rest of the way. She is now completely topless and they continue kissing for a bit – **She is a Goddess, and she wants me. Is this

Divorce, a Job at K-Mart, and the New young Black Manager Chapter three

As the music started again he helped her up, and said hi, my name is Ben. This time the music was slow and geared for pelvic grinding. She could hardly stand and great fully put her arms around his neck and easily let him guide her around the dance floor as before her heels seemed to barely touch the floor, but this time for quite a different

Hard to Get

me. I'm older than you and I'm very experienced in the ways of women. I minored in psychology in college so I know these tricks. I was turned on, but I didn't want you to win, so that's why I went through great lengths to make sure you'd lose. Do you understand now? I'm sorry for humiliating you, but I have feelings for you Leah...and I want you

Girlfriends younger sister

she's a naked girl talking about fucking and I'm a horny teenage boy, what did you expect to happen? I wanted to get away as fast as possible but my boner was there to stay and Nikki made sure that it was foremost in my mind."Wow. I know about spontaneous erections and stuff but just wow, getting turned on by a 12 year old girl. I mean,

Gifts of the Future Ch. 08

of them as he handed them their new insignias, but their celebration was short-lived. The television outside the office they were in cut to a Special News Bulletin. Brad and Jay jerked around when they heard Megan’s voice. Then a group gathered around the TV when they heard what she was saying. ‘This is Megan Richards-North reporting for KLAC

My Fantasies Of Group Sex With Other Guys, Given A Chance To Become Real

room.I waited. The position I was in felt absolutely vulnerable, submissive and pornographic. As the seconds turned into minutes, my need to be ravished overcame me. I had lost all semblance, sanity even.Eventually, three beautiful naked young men entered the room, followed by Barry, who was fully clothed. The three stood around me, commenting on

Discovering A Secret Fetish

my hand down between my legs and my middle finger found my clit, swollen and sensitive. Biting my lip to keep from being too loud, I found that special spot that makes fire spread through my body. I was so turned on, I knew it wouldn't be long before an orgasm rocked my body. While my right hand worked my clit, my left hand found my nipple

Alex and Jessica Ch. 01

herself as if were a head taller than anyone. Her golden-brown hair hung down and waved in the breeze with a strand here and there blowing across her face which she quickly brushed back with a small, pale, almost delicate hand behind her ears. Her eyes, which showed frustration at having her daily routine interrupted, were of the softest blue he

Hotel Room

going to be sitting down for a week. This guy wasn't being playful - he meant business. I didn't know how much more I was going to be able to bear. Then he was gently stroking and caressing my bum - what a relief. It felt nice, and tingled after the spanking. I was just starting to relax when he spanked me again - three more in quick succession

A London Tale

lunch.” he said, turning his back on them once more and proceeding towards the main staircase.The two younger men laughed once more. “Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh!”“Huh-uh, huh-uh, huh-uh!”“SILENCE!” admonished #1 again.As they reached the top of the stairs they slipped quietly through an open door into a large, high-ceilinged chamber containing many

Auntie Made Me Cum…. With Her Feet

outline in the bikini and it had a thonged back. my aunt has tanned skin with clear tan lines. your mum spoke to me and said she had shown your her feet erm… yes its okay your mum and i love attention to our feet, its our thing ok i noticed yours at the restraint i told mum oh did you now, what did she say? that you take more care than her

$75.00 Worth

your money.” She pulled his pants down, then kneeling in the small space between them she worked his underwear down. She made a pleased sounding noise in her throat as she admired his hard cock. As she worked herself back up she let her fingertips lightly brush his balls, then the length of his shaft. Once she was standing fully erect he gave

Hottest 18 yrd old Slumber Party Ever!

tell you this, but Lynette has been telling me how bad she wants to fuck your dad all night."At this, Katie scrambled upstairs in her nightie and we girls followed her.Katie snuck up to her parent's bedroom. "See. I don't hear anything.""What about your dad's den? I hear the tv on."We tip-toed down the hall to Gary's den. The door was ajar. We

Fuck Daddy 1

to pound his thick cock into my tight little pussy. I could hear my mother’s heels on the hardwood floor in the hallway, she was getting closer. She paused at the kitchen doorway, and then the sound of her shoes faded away as if she had turned around.Before I knew it, I felt myself starting to cum. I buried my face in my father’s shoulder,

Mommy Mind Control Chapter 3: Mommy's Naughty Disicpline

and laughing and mocking the whore over Annie's squeals, my tongue sliding through her spicy pussy.It was so hot to lick a girl's pussy. She had blonde pubic hair that tickled my face. And as my tongue parted her slit, I discovered just how silky she felt. And the taste... Spicy cream right from the source. It was wonderful and...“Yes!” I gasped

School and Mall Ch. 02

the void was manifest. I never knew that my wife was acquainted with my childhood sweetheart. I met and married Mary in a different town and, although we moved back to my hometown, Mary and Connie would have moved in quite different social circles, and Mary never mentioned Connie, who I hadn’t spoken to since I left school at 16. ‘You knew Mary?’

My Young Flower 2

killing me. Alright, fine mom&hellip,. Ill attend summer school, just stop glaring at me&hellip,. I said as I kept my eyes off hers for fear of death by eyesight. Good boy. Now, come eat your breakfast. She said, her voice had no anger in it, so I guessed she was not mad after that. I finished my breakfast before my sis and headed off to my room

Haircut for Julie

handed her a glass of wine and smiled at her."I'll tell you what I'll do Julie," I hesitated for effect, "I'll do exactly what you want and it won't cost you a penny."She raised her eyebrows as she sipped her wine."And?""And you do the same for me."I showed her the magazine, open at the page with the advertisement on it, the one with the picture

Girls Night in the City

her up or do her make-up. Veronica dressed Leah in a pair of dark-denim straight-legged jeans, holes ripped through the denim, including a well placed hole near her asscheek . The top she put Leah in was more her style, a hot-pink push-up bra underneath a ripped mesh top that hung off the shoulder and gripped her abs, landing three inches above

Pantyless on the flight up to San Francisco

I was feeling warm and woozy, which added to my building horniness. The belt of my coat had worked loose, causing it to part and hang open. Even with the tray down, glancing down I could see my bush peeking out from underneath my dress. I was pretty confident that the tray obscured my new-found friend's view, but I wasn't certain. I was getting

Somewhere Beyond the Lighthouse

of knowing as much. Charlie looked less bewildered than I, and I was sure I saw the knowing visage of a man who had learned a great deal about women from women — probably far more than I knew. ‘I don’t wish to scandalise anyone, Edmund, but I must agree with Lillie. In my experience, women can tolerate far more than we men tend to give them

Wild Ride

I have to dress conservatively, but I have a very hot body when I get horny and want to show it off. I’ve always had a fantasy about being fucked by two guys. Sucking two cocks at the same time, or one cock in my ass, one cock in my pussy. Having my face and tits covered in cum. It gets me wet just thinking about it. But because I’m a lawyer, I

The Punishment Of Hermione Granger (Chapter 2)

be right at the edge of the desk,” Umbridge corrects her posture. “And spread your legs, girl—wrap them around the edges of the desk; it is time for you to have an inspection.”Hermione obeys, adjusting her placement on the desk and wrapping her legs around the sides of the desk, exposing her pussy clearly to her teacher. Hermione closes her eyes

One Long Weekend (Part Three)

safe and not hurt I'm fine with the ...." Gabby Interrupted me "Hey Guys, we have one more night and maybe a couple of hours to Fuck so we need to get to it"With that she ripped off my shorts again that they actually had tears in them and climbed up positioned herself on my cock and said to everyone with a moan "TO THE BEDROOM ! ! " I carried her

New York Nights-Northern Lights #03

all sorts of nefarious things. Was he playing me while fucking her? Maybe he was playing her while being engaged to me. I never thought of Daniel as a player. Too much of a nerd, he was too open and honest. Maybe with him having two women in his life, something he obviously had never experienced, his head was completely turned around. My only

Adopted Sister's Anal Adventure

same. We kissed as we were attached by my dick. I started a slow rhythm inside her. Her tits were rubbing my chest as we continued our underwater fucking.We were in a serious groove as she started to moan. I picked up speed and started creating serious waves. She let out a scream as she came hard. I was about to cum when I decided to hold

Jeff and Brianne - Part Four

had a lot of laughs and fun times. My friends got along with his and we went out on group dates a lot. It was good,” I explained. “But?” asked Jeff, sensing that I was holding back. “But sometimes he could be very demanding and he’d berate me and mock my morals. I always felt like I wasn’t good enough for him,” I told Jeff. “You were virgins

The Bell Ringer Ch. 02

I froze. I hallucinated, I screamed. Each day mostly got better. With sedatives I slept at night, but the doc was weaning me off them. It helped a lot that visitors came by. It was mostly Bill and Annie, sometimes alone, sometimes together. Bill talked to me about the Social Service center, about how they provided room and board for thirty days

Mardi Gras with my Step-Sister

go. All of a sudden her pussy tightened around the vibrator, and she let out a long moan. She pushed down on the vibrator, her pussy leaking. I could see the vibrator stretching her pussy. That was the first time I had ever given a girl an orgasm. She then climbed off of me, and wiped the juice from her legs, and off of my chest. After she wiped

The Best Tip Ever

boggeddown with audits, payroll taxes, and quarterly taxes. It was well passed lunch and I was starving. I called the deli on the corner and ordered my usual sandwich to hold me over until I got home…..which was going to be late. Fifteen minutes later I hear the receptionist tell him to go ahead and go back. As Greg the delivery guy walks into my

Anything Goes

knocked over her nailpolish, and a few cherry-red drops fell to the floor. Reyna grimaced, and lazily reached for the bottle. She lay on her stomach – waving her feet around in an attempt to dry the nailpolish she had already applied. She wore nothing but a short, sexy, rosa nightgown and a towel around her wet hair. ‘I can’t find them! Are you

A guy hooks up with two sisters whose fantasy is being gangbanged by a bunch of men

and stretched her cunt lipswide, before his huge tool slid slowly into her. It was like watching a suckling pig being driven ontoa large wooden stake for roasting. Inch after inchwedged further up her straining sex, until shecouldn’t take any more. There was still about threeinches of his meat jutting out as Claire sat thereperched on top of his

Apartment Seven Has A Golden Shop

it against her inner thighs along the edge of the crotch of her panties. She swept it back up, cupping her breasts then swirling it around each of her small nipples till they were poking up behind the negligee. Carie gulped and breathed through her mouth. She raised her eyes from the device, catching a glimpse of Vasily, watching her with

Mistress Kelly Pt. 3

proper ring to the needle and put it through the nipple. kitty did not make a sound, she loved Mistress to much to dishonor her. Moi repeated this procedure on the left nipple. Then Moi asked Mistress to assist her, Moi had Mistress hold kitty's clit hood away from her clit and took the appropiate needle and told kitty to bite her lip and slid

Bad News Leaves Vegas, Part One

into her. It was messy - she could feel herself drooling on him- but she was taking it. She looked up at him with his cock in her mouth."Hubby can't give it to you like I can, can he?"She shook her head, his cock well over halfway down her throat.John and Chad took her hands and moved them to their dicks. She stroked them as Alex wedged himself

Pink Carnation

harder. Tom stopped and whispered in Bill's ear again, “That feels good. Do you like kissing?” Bill was lost in sensations. The feeling of Tom's dick, the kissing. Tom's firm hands. 'Oh God.' Bill thought. Tom moaned in his ear, “Do you the feeling of my cock in you hand? Do you have a kiss for him?” Again Bill's legs got weak but Tom's hand held


to my early day. Rach her leg and arm draped across me, groaned into my chest. “Time to get up Rach.” I managed, in as cheery a voice as I could muster, brushing her hair back from her face. “Why did I agree to this” she grumbled as she sat up; her petite naked body at odds with the gravel in her voice. “You like giving me rides, Remember?” I

Eleanor's Transformation

voice objected, it was very hard to talk with a stopped nose, and Adam twisted harder.Eleanor was so wet. And she could tell that Adam's cock was hard. The humiliation thing excited them both even more than the pain did, it seemed.How did power exchange happen so fast? Eleanor thought of her old friend Becki, and how when Becki labeled her food


more my seed out of me. Lucifer leans and rests on her elbows and knees. Her hole is incredibly stretched, gaping, and I see the lake of my cum inside her.She stands and removes the cuffs from my ankles, the nipple clips, and the cock harness. Then she struts to the wall, turns the crank, and I am lowered. She releases my wrists as well. I sort

The Honeymoon of Rick and Michelle

her hands on the bed, which required her to remove her forearms from the front of her body, exposing her breasts to the men.The surfer watched her in amusement. “Come on, baby,” he said. “Give it up.”Michelle took a few more crab-like scoots backward until she hit the headboard and could go no further. The surfer reached for her. Quickly and

Neighbor helps out

bothering them with things like this. I finally just chalked it up to something that had to be done and went next door. Dave answered my knock and invited me in. As we walked through the house, he said, ‘There’s something out here I want to show you anyway, so we might as well do two things at once.’ Just before opening the door to the backyard,

The Witch and her Runaway Wardrobe

knowing that she would have to remake the potion before that night. As soon as she entered her college courtyard, she felt her jeans unbutton."Damn, you're kidding right?" she said as she tried to inconspicuously button them back to avoid public embarrassment. She buttoned them back and kept on walking. Next she felt the right cup of her bra

MasterPC Ch. 03

know how sorry I was.""Your e-mail made that pretty clear, yes.""So this is different. You flipped a switch somewhere that left an itch that I can't scratch. And I desperately want it scratched. Please...just take me.""Can you follow instructions, exactly, without foolish objections or stupid questions?""Yes, sir.""Don't call me sir. I work for a


wrapped its self around her and successfully, gagged her. Touch; thought Rambo who by now, had taken to giving the pink pussy a right good old tonguing. Betty quivered, she shook and she screamed in a muffled sort of way. Rightly or wrongly, Rambo took this to mean, carry on, that’s really nice. He did just that and gave her a really good long

Soccer Mom Slave, Weekend in Vegas Chapter 2 of 7

It was almost two weeks later and Brenda kept daydreaming about Mistress J. She wondered if she would ever get a chance to see slavesuzi’s video. She really wanted to. Brenda was distracted from any thought of Mistress J when she received a text. “Slave, we’re going to Las Vegas on Friday, returning on the Sunday afternoon. Meet me at the

Late Evenings Part 6

and said I told him no. I had already cum and wasnt horny anymore and I really just wanted to leave but he threatened to tell on me and Lola, so I let him do it. You fucked him!? I said. Delia was really rubbing her box and now had her tits out as well. I wanted to take out my cock and play with it, but I knew I would come almost immediately.

Blood Love Ch. 09

of Christian. Alex didn’t want him to suffer for her, that was why she never came out with her feelings for him. His whole life would be ruined, thanks to their dad. Now Alex was mad. That bastard was going to ruin his own son’s life just so he could be happy. She tried to think of a way to be with Chris and still have them lead a normal life.

Escort Services

spraying her with his milky seed.   “This slave needed to be punished and thanks you for the gift of his seed.”   Later, after the promised coffee, Robert left her home. The sun was just creeping up over the horizon of the Thames . He was totally shattered and pleased with the extra two hundred pounds she had given him. He was also thrilled with

Just A Kiss

smiled. "That makes what I have to say so much easier... I'm a vampire.""I know.""How?""It was easy to figure out. You are different from every other guy."He smirked. "It’s so easy being me around you."They shared a long passionate kiss.They decided to share his secret with her parents because he was in their home all the time. Her family

Fucking My Pregnant Neighbor, Chapter 3

think I can pull out. I’m just gonna cum in you. Oh fuck, I’m gonna pump my hot cum right into your naked cunt!”"I'm gonna cum too," she panted. "Fuck me hard! I want to cum with you! Cram your meat up my pussy!"I bent my legs at the knees and formed a kind of backrest that she could lean against as we rutted to our climax. I reached my hands up


he might be gay. It was too late. He’d already seen me approach, had already smiled, was looking me up and down and trying to recognise me. Game fucking on. “Marc Collins? It’s such an honour to meet you!”His smile became a little wary. Overkill. At MNY parties, people were pretentious and aloof. I’d just paid him a goddamn compliment. Fuck.“And

After Midnight

way up into her. The whole length strokes across her clitoris making her mumble words to my palm. Her hands are up to grab at my arm, I'm not moving it; I press her back into me with my hand on her mouth and one on her breast, filling her fully with my cock in a loud gasp of pleasure. Her wriggling only makes me hornier; the way she struggles

A Family Affair Ch. 05

She couldn’t believe that woman had the nerve to imply she was sleeping with Sam. It may be true but that stupid bitch thought everyone was sleeping with someone else. The last think she needed was that crazy old battle axe spreading that rumor. Some people actually listened to her. The TV was blaring from the basement so Cathryn assumed the men

Unintentionally Voyeured On Our Honeymoon

was on north Georgia lakes and knew that this was a boat that I could handle.As I went out to rent the boat for the day, Jennifer had the hotel kitchen make us some sandwiches for a picnic basket and packed a small ice chest with ice, beer and a bottle of champagne.The day was perfect for sailing, bright and sunny with just the right amount of

Helenes daughters part two

more turned on, their breaths getting faster as was the playing with their pussies. Anna looked to be in heaven with her new girlfriends and the two mothers envied her. They knew it wouldnt be long before they would have to join in. Faye broke the spell and moved over to Vickys pussy and began to lick at the girl who was in turn licking her own

Controlling a Reluctant Submissive - A 2 Part Story.

and get back to work tomorrow.Taking the end of her car key she scored down the tape that was holding the parcel together. In the box she found a set of typed instructions and a locker key.Intrigued, Eva opened up the instructions. They read:Submissive,If I have got to know you well enough, I will have correctly predicted that you will now be sat

A St. Patty's Day Visit

I could see the veins in his shaft and the head was slightly red in contrast with the 7 inches of his shaft. He looked up and caught me staring in, “I’m ready.” Upon saying it he hunched himself over as he did before demonstrating his flexibility and paused, “Look see how close I am?” His hard cock was beckoning before his lips, twitching with

Fun at the beach pt4

was now nude before her. Once again, Elizabeth struggled to maintain her composure as she gathered up her brush and resumed work on the girl. Angel stayed very still, she was actually enjoying herself. Other models complained about sitting through makeup, but Angel actually enjoyed the attention and the pampering. She loved the feel of the

The Pond

she feels the gush of Annie’s orgasm. Annie gives her a smile and still panting she leans towards Chelsea’s mouth and kisses her. Brad continues watching the scene before him as Britt turns around and, still sitting on the Tina’s back, she starts rubbing lotion up and down her legs, paying special attention to her ass cheeks hanging out the

Fulfilling Indian Mom's & Son's Sexual Fantasies

hints… As we finished lunch my sex bomb was ready this time her jeans and Tshirt were more tight. She came and complained it was tight I told her u look more hot. I purposely asked her to turn to know her panty..she was wearing black as I could see strip and I threw my hanky in front of her so that she can bend to pick it and I saw her ass crack

New Beginnings - Pt 4 Ch 06

came, pumping deep into Lisa’s cooling pussy while he held her tightly against him. Afterward, he collapsed, still squeezing her body tightly against his own as if that alone could bring her back to life.Then Lisa jerked once, and her body began to heat up. Jake, having had this happen before, quickly shoved her away from him, giving his darling

The Descending of Jessica Ch. 17

nuzzling his face and Brent reassuring him that it was okay to be upset and that we all understood, in a few minutes Alex was calming down. ‘Your mom, I know you’re going to make her so proud. Sometimes when things suck for me, I have to remind myself that I need to be strong and make my parents proud, too, Buddy,’ Brent whispered. ‘I don’t mean

Salon Visit

any money with me, or should I just play it off and act surprised when I go to pay the bill. At this point I didn't care. I was frustrated and driving all the way back home didn't seem like a good option. I re-entered the salon and was directed towards a reclined chair for a wash and shampoo. As I leaned back air gently brushed against my bare

Girlfriend had secret job at Escort Agency

Earlier this year she started doing what she promised was only front desk receptionist work at night for an escort agency / brothel. She was there to greet customers and handle bookings.  I started dropping her off to make sure she was safe but became comfortable with it after a month or so.One day she came home and said the owner, Danny, asked

Instant Message, Instant Sex

  We walked out of the restaurant and I took her hand in mine as we walked to the room.   I unlocked the door and let her enter first, I followed closely behind, turned and locked the door, now alone with a new “friend”.   We didn’t speak, words were not necessary; as I turned back towards the room she threw her arms around my shoulders

Office Domination

desk."You know just how hard it is for me to do this, no hands and in heels, but I do my best to please you.Once I am bent over, I lay my head down to the side, eyes closed. My legs are just open enough for you to see what you need to see.... how ready for you I already am. Of course, seeing is not enough. My arousal spikes as I feel your fingers

The fighting prize part 3

but I still wasn’t sure how, even though she apparently wanted that to happen? I had Evan’s picture in my sand bag back home, it helped me get focused. He was huge like Ivan Drago, but since Drago had been taken down I figured Evan could be too. Once I did see Evan at the gym though. "Just go there and say it already," I thought to myself, but

Path to Our Future part 8

pissed off half the time. If I had to fix all the shit that happened with everyone around me at all times I’d fucking lose my temper and burn houses down,” I tell them and get some odd looks when Daddy speaks up. “You don’t understand it fully; I don’t want him to go do it. None of us do,” He tells me a little sad,” It’s going to get him killed

Old girlfriend

working in until I had four fingers in massaging the inside of those pussy ridges and feeling the contours of her vagina. Then she was working my cock to the point I could take no more and turned her over for some doggie style entre. It did not stop there. She wanted on top and that dick in her ass up and down, watching those boobs bounch. She

Izzy and Mr James p2

could feel his heart beating as fast as hers, he had just kissed her! She had dreamed about this day. No, not dreamed, fantasized. Every night she closes her eyes and thinks of Mr James. Thinks of his lips moving over her breasts, tracing down her body to her hot, ready lips. Rubbing her clit imagining it was his fingers not hers, slipping her

The Pendant Chapter 6

glanced at the pendant and it was still swinging side to side. No you dont he thought and removed it and placed it on the top shelf of the wardrobe. He pulled the covers back and decided to have a shower and make breakfast for them all. In the shower he decided that he and Sarah should put on a show for the girls, to show them how adults really

Midnight Matinee

all she could muster and I forgave it for her sins. She stepped lightly towards the bed and stopped before me, her sad face illuminated to me for the first time. She had been pretty once no doubt, in a small town, mid-western kind of way. But not here in the city. Not now. Not here.I followed her arms as they pulled down her high riding dress

Massage Mat Pt. 02 Ch. 01

And: You may want to read the poem that inspired a lot of the story. It’s called ‘To Paint the Portrait of a Bird’ and it’s by Jacques Prévert. For copyright reasons, I can’t quote it here, but if you google it you’ll get many hits—including a nice YouTube video version. One final disclaimer. I apologize in advance for the cigarette smoking—I

Dreamscape Torture can be fun 2 - Dear Hearts revenge

and he tries to flip. When he is not able to move, he opens his eyes to see what was happening but before his eyes could adjust to the dim light of the table lamp, she puts a blindfold to cover his eyes.“You know I hate to cover your beautiful eyes but don’t worry. This is just to help you my love.” She says to him and her voice instantly kills

Hanson House Ch. 08

performing a titfuck. So they needed a fresh supply of hard cocks when the young men started to lose control.The women students all stripped naked. Those who felt humiliated took comfort from the fact the male students couldn't decide which one to ogle the most.Then the males all removed their trousers and stood in front of the young women. Each

Past Desires – The Beginning

you? Please!’ ‘What, like…on the phone right now?’ ‘Yeah.’ ‘Well….ok, I guess. Hang on.’ Alex hears a good deal of rustling on his end of the phone as Angie goes to slide down her jeans, as Alex himself slides a hand under his pajama pants, ready to stroke his hardening cock, then a clunk followed by a ‘damnit!’ as Angie dropped the phone. The

A Cool Night And A Warm Bed

ass and cup your cheeks, pulling your hips further into my face. Your hands grasp the back of my head and push in, not too hard, just enough to let me know that your enjoying what I’m doing. I twirl my tongue around your clit and flick it up and down, listening to your breathing getting gradually deeper and deeper. One of your hands leaves my

Cathy and I Get Caught

spread out naked under me, my hands on her sturdy thighs and on her breasts, my cock moving in and out of her incredible pussy with that slick sound of slimy aroused cunt lips enfolding my cock shaft. The fuck was long and slow, short and fast, hard and soft. It was everything a good fuck should be. She had an orgasm and then another. All good

Homecoming Dinner

thrust inside her hitting that sweet spot and threw her higher into the promised land.She felt his tongue caressing while her passion eased. No longer did he devour her, instead his tongue cradled her to a dreamy state. He lifted her listless body transporting her to bed. He stroked her bare mound of flesh with his tongue to push away the loss

Family Affairs Ch. 45

bag and ate one. ‘Dad was with Miss Conklin and Lisa Dutille. It looked to me like they were having some kind of orgy.’ He grinned at Matt. ‘I guess Miss Conklin’s not a Lesbian, huh, Den?’ ‘I-I…’ Matt stammered. ‘Oh, no…’ Mary said. She stood up, walked to the kitchen window, and looked out. She felt a flash of anger when she first heard what

First For The Ages

focus on the movie. I was horny and was hoping that she was going to help me release my frustrations. After the movie we walked back to the car and drove back to her house. We walked in and I sat down on the couch as she walked to the back to tell her parents she was home. She came back into the living room and sat down beside me and grabbed my

Bad Vibrations

it was now sitting on top of an empty plastic bottle. I’d just thrown it into the car after filling my screen wash tank. I lifted the bag and the noise almost stopped, almost. ‘Oh my god!’ I knew what it was… When I’d thrown my bag in, it must have pushed the button on my vibrator. I’d meant to take it out last night, but I’d forgotten. I felt

My Recent Houseguest

leave, when Don stumbled in. He scanned the bar, seeing me, started to approach as I walked to the door. I turned to say Hi, when he reached for my arm to stop me from leaving. I went back to my table and sat with him as he told me his sob story, and eventually begged my to let him stay at my place till things cool down. With very deep

Sandy and Frank Ch. 06

mouth.’ Her head bobbed up and down as she slid her mouth down the shaft and lightly sucked as she pulled away, gently squeezing and fondling his balls as she did so. He had a hand on each side of her head as he began flexing up and down, matching her rhythm as she sucked. Finally, gripping her head, he began to control that rhythm as he really

Experiments in the Doctor's Lair Ch. 02

then another inside me exploring around. She began tapping the small membrane between my two holes. This had a very strange effect sending ripples inside me through the water. It was so strange but at the same time deeply sensuous. I was getting very wet."There that feels good doesn't it," soothed the nurse, I had to admit it did, and then,


of which I am not a part."Shut up and fuck off," I hiss, tossing a pair of jeans into a cart harder than I probably should. My core has been burning all day, and even though I have never been even remotely attracted to my ex's best friend, any male within close proximity stirs up feelings that should probably remain buried. Especially at

Egypt Lovers

on the beach drinking an ice cold beer looking out over the sea, it was beautiful! It was so hot that day I was dying to get into the sea. As I was just about to get up and walk down to the ocean, a hot women walks by in a thong and sits in the deckchair in front of me. She lay on her front facing away from me, so I got a great helping of her

Sex in the city - Chapter 1

bulging and throbbing, barely contained by the thong. She proceeded to pull his underwear down and began sucking his penis and licking his balls, kissing him passionately as she did. After a few minutes of deep-throating him and moaning in between every suck Immanuel picked her up with his strong arms. He carried her to the bed. She climbed on

Salvation Ch. 17 Cruel Games

while her face mirrored her terror, gleaming with her tears.Her body met the upstanding toy and, just missing her little cunt, slid along her slit to thrust up under her clitoris, impacting it and pushing it upwards.She screamed, her scream prolonged by the bite of the spikes into her thighs. And as the Chair rocked backwards, Alice was there to

Family Tradition of Bondage Pt. 07

her and knew he would take her here, on the deck of the pool, practically in public, and she was pleased. She loved him, and loved the feel of him, the smell of him, the thought of him put a smile on her face. It was so naughty, so depraved, and so kinky, but it was awesome. He kissed and caressed her, bringing her arousal to a point, and then he

Mother Enslaves Future Son In-law!

around my body I was forced to come deep inside her vagina. This didn't bother Nikki who immediately went down on Rita sucking my semen from her pussy and then sharing it with her in a nasty kiss.I even got a spanking Saturday night from both of them at the same time. Being innovative they picked their discarded thin leather designer belts off

Girls at the beach

and ask me to turn over. I tell them first to use one of the toys, I really am liking this. My cock is very hard and it is now ready. I roll over and lay there. Each is masturbating me, Erin likes to lick the tip fro time to time. Erin called me very early the next morning with lust in her voice. She is Beth and my friend from yesterday. I

A Teacher’s Love Ch. 03

In response to my inquiry, Jenifer sprung out of her chair and went up to a group of guys with a big smile on her face. She hurriedly talked to them and pointed back at the table, and Marah had a pretty good feeling that she would not like what came next. Jenifer came back to the table with a mischievous smile on her face. ‘Mission accomplished,’

A packet of Peanuts

I was pretty sure that they were in the cupboard. Ah well. I slid into my car and drove off to the local corner shop. It was a Sunday and most of the major stores were closed.  I’d only been to this particular corner shop maybe once or twice a couple years back. The food here was slightly more expensive but still just as good, and I’m pretty sure

Domina Katarina Goes Shopping

around- shoes of the finest kind on all the walls! Sandals, high heels, boots! Domina Katarina was greeted by one of the shop girls. They seemed to know one another. From my place in the shop I could see Domina trying on all sorts of shoes, trying them out by walking around, sitting down and arching her foot, admiring the way the shoe looked on

You, My Slut

pleased. You make no eye contact, just as you have been taught, until I permit it. You just kneel on your little carpet with your legs tucked under you. Your hands are held behind you and your back is arched quite a bit, causing your lovely breasts to sit even higher. "Hello, girl." "Hello, Master. Welcome home." your voice is soft and sensual. I

Irresistable Sasha

the sensations Sasha was created. She stared up at him and took more of his dick into her mouth. Her thick tongue traced across the pulsing veins that covered it. Tré put one of his hands on the back of her head and pushed his dick deeper into her mouth. It touched her tonsils. Sasha relaxed her throat and swallowed his eight inches like it

The Way Back Ch. 03

while aching all over. On an impulse I called Trish and suggested I come over to Newcastle the next day. ‘Checking up on me?’ Trish asked. It was light-hearted but stung me. There was an uncomfortable silence. ‘Oh Allan, that was crass, I’m sorry. You have every right to check and I know you wouldn’t dream of it.’ ‘It’s OK, I shouldn’t be so


feel a welling in my trousers! I tilt her head to the other side and start on the other side of her neck sweeping her hair over to get a clean kiss. I can see right down her cleavage, where her dress is holding up those wonderful breasts. She has not and does not need a bra, but her chest was clearly heaving as I nibbled her ear lobe and kissed

A Fable

was in deep doo doo politically. But then he hatched upon another brilliant scheme. There was an Arabik Mushhead radical named Osama bin Fucken, who headed a loose terrorist network, named All Cornhole. There was a rich network of contacts between Drubya’s family and bin Fucken’s family. In fact, bin Fucken had originally been supplied and built

Sex, Submission, & Snacks

a dozen photos of her. Anne posed for the last couple, dipping her fingers in his cum and tasting it."You might have a dominant side after all," she said with a grin."Maybe," he said. "Though now I'm wondering if I should get you a towel."Anne looked down and chuckled. "Probably. I'm kind of a mess."James went to the counter and grabbed the

Her Mouth

She was my cock sucking whore and though I’ve taken every other hole her body had to offer, I always enjoyed her mouth the best. After a long day at work, having her service me was the most exquisite feeling. She had this trick that drove me mad. She’d take my full length into her welcoming throat and still manage to slip her tongue out and lick

I Am Jack’s Life Ch. 13

think she’d slept in three days. I came back down in the living room, I didn’t see Anna at first. She was sitting out on our back porch next to the pool. I opened the sliding glass door and stepped out with her. She looked back. Her eyes were red and rimmed with all the tell tales signs of having recently been crying. ‘Your mom asleep?’ she

Descendant of Baccus Pt. 12

she was going through. It was just a short time ago that I went though all the same thoughts and the same sense of withdrawal. ‘Don’t decide now. Help me with Shane first. If you want to stick with it I can help with your parents. If you decide you still want to go the Harvard, I’ll stand by you. Whatever you decide, I’ll still love you.’ I hit

Know Your Neighbour

arranged potted plants. She helped Peter move in, carrying some of his bags up the stairs. The apartment was on the third floor of an old Victorian tenement in Edinburgh, Scotland, so Peter had welcomed the help. "I'll just leave you, then, to get settled, and then you can come over for some tea and cake." Mrs Jensen suggested. "I've just made a

The Wedding Reception

Tara started to seductively strip out of her clothes. First, she removed her dress, let it drop to the floor, and then stepped out of it. She did miss a beat of the music while removing her clothes. Tara stood before me in her bra, thong, garter belt, stockings and heels. It was a sight to behold and her animal magnetism was astonishing. Next,

Helping out a Classmate - Chapter 9

going home.” “Sure,” one of the says. “Just take care of yourself.” “We’re here for you,” another one adds. You nod as you leave some money to pay for the drink you’ve had and walk away. As you leave the bar you walk through crowds of partying people. Outside the image is the same; a lot of people wanting to get laid and drunk people doing the

Slumber Party (Part 2)

Amber snapped. "This is supposed to be a party, not an orgy." Amber was yelling.Knock, knock. "Girls?" It was Tanya's mom at the door. Tanya and Iara had terminated their fun and were sitting on the floor by the time her mom walked into the room. "I heard yelling. Everything ok?""Yeah, mom. We just got really excited. Sorry, we'll keep the noise

House Wife on a South Pacific Island Chapt 1

then his cum hit my tongue. His load was small but good. I held his meat in my hand while I sucked it and gave it a final lick with my tongue. Arnold started slapping my head with his cock and I turned just in time to see a big rope of cum shoot out of his dick. Fortunately my mouth was open and most of the cum scored. I sucked a bit and then

Making Love For The First Time

his lips pressed against mine, he sat on the bed and pulled me by my thighs on his lap. God, I love when he grabs my thighs. My hands traced down, tongue still wrestling his, and found his belt. He paused the kiss to stare into my eyes, then kissed me again as I felt his hands pull my shirt off, and went around back for my bra. I had his belt

Thank you

hard and seem fixated be my new unit. I grab the lube and generously drizzle it over the toy. I run the head around your ass, as I did with my finger, its slightly soft so it presses in a little. You moan, I hesitate, waiting to see if you are going to beg for it, but then you are quiet. Not yet, I think, but you will. I push it in. Starting

Discovering My Daughter Part III

the same age or even younger than my daughter theres no way I can give her alcohol even though she dressed like a young adult prostitute wearing a tight leather crop top making her huge boobs stick out.Emma’s friend walked closer to me putting her hands on my desk and leaning forward giving me a perfect view of her clevage if only she knew her

Navy Blue

were being spread apart through her wet navy blue skirt."I never had it in the ass before."He ignored. He was sliding three fingers in and out of her ass. It hurt only a little. Her chin was rested against the top of head. She braced herself for his cock.He slid his cock right up her ass without any warning. He dumped his way in and out with no

Wake Me Up

into the abyss. I laughed out with sheer carnal bliss as he continued his relentless invasion. Over and over again I careened over the edge of the cliff only to discover that there was another cliff to be faced. On and on he ground and pounded and drove me, rubbing my clit, dipping his fingers into my cunt, filling my back door with his

Party Games

of her perfume, and it reminded me of the bar and her curvaceous breasts, her soft pink lips, the flow of her thick blond hair. She told me of the times she had seen me look at her behind the bar, and she teased me about what I might be thinking about. She told me she wore lacy bras in the hope that I would go home at night and masturbate to the

A Helping Hand

with just his fingers exposed. However, Mike's face lit up when he saw me with the beer, giving me that sexy, lopsided grin I love so much. He then reached out for a beer, wincing as he did. I handed it to him and he held it with both hands, just like a baby holding its bottle. He then eagerly tipped it to his beautiful lips and chugged it down.

The Contact Ch. 1

low in front and back, which makes it a little difficult to find one small contact. The beading reflects the light just like the contact would. You tell me to hold still and you will try to help me find it. We quickly eliminate the bathroom floor, which just leaves one place left to look. Me. Since you are a little put out with me, you are doing

Never Alone

are not the panties she woke up in before her dream... It was a dream wasn't it?CHAPTER 3: KidnappedThe last thing Greta wanted to do was go to work. Had any of them heard about her "fainting spell" on her front porch or her stay in the hospital? Would they give her a hard time about skipping out on them for the millionth time? No, they'll

His Special Massage

my body. Her nipple touches the head of my erect cock, then moves down the shaft. My briefs are now at my feet, she removes them and rubs her breasts back up my body. Standing once again, she reaches for the bottle of liquid soap. Squirting the orange blossom scented soap across her breasts, she rubs it into a lather. I watch as she her hands

Finding Home: Renewal

Cassy comes home from the clinic. Now is the time when Nathan and Cassy must figure out what parts of their life together they wish to keep and what must be discarded.Both know that there will have to be sweeping changes in the dynamic of their relationship. Their first day together is a gentle time of getting to know each other again and

Morning After

"Let's see if you can make chocolate milk by squeezing my cream into your ass. Let's see if you can cum just from squeezing me." I know this is not even a challenge for you, but the morning's early and I want you ready to combust on my match. I'm watching you twist your nipples while doing a chacha against my cock. Joshua walks in just as you

April Fools

becoming insatiable. We headed to the bedroom, where the scene was set out like the meal, candles burning on the furniture surrounding the large bed.My girlfriend forced me onto the bed, soon informing me that she had something special planned. I soon found myself naked and bound to the bed by handcuffs, blindfolded with one of her silk scarfs,

My Dates

beds and had me sitdown in the middle.  She adjusted some of the pillows for my back as Ileaned up against the headboard.   Judy took my shoes off for me andasked if I was comfortable.She then turned into a mom and told the girls they needed to get readyfor bed before watching the movie.  They were already on the remoteflipping through the list

The Touch Ch. 06

my head frantically, ‘Oh No…..Oh No! Not that…..!’ The thought of having that little cow around me all day was unthinkable. Emma and I had been really close when we were kids and I loved her dearly as my little sister, but the trauma of Dad leaving had been stressful for us all not just for her alone, and I had developed a very short fuse where

Old Friends and Neighbors Discover Swapping

goes. I’ve always been happy with our love life, and you always satisfy me with your cock. I also love the way you’re always so eager to eat me out. From what I’ve read and heard from other women, there aren’t many man who are as hungry for pussy as you are. So, please don’t get upset by what I’m about to tell you.”After having seen John’s soft

The Visit-Part Two

pressed my tits into his chest. I looked him right in the eyes and asked him, “Have you kissed Sandy yet?”He shook his head, “No.”“Have you kissed any girl?”“No”“Then that’s something else you need to learn. You can practice on me.”His eyes got wide, “Don’t you think that would be too weird?”“You’ll just have to forget I’m your sister and think

My downward spiral to a becoming a slut Chapter 6 – Facing the truth.

“Scott I need my clothes,” I protested again. He just smiled hit the remote control for the garage door and suddenly we were backing out of the garage. I could see my clothes sitting there where he had set them but he left them there closing the garage door and driving off. I slouched down in the seat. He drove for almost 30 minutes up a

Becoming Daddy's Good Girl 8: Good Girl's Naughty Task

wet. And my cunt is dripping. Come and fuck me.”Alice spasmed harder, her orgasm intensifying. Her fingernails dug into the back of my neck, her tongue buried into my mouth. Her fingers spasmed in my pussy. Her thumb swiped my clit as she twitched. She exhaled through her nose, almost snorting as the pleasure roared through her.And then she

The Cruise

I just want them to fuck me!’ her hands start to play with her breasts and nipples as they move beside her on the bed. One of the men pushes his cock towards her mouth and she greedily takes it all the way in, not as big as Jake’s she sucks hard on it making the man groan.The other man almost dives between her already open legs and starts licking

A Weekend with Master Jim Day 02

myself twice easily. Doing my best to tie it I quickly proceeded down the stairs, unseen by the three men below, and tried to assess the situation. Jim sat on the back of the couch looking like a whipped puppy while his boss finger wagged at him and a third man stood beside looking even more upset."What in the world is going on here?" I asked

The perfect day

about shoulder length, a proportioned face, with small lips, and eyes that change form shades of blue, green and gray. Lexy and I have been friends for half of our lives. She fell for another girl we were best friends with, and was in a relationship with her. When they finally broke up for good, I figured maybe I have a chance now. I better make

Getting Married Tomorrow – Chapter 1

Grenadier Arms, where we would grab a burger or something for dinner and have a few beers with our friends.  This Friday night there were about a dozen of us girls and guys sitting around a table in the bar. The bar was moderately full, as it was most Friday nights, people conversing and waiting to find where the action was going to be later in

Ambers Sex Day – Chapter Two

to remember. Matt also knew Amber had an eye for attractive black men. He wondered what which way her night would go. If only he could tag along to watch it all take place. But part of this fantasy was for him not to be there, to not be an obstacle, or to cause Amber to second guess herself. Matt knew that many men would shy away from being with

Potential Part 21

me,” Gloria said and scooted over. “But you could still, um, you know.” She got off the bed.Evan wanted to defend his position, but when he saw his sister standing there without anything on, he knew he didn't have a position. Gloria picked up one of his T-shirts and pulled it over her head. He gulped. The only way she could have been sexier would

The Entertainment

he just lay there unable to move at all. A few men spit on him, a few kicked him, calling him a dirty slut. Some called him a good whore, some a pretty whore and one man pissed on his stomach. Mark felt the piss and come running off of his stomach and pool under his back and ass. He closed his eyes, he was humiliated.The host was having a

My Bus Driver (pt.2)

and I screamed as it tore through me, leaving me shaking and Robs face covered in my juices. I rolled over onto my back, looking up at him. Both our chests were heaving, but we were smiling. Right up until a knock sounded on the bus doors. We both looked over, eyes wide, and saw one of the school janitors. Rob let out a relieved breath, though I

Threeway Fun

started to grind my face. With that i decided to fuck her with my tongue. I started licing her clit and then inserted my tongue into her tight pussy. Moving faster and faster a she was still grinding on my face I heard her start to pant loudly. My tongue still buried in her hole, she came. My face was covered in her cunt juice and I was not

The Lady in Blue Ch. 14

lookup on the number. Bob’s Bar and Grill. I got the address and headed off that way. Time to let Vern tell me that again in person. It was on the way to Galveston, and I was a bit nervous about leaving Ted and Lisa on their own for too long. Lisa was too cocky. The parking lot was filled with cars that had seen better decades. Any expectations I

You Won't Believe This

After doing this for a few minutes I put my mouth on this nipple and played with my tongue before sucking in all my cum and swallowing it. Now back to his cock and get the rest of my cum. I was almost done when he asked me to drop it on his face then lick it off - and I did - awesome :) When I finished I laid next to him with my head on his

CAW 19 – Black, by Pearl Jam

an instant and I accepted my loss, though I couldn't bear it. I was a wreck for months after that and I don't remember much except the constant headaches from all the weeping. I managed to hold it together at work, but every private moment was filled with nothing but grief. I threw away all of my drawings and paintings, and haven't picked up a

My Friend judy

me to do and was taking pictures of me, first still in my robe and then with my dildo in my hands and she even had me lick it and suck it as she continued to snap away. Finally I took the robe off and I was so wet and excited that I laid right down on the bed, closed my eyes and started to push the dildo inside me. Once it was all the way inside

The Succubae Seduction Ch 02

skull, crushing the euphoric mood I’d just been in.Dang-it, Lyden. She’s a succubus! You knew that. Why did you just have sex with her? These thoughts flood through my mind, as I play over the last little while. The sex had been fantastic, if short. Even now, knowing that my death is only a little ways away, I still feel great and energized. I’d

A Womans Touch

come here for comfort, for consoling, to talk. In the past year, I had lost three people who were very close to me, the last one, just recently. I had withdrawn, rarely leaving my home. I recognized the symptoms of depression. No motivation, no appetite. I knew I needed to talk, reconnect with people, but was not ready to do that in person. I

A Girl's Fairy Tale Dream Come True Ch. 19

closed the testimony pages and then sat in his chair. He motioned for her to come to him and had her sit on his lap. She always wanted to do that. It makes her feel safe and loved like a little girl should feel in a daddy’s lap. Not the way her dad did it when she was a child. She didn’t want to think about that and rushed the thoughts away and

Alex and Emma Pt. 02

it worked out, great. If not, we'd hopefully part amicably.Traffic was crazy, and not for the first time, I was glad I lived out west where I didn't have to battle snow as well in winter. I glanced at the clock just inside the door of the café to see I was two minutes late. That did not bode well for meeting a new Dom. I should have been here

The Ballet Dancer, Part 2

and tongue furiously now and I began to realize that she was beginning to tire. I tried to pull her off. She shook me off, saying over ragged breaths, “I want to drink you,” then she redoubled her effort. I finally came in a gusting torrent, my hot seed shooting into her mouth and down her throat. She sucked it eagerly until I was left a

Cab Fare

knew some of what I had taken that night to be more accurate. I was high – High as a kite they say. I was tipsy as well. The combination of the drugs and alcohol made me unsteady on my feet. I have always had ‘balance issues’, they were just exasperated by the toxins in my body. I was swaying as I walked down the street with my red and gold high

Hypnotic Melodies Ch. 2

most revealing clothing without the second set of panties on the outside. I like to know I’m being watched and wanted by every man in the stands even if I’m not a slut. Well, the night I met Bobby and Billy our team had won spectacularly so I was feeling quite cheerful when the two, strapping young men approached me. They were both bald and

The Steam Room

like the whole of my groin was going to explode this time. My balls throbbed with every ejaculation as my spunk pumped into her At the same time she looked as if she was going to pass out. Her eyes were back in her sockets, her body convulsing and she was grunting the word “fuck” over and over.Finally she collapsed on top of me causing my cock to

Getting the GED Ch. 05

tits against him. The elasticity of the flexible bandage was still holding firm leaving his cock tucked in place. Again his body was betraying him as he felt his cock try to harden as he was being stimulated by this stranger. He was pretty sure it wasn't Rosa as the breasts seemed smaller. But given his temporary bindings, he wasn't quite sure of

The Bet

Stacy was gorgeous. Young, hot, nice tits and the best ass on the planet. Despite all this she was shy and nervous about showing it off. Oh, I knew she had a wild streak; she had it before we got together, but now, my innocent girlfriend was a bit of an introvert. However, whenever I talked about sharing her, watching her, and having a stranger

Day 2

bed, every ounce of me screaming from deep within, but I was unable to touch myself and he wouldn't give me that satisfaction. He sat back watching me, and when my body had relaxed enough, given up on reaching that climax, he climbed back on top of me. Just as his dick slid completely inside me, he bit down on the nape of my neck. My entire body

From Nyotaimori to Teppanyaki

as I fake a few moans. Then he brings me to the kitchen. Apparently the next step is to cover me in some kinda sauce. I just tell him "Sure, whatever you're into, just remember our deal."When he ties my hands up, I ask him "Isn't it going to be a little hard for me to carry food with my arms behind my back?""Didn't you say 'anything I'm

In the presence of strangers

shine on their prize. Beneath them, Elijah ambles into view. Until now Neesha has been wooing the crowd alone. She, with her dark eyes and her naked honesty, her hot gaze flitting around the room. Whether or not she has been able to make out their faces is anyone’s guess, the lights are bright. Her practiced expression is frank, faintly smug and

Learning from Elizabeth

pussy wet. I didn’t have Elizabeth’s confidence. I had watched videos, observed other women, but I had never actually been with another woman before. I longed to lick a pussy, plunge my fingers into the tight wetness and clamp my mouth over hard nipples. I knew Elizabeth had done every bit of it and I wished I had her confidence to follow

My real life sexy chat

should go rape someone together after we kill him, looks in corner that would be so hot a couple or girl/boy? first person we see mmmm ok lets go not yet i want you to myself some more mmm sexy sure what now? whats your wildest fantasy nothing really, you? we've done mine baby i was hoping there was something i can do for you all i want is to

Gothic Amy and Me Part 4....Kicked out...What Next?

kill “AHHHHHHHHHH” She moaned as I licked her clit and started to suck it for all it was worth. “That’s it Psycho….Eat me…Eat me…” She kept repeating as I licked three of my fingers and violently shoved them into her Pussy. I wanted to make her cum. I kept making the word D-R-A-C-U-L-A with my tongue over her clit and I kept humming every song I


mused.So we went to the early show at the Flamingo on the Strip. It was actually pretty entertaining with 16 buff guys in costumes dancing, singly and in a chorus line. I thought, "Flashback to YMCA." Then they stripped down to g-strings and the women in the audience went totally wild, including Molly. She slowly slipped her hand between her

A neighbour in deed is a neighbour in need.

as I could work my own hours, and download anything I wanted to the cloud from time to time. I live alone, at the moment, having broken up with my lover of six months. He could not keep his cock out of other girl’s pussies, and he got caught. Not by me, but by one of the husbands, and it was all around the office, so he also got the push from me.

2 Boy 2 Girl Cousins Volume 1

I liked that because Tony was one of my suck buddy cousins. I knew we would have lots of private time to fool around. Saturday arrived and so did Tony, it had been about 6months since I saw him last, we both have grown some. We were both now 13 also. We went to the barn and up into the hay loft. Was not long before we started talking sex stuff. I

Getting Lucky in Kentucky Ch. 03

It isn’t that girlfriend of yours, is it?’ ‘I don’t have a girlfriend, Penny, I thought you knew that.’ ‘From what I could tell a couple of weeks ago, you’d sure gotten close to at least one girl.’ Penny had a huge smile on her face. I don’t know if she was actually flirting with me, because she’s just way out of my league, like the National

My first time with Cindy

and I can show her more ways to reach an orgasm. Are you going to make love to me daddy? Please I want you to, I am yours I want to be your girlfriend, please I could not take this any longer, I had to make her my lover, I kissed her with all the love that was boiling up inside me, my hands working over her body, touching, searching, drawing her

A Pickup in the Pub

in the direction of her friend Emma, but Emma made a miserable face and indicated that she still had work to do. That was a shame – Emma was good for a laugh in the pub, and could always be relied upon for some filthy gossip and the latest celebrity scandal. As she waited for the lift, Lisa weighed up the remaining options for her evening. Back

Night Bus Naughtiness

She slurped and moaned and kept sucking me off until I told her we were getting off the bus in thirty seconds, which forced us to scramble to get fully clothed. She stepped out in front of me, waiting for me to grab her from behind. I held her, kissed her, and told her it was going to be all about her in three minutes.As we passed the girl two

Every Faggot Needs a Man to Serve

one is filthy." By the expression his face adopted, I'm sure he was trying very hard not to cum in his pants as I spoke to him. I didn't give him money to buy what I wanted, and he didn't ask. He just dropped the weights and he almost run to do what I ordered. When he came back, he didn't look me in the eyes when he offered me my fresh towel. I

Once Upon A Time

back home. That kind of routine. He was sweet, too, cooking dinner for me when he visited at home on his day off.The weekend before my birthday he asked my mother if it was alright to sleep at our home. She always gave her blessings.Late at night, I woke up from someone kissing my lips. Fingers exploring and touching between my legs. I moaned

Two Bowls

money for her secret ingredient Eva Crespo’s family raised her well and were pleased she was not taking advantage of the townsfolk, for they were very much addicted to her art, and a large price increase, or inflation, would not deter the eager diners. The Crespos never had enough money to eat elsewhere than under their own roof and were proud

Little League Mom

and my son had bunk beds in his room. We also had a spare bedroom and two bathrooms on the second floor with a half bath on the first floor. There would be plenty of room in the living room, dining room, and the kitchen for all of us too. So it was set.I kissed Millie goodnight and followed Penelope to her parent’s house. She introduced me as her

My friend David’s 2 delivering her promise

I was getting rather despondent when I went around on a Saturday evening to collect David to go to a friend’s party. I rang the bell and she answered. ‘Hi Mrs Franklyn,’ I said ‘How are you?’ ‘Hello Martin, you can call me Helen you know?’ She said with a big grin. ‘Hi Helen,’ I muttered “David has just rushed in from work and is showering” she

Bunker Love

to get strange. There was always turmoil in the world, but this was worse than had ever been seen. People kept blaming the Mayan calendar and believed that the world would end on December 21st. I truly had my doubts. My best friend Heather was even caught up in the frenzy, stock piling canned goods and water. She and her boyfriend even had plans

Red - Part IX - Eddie hunts for Red

month of school and I am sooo far behind,” Lauren mumbled as she headed back down the hall.Sara and Eddie worked in the kitchen preparing dinner, laughing and sipping their beers. Sara didn’t drink often and with each sip, she was getting more relaxed…and horny. Eddie pulled the rice off the burner and sat it on the counter, as he rambled on

Swing Party Part 1

Patty went up to the microphone to introduce herself, and explain the rules.At the meet and greet, you were allowed to get naked, but no sex, aside from touchy, feely stuff, she wanted all sex to take place at the hotel. The party would start at 11 o'clock and go for 12 hours. Participation was strictly voluntary, you could go, and just observe

The Five - Witches' Brew CAW 8.5

a little preview of her pink lace panties. 'I told her i would send one of you to another school if you didn't stop the public affection immediately!' he smiled.Nica stared at him intensely hypnotizing him into a trance to do whatever she wanted. His hand mover futher up her thigh past her sock onto bare flesh feeling the tingle his touch gives

Janets World Begins

boots with a little bit of a heel completed her look. She told Xavier what she’d be wearing, but probably a lot of other women would be wearing black too. He told her to meet him near the front door. She parked herself on a black velour loveseat. She had tucked a paperback book in her jacket, along with her paddle and feathers. She took the book

Tara in Porn 3

bare thigh to escape. I stood ready for this special occasion. The only problem was I could see nothing because of my blind fold. I was dressed for dinner, but I was the meal. Hands held mine in almost human manacles, as they lead me through a door. I sensed the room was large and cavernous by the clunking sound my four-inch heels made on

Alice and the Looking Glass Ch. 16

gun in the boot this morning did you William?’ ‘Excuse me Ma’am?’ Williams’s forte was not irony. Alice smiled and steeled herself for the fawning to come. Alice stepped from the Bentley to polite and overly generous applause. The line of ‘special’ people nodded a bow of acknowledgement like well-trained parakeets as Jack moved forward for the

Young Masturbator

She licked her fingers and began to pinch and rub her nipples.  At this point my hard cock was out of the confines of my pants and I was jerking myself off as I watched my young daughter through the bedroom window pleasuring herself.  Dawn's hips began to move faster and her fingers moved in and out of her pussy with determination.  I heard

Mom and the Mexican Gardener

as mom moaned and squirmed against the window. Luis quickly dropped his pants, exposing a long, dark dick surrounded with black pubic hair. He took aim at Mom’s pussy from behind, and rammed it in hard. Mom screamed. Luis had pulled Mom’s hips away from the window. Her hands were against the window supporting her, as she leaned over. Her tits

Carlos - The Man From The Beach

Jenny couldn’t handle it and she shrieked out another orgasm. The liquid slipped down his leg onto the sand.He then started walking with her towards me. He started to pull her away and lean her on me. I quickly caught hold of her. I don’t think she even knew I was holding her. She was in such a state of pleasure, something I could never give

Anal Sex and Trust

erotic moan. Her back end grasped him so tightly, that he could not have held back his need for climax if he tried. Taking her hips he pushed as deeply into her as their bodies would allow. He was far less careful with her, but in no frame of mind to notice. She gave no indication of being bothered. He made a few more strokes into her before

An S&M-lite Afternoon

to lube the vibrator and slip it just into the entrance, barely penetrating you there. I turn it on and wait for you to jerk again off the bed, which you do.That's when I walk over and kiss you. You eagerly strain your head up to meet my mouth just for the sake of being able to do something actively for the first time all afternoon. This turned

Renaissance - Part 1

I did not. It should be under your seat in that case you had a need for it."After some searching in the dark, Dana found the case and her toy."Paul, while you drive, I'm going to do things with this vibrator that could drive both of us out of our minds."Dana took the vibrator from its case and began to suck and lick if it were my cock. She began

The Storyteller Of Brompton House - Part One

all I wanted to do at that moment was walk over to you and kiss you, but all I could…” Further speech was impossible, as with the speed of a striking cobra Carrie had sealed his mouth with hers. She was ripping his shirt from his trousers to get her hands on his flesh. Cameron was no more subtle in his quest for breast. Each was trying to implode

Out of the Shadows Ch. 03

time with the girls alright.’ She explained. ‘I know. Do you guys want me to wait? I can walk you to my parents’ house.’ He suggested. ‘I thought you had plans with your Dad this morning.’ Cynthia stated. Hugging her tightly, Darius said. ‘You’re right, can I at least get a kiss?’ Cynthia gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek. Darius chuckled, ‘At

Hitch Hiking in Germany

in England and he was a good Representative. The Rod and Gun Club sits on an isolated side road located in the middle of the golf course. It is towards the back gate of the Air Base. I lived in a little village outside of the back gate about 16 klicks, called Peterswald. My family unit and one other American family lived there. All the villagers

Bougeotte Ch. 02

into crystal, razor sharp winter winds. Still, as cold as he seemed at times, he broke me in so gently as we went along, slowly and deliberately taking my submissive cherry, as I shamelessly lay there, milfy legs spread, begging him to fuck me. ~~Oh, God...I'm so nervous, sitting here outside his office. My palms are sweaty...I haven't been on a

Long Awaited Meeting

go please?" she whimpers softly, not sure if she is even convincing herself that she wants to leave. He steps aside letting her pass, slowly she walks past him turning to look at him once more before taking off quickly down the hall handing the bucket to her Master as she steps safely inside the room. Just then the phone rings, He walks over

Loving My Neighbor

It was frilly, but it was functional with a computer and shelving against one wall and a bed/nightstand against the other. The computer hummed at idle, and the blank screen stared into the room and at me. As I passed the computer table, I happened to bump it with my leg, and the screen flashed into operation. There, on the screen was an image of

A second and third time

boyfriend was coming to watch. Lacy didn't know how that was going to go down. She didn't know how comfortable she was with someone watching her have sex, someone else judging her techniques, judging her body, how she sounds when she moans and her face in the throws of passion. Bringing someone new into the bedroom was always nerve-wracking, but

Lydia and Andrew Chapter Three

her body that much pleasure, she had denied Andrew this sight. Now she looked up at him as he pressed his bell end against the lips of her vulva and moved it slowly up and down the length of her opening. As she felt his firmness against the moist stickiness of her cunt, she remembered every contour of the lips which so often she had teased

The Runesmith Chronicles 10

getting back to his feet, “but you made it sound a lot more fun than it really is.”“I’m having a wonderful time,” she laughed.“No surprise there, you’ve gotten off three times so far. While here I am…” Kal gestured at the prominent tent in his trousers, Kal’s cock had grown to fit Ikuno and that was giving him little room to adjust with his pants

Werewolf Girl Ch. 02

wanted to take things slow but she needed to taste him. Vera brushed one hand along David’s jaw and captured his lips with hers. He kissed her delicately and he tasted sweet. Vera relaxed into his rhythm. His lips caressed hers tenderly as his hands roamed slowly, rubbing her back, cupping the curve of her waist. Vera was entranced. A part of her

Fucking My Daughter While Being Cuckolded by My Wife

You know that I love to suck your pussy every chance I get, but you’re even juicier and taste so much better after your business trips with Phil. Your pussy is always looser then and your juices are so thick after those trips. I could bury my face in your pussy for hours when you’re like that.”Dana didn’t protest further in the car about me

Mrs. Patterson

I reached with my left to ball up a fistful of her hair as I really laid the pipe, knowing I wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer. I dug in, giving her pussy every inch of my throbbing pecker, burning with the desire to make sure she’d never forget what the TV guy was able to do to her tight cunt. Even if it was going to be a one time

Tutoring in Bed

was, attracted to you.” “You’re the reason why I jerk off most of the time” he added. “So I’m your fantasy aren’t I?” I immediately took off my shirt, revealing my six pack abs, and I stood on the bedside. Confused, Stephen didn’t do anything. I said to myself “he’s really slow isn’t he?” I said, “What are you waiting for Stephen? Open your

Anal Sex in the Back Seat

over his shoulders and leaned forward supporting himself on his forearms so as not to crush me. He was breathing heavier now and grunting each time he plunged his cock into me. He ground himself harder and harder into me and the friction on my clit was unbearable. His cock was stroking my insides and stimulating my G-spot and his pelvis ground

Her Awakening Ch. 12

horrified. Apparently Aaron had come home for the weekend. It was Friday and he had not mentioned he would be home. Victoria was covered in Penny's cum and her pussy was now dripping and she had a butt plug up her ass, not to mention the fact that she was totally turned on just 10 seconds ago. She couldn't see him like this. He would know. He was

Family Affairs Ch. 14

with Ricky had been wilder than it was the first time. She had to be in love with him. What other explanation was there for the stupendous quality of their love-making? But why didn’t he act more like he loved her? Her coat lay on the kitchen floor where she’d dropped it when they came in and began making out. She felt guilty about doing that,

My Cousins Husband

And when he was drunk, he had no sense of self preservation. Right in front of Michelle, he would tell me that I had gorgeous breasts, and that he wanted to feel my nipples. She would get mad, and they would go home. He even smacked my ass a few times. The worst was when he was talking to us both at the same time, then just stopped talking,

Butterfly Effects

at the least. But, in the affairs of men and women, tiny ripples often do magnify into huge waves. At least that’s been my view. Looking back on my life with Laura I used to see how little moments cascaded into life changing events. About two years ago, after first meeting Laura, I rejected her despite our mutual attraction, all because of a

In vivid color!

her skirt and pulling her cum soaked panties to the side!Her pussy lips were still engorged and pretty red from the hard fucking I'm sure she got! Cum was covering her panties and running out of her as she lowered and I raised to eat her beautiful pussy. She let out a gasp as I sucked her lips into my mouth and began digging deep for my 'treat'

Home for the Holidays

the guy was in a race against time to make it home for the holidays. Except instead of racing, I was taking my time. Why, you ask? Have you seen the movie ‘Christmas Vacation’? Well my family is actually like that. It’s stressful, embarrassing, and a ton of other things that aren’t fun. After a 5 and a half hour drive, I finally arrived in my

I Knew She Was a Bitch

apprehension and nervousness was still there, I was afraid that I would blow my wad too soon giving my friends a good chuckle but that wasn’t the case. I sawed into the girl lying under my body for a few minutes before she was pushing me off. I didn’t get it at first; she just wanted to change positions. Hell I didn’t know there was another

Sold For Sex…A Females Fantasy!

reluctantly. It sort of makes you…. Horny? he asked. Tina nodded, a bit embarrassed that he had noticed her fascination with the picture. Its because theyre taking exactly what they want and shes getting exactly what she needs, he said in a vaguely foreign accent. She looked at him more closely. He was tall, muscular, with dark hair and eyes.

hot riya

and then down the neck, everywhere! He had just locked eyes.Then I put on my Hontoan her stomach to lick her navel was. Halcyon I slowly turned up and removed her top. What he did not look black bra and jeans!Open bra as her breasts came out two. Little white blonde breast milk and pink Chuacwka between sight and then I got my tongue Lplpanae

Doctors Visits

his eyes. However, he turned her down. She figured he would. Still, she smiled anyway and thought about it. She knew for sure who would say yes. She knew who she’d love to get to know a lot better. Amanda was simply horny. That’s all. She needed sex in the worst way too. “Hmmm, maybe Lucas would like to get together tonight.” She saw him and

Power Drill

‘tiny’ about that man. But I think that’s funny, and it’s what you all call him, so I’ve been callin’ him that here too.’ ‘Tiny’s a nice guy, Cleo. I know you’re bein’ givin’ a rough time here. But usin’ Tiny like that . . .’ ‘Tiny and me were sackin’ out before I came to work here, Ruth. In fact he’s the one who told me about this job. This


laughed.Tommy was a fine lad, tall, muscular, shy, she knew he would run a mile rather than touch her with one and all looking on.“Come on then Thomas,” I cajoled.“I never done it afore,” he admitted.“First time for everything,” I pointed out, “Come on lad, don’t let the side down.”Maria’s skirt had fallen across her backside once more so I

Swimming Pool Surprise

30 feet long along one side of the pool. In the Summer months the arbor provides total privacy along that side and in the Fall it provides delicious fruit I can eat fresh or make wine or jellies and jam from......or give away to anyone who wants to come and gather the fruits and use it as they desire. Every December the vines should be cut back

My sister invites me to fuck her

figure and my cock grew even more. "You like what you see, Peter?" "Very much, as you can see by my cock." "I can't come over again for four or five days because I've arranged to visit a friend." "When you get there behave yourself with him, Audrey." "My friend is female so I shall behave." My sister came to me five days later. We both undressed

Extra Credit Ch. 04

nasty sex with BJ boy. She reviewed all the exciting things she had done with him the first time: the way he licked her pussy and sucked her tits, the way he met her every thrust. Oh how she wanted him again, she wanted to just give herself over to him and let me take her any way he wanted. She came as she realized that was how she would complete


top of me, his large member, securely in the place it belonged. He stroked at my cheeks, tenderly brushing away the little beads of sweat pooling on my forehead. I slowly pulled my shaking hands off his back, revealing big scratch marks that were bleeding a little, from where I had been digging my nails into him. I gasped as I saw what I had

Up Skirt Photo Machine

I had to chuckle to myself when daughters would talk their mothers into standing there too.After about four hours I put the machine in the back of my pickup truck and headed home. I could not believe the success. A hundred and thirteen girls and women had unwittingly posed for me. Half were wearing skimpy panties and fifteen of them were not

The Trip to Rancho Mirage

to face me, smiled and said: ‘Still thinking truck?’ She headed for the bathroom leaving me standing there with an unbelievably hard cock. I might have read her wrong, but I didn’t think so so I quickly undressed and followed her into the shower. When I slid the curtain aside and got in with her she smiled and handed me the wash rag and the bar

The girl who lied

the door to see what was going on and got blinded by what she was seeing. I tried to go after her, but Ms. Sheriley pulled me in before I could and said. " don't worry I'm almost done " she said right before kissing me again. My mind couldn't even comprehend what was going on. So I just began playing with her lovely tits and humping her as hard


I‘m Cuming!!!” She climaxed so hard, she shook violently and squirted all over us. I held her butt cheeks tight as her body jumped around on top of me, still squirting, moaning loud and tongue kissing me. The last things I remember were running my fingers through her beautiful red hair, as she kissed every spot on my face, over and over. She let

A Girl's Day Out With Master

off the walls of the cave. It sounds like someone else, or maybe an animal, filled with raw passion. Again he moves back to my pussy, teasing my clit, running my juices back to my spasming asshole, sticking just the tip in as his other hand delves in my pussy. Instinctively, i grip his fingers with my muscles.“Good girl." he whispers, his voice

The Changing

before what I called the ‘Chronic Orgasm Syndrome’ or C.O.S. began ruling it. After sitting for a few minutes and feeling for any sign of the spasms returning, I put the car in reverse and headed toward the mall convincing myself everything would go just fine. Downtown traffic was very light on this typically beautiful Southern California

Escapades of Eva Ch. 78

teaching me, although he has definitely given me a lot of wild and wonderful experiences. How long have you been in the lifestyle?""Only about six weeks," Sweetlilangel replied. "But I love being dominated by my Master. I have never known a relationship that is so sexy and so thrilling. It gives me goose bumps just to think about it. I just can't

The Hook Up

this is going to be one of those nights...I reach down and simply caress his growing bulge through his pants as I look up at him with a questioning glance. He answers the question by closing his eyes and letting out a low moan as my fingers unzip his fly and slip inside, working in to make contact with a nice, thick shaft throbbing with

Mom's New Boyfriend Ch. 04

my Mistress and Master had in store for me. I knew they expected me to be dressed by now so I quickly crawled out of the room and toward the living room. I didn't find them there so I tried the kitchen next. It was empty but I did find a note that told me to serve them coffee on the patio and to be sure to bring a glass of milk. It also said I

Manmoirs: The Diva

and I went in for the kiss. I hadn't moved halfway and she was leaning right in. We locked lips, and she was a really good kisser with a soft, yet aggressive tongue. "Dean, let's go somewhere quieter."She took my hand a lead me to her bedroom. We went on the bed and started kissing. It was innocent at-first, until she pulled her t-shirt off. I

The Silent Game

slut would love this,” he grunts. “Fuck, baby. I can’t hold back anymore. Ah fuck!” he groans, grabbing my hips and driving himself deeper into me. “Cum baby, cum inside me!” I beg and coax him, desperately. “I want it, oh god, Dave, I want it so much! I want you to cum in me, pleeeaaassseee,” I continue to beg with each hard, concentrated thrust

Sex in the Van

and after she pulled her strap on out of my dripping cunt she got down behind me and started licking my pussy clean. It felt amazing to have her licking my pussy after just being fucked hard by her. I felt her start to lick a little higher until she got to my asshole. She asked me if it would be ok if she played with my butt a little bit. Paige

Black Submission Dungeon

at work see women as the privileged class that is protected from harm while male workers get the shaft. Men pay more for car insurance and health insurance. Men die several years earlier than women on average. Women still claim that men have it easy and that they live in a patriarchal society. Never mind that women made up more than half of all

That Guy next-door

body. I used to make fun of her boobs (actually she had a flat breast) when we ever talked, but she used to tease me for my big sized boobs.Once, David’s wife was away, she was to see her mother living in Ohio, so he left home alone. I saw twice or more in a week, he always looked a bit nervous and unhappy. I think it was because of his routine

Mikes Pet: Meat

when he starts raping me again, Im wet, so it doesnt hurt so much. Starting to enjoy being an animal, huh? I dont respond. Im starting to accept that Im stuck here as Mikes pet. After the rape, he explains to me that all the meat he took from my legs and hands was used up, so we wont be having burgers tonight. Instead, he cuts off slabs of meat

The Spanking Agency part 1

around in her heels and showed off her well-shaped and padded posterior to him before bending forward slightly and resting her hands on her knees. She glanced over her shoulder and smiled at the panting dog look on his flushed face. 'Oh, he really likes that. He likes that a lot.'"Now then, Mr. Swails," she said seductively as she undid the

Jessica's Pony Tales

hour had passed when Karen came walking through the stables. "There you are Jessica. Come on, I want to watch you breed." She opened the door and lead Jessica out of the stables. This was the part of the trip that Jessica spent the whole day looking forward to and she wasn't even guaranteed to be chosen. That was completely up to the Masters and

"The Nerds" - Sex Education 101

that women will want to touch and feel it as much as I am.” Donna tightened her grip and slid her hand up and down his stiff shaft. She felt a burning sensation between her legs and heard him moan when she stroked it a second time. “Does that feel good?” she whispered.“Oh fuck yes,” he growled.That was the first time that she had ever heard Todd

Tiff Jack and Jill part 2

both hands and licked from the back of her pussy hole through her lips to the top of her slit.“Oh, god yes, do that some more!” she screamed as she grabbed my ears and pulled my face tight against her pussy.Tiffany was still stroking away on my cock but the distraction of Sara sitting on my face was helping me last longer. Her strokes were

Little Sister

how you wee in the toilet? Eww! Thats gross! Right. And you do that out of here, right? I wiggled my middle finger a little, slipping it up into her tiny slit. I half expected her to jump off and scream, but she just looked down and spread her legs a little to see what I was doing. I slid my finger up and down her tiny pussy, from her clit right

His Love of Wicker

chair. Suddenly I screamed as I felt the head of his cock brush my now swollen lips."Oh my little fuckpet, you are so wet, this excites you doesn't it?" I stammered a hasty yes as my body screamed for more. Once again the rope was jerked slightly and my nipples were pulled from my body and returned throbbing. I felt myself raised slightly and

Three Way of Love??

to be the third person?  Because I really don't want no other men fucking you." "Umm, Mahogany said that she would help us out, " Nicole said. Shane says, "Mahogany!!! That crazy bitch. Why are you talking to her about us for? She's the one that fucks everybody. Wow!!!!!! Nicole says, "Well, she said everything will be alright."  Shane says,

Fucking Sleeping Leah part 2

to myself and pressed my pussy onto her face harder. I panted as my cum ran down her nose into her mouth and on her cheeks. I got off her face and smiled at the site of her covered in my sweet juiced. I kissed her lips before I went to her titties. I was so turned on now that I think I left hickeys on her titties. I licked and could feel my

Trafficked Love Ch. 1

girls.He turned her, and forcefully shoved her against the wall, pressing her face against the cold wall. He grinded his pelvis against her ass, and whispered in her ear “be a good girl and you’ll get your tip.”He put his forearm agains the back of her neck, pinning her still. He tugged on her shorts, trying to pull them down.“I’m asking you only

Looking after Sister Pt 2

it. All the while, Ellie, was moaning with moans of enjoyment.After a few minutes she got up and asked me to lay on the bed on my back. Who was I to refuse her request?She got herself into the 69 position. Her cunt was right over my mouth and it tasted so good. She started to lick my cock through my briefs. I have never felt anything so sensual

How I Came engaged to a Pinay girl

guy dick or when they took turns and fucking her she didn’t know the size and was wondering if it was possible anway this being real life i knew i can’t take that chance cause chances are whoever i find to fuck my wife we won’t have same cock size and she would definitely know the difference with that stuck on my head, and i dont want to live

Twin Sister Surprise

forth on top my cock, I could feel her fluids run down and pool beneath us. Her pussy clenched like a vice around my shaft and I couldn't help myself, I screamed up into Ashley's still drippng pussy as my cock erupted like a geyser inside her sister! I have never cum so hard in my life before or since then!! I remember thinking while my cock was

The Evening – Part II

covering his fingertips with her juices. He brought his fingers to her lips, and she licked her own juices from his fingers. The husband continued to click away with the camera, but he had some time removed his clothes. He stood there, dick straining at attention, alternately taking pictures and between shots slowly stroking his cock. The guest

Banging my Stepdaughter: The Importance of Blowjobs for Thick Girls * Frank and Leslie

again slowly, talking about sex and orgasms and pleasing your partner. Leslie is smart, yet, so dumb. I dispelled some myths for her that night, including ones about anal sex.After she rode my cock I fed her and gave her some pot and cognac, gave her a soothing bath and a warm enema, which she masturbated to and was thrilled by. I rubbed baby oil

Dream Erotica

it with rope and my feet. I was facing a large black fireplace with a roaring lit fire. Its flames were burning red. I saw a beautiful dark haired naked woman walk out of the shadowsand climbed on top of the large steel table my chair was on and she stared into my eyes."Who are you?" I demanded. "Why are you doing this?" My confident faltered

Forbidden Fantasy

about as her passion culminated with the contractions which shook her to her core. She must have cum for a solid minute or two, finally subsiding as the orgasm drifted away. Her legs were firmly clenched around my head and I had trouble catching my breath. After a few minutes of cool-down time, she released her hold on me and I rolled over, as

The Devil's Pact Side-Story: Mary and Diane Go Clubbing

dancing as I sipped at my drink. A warm flush was spreading through my body and I started looking around for my next conquest. It was overwhelming, everywhere I looked there was a beautiful woman. But which to choose? A pixyish girl, petite and small, with green hair and green eyes, sat down next to me, an impish grin on her face and two drinks

Straightening Out Wrinkles Ch. 04

dribbling precum. It was about six inches long and quite thick. He grabbed my hair and shoved his cock into my face and began fucking instantly. It was obvious that he wasn’t going to last long so I opened my mouth wide and had my tongue running across the sensitive underside to make him shoot into me quickly.About then I remembered this wasn’t a

The Rape of Sasha II

Sasha's tried to move her ass away, but she was tied too tightly. She thought they had done all they could to her at this point and she was very wrong. She screamed as Pete came and shoved fingers down her cunt hole. He had wanted a turn feeling up her twat. "Come on, Pete. While your fingering her cunt, suck her clit. This bitch

Tina And Luke - In The Beginning – Chapter 18

been able to cross lines with Sam. Also, you said your relationship is too much to risk on crossing the line, but we’ve crossed that line.”“If we’d crossed, possibly you wouldn’t be here. Not because I think more highly of Sam, but because I wouldn’t have gotten to know you, not as we do, at least. I’m afraid, I’m a bit of a one-woman man, once I

Exposed Has More Than One Meaning

womanly treasures exposed but more importantly, all your submissiveness exposed. But without reservation, you begin to repeat; not knowing who may be watching, who may be approaching, you begin to OBEDIENTLY and respectfully repeat..."I am Sweetness, Michael's cock craved slut..."A quarter of a mile from that playground, I park and enter a

Anal Ravishment

guy looking at her....."Would you like to dance?" Chris says.Amanda hears this dark stranger ask her to dance. She figures a dance cannot hurt anything so she decides to accept."Yes, I would like that."Chris heads Amanda's response to his question. He reaches down and takes her by her hand, leading her to the dance floor.Amanda follows this guy

The New Doctor

she had been too slow.When it was soaked in saliva, he pulled from her mouth and resumed pounding her friend's ass. This time he was fucking her for his pleasure, which he achieved when he pushed his entire length in and came, his cum spurting deep inside her like a fire hydrant.Once it had stopped – leaving a large amount of cum up her ass – he

The Water Girl

and dressed me. She tried to speak to me but I didn’t understand. I spoke back and she called out a name. A few seconds later a boy a few years older than I with the same blond hair came up to us.“What is your name?” he said.“Itta.”He said something to the woman who shook her head and mumbled something. The boy turned back to me. “You name is now

Taking Mom to the Truck Stop

Boss.”Bo released his grip. “You know what you have to do whore.”By this time there was a group of truckers gathered around the back of the Van.“Come on, suck on it. Blow Job. Come on trash, get going.”Carol took his cock in her mouth. She was sobbing , crying so hard as she tried to suck his dick.“Git me a rope, this Bitch ain’t much of a

Walk All Over Me

yet. It was at a major mid-western university. I was what they called then a work-study student. That meant that in order to pay my way through school I had to work twenty hours a week in one of the university’s departments. I had been assigned to the library. Our library had over 5 million volumes at that time, long before computers and online

Sibling Love - Chapter Two

at Dan.“Oh I was just telling her how good she was at her athletic trials” replied William.Ellie's dropped her jaw and she stared at William. Dan's just stood there, letting his mouth hang open, but he was staring at her instead of him.“Honey, since when did you do athletics?” asked Dan as he packed out with laughter“Oh, the girls just suggested